NEW YORK, NY 5/31/12 – The upcoming Olympic Games will mark the 40th anniversary of the massacre of Israeli athletes in Munich in 1972. The IOC, the International Olympic Committee, has denied honoring the innocent athletes who were murdered with a minute of silence at the opening ceremonies to commemorate their heroic participation in the international language of sports.

Less than 30 years after the tragedy of the Holocaust, Israeli athletes went back to Germany to compete. In doing so they displayed an open mind, understanding, and the willingness to participate in an international event in a country that orchestrated the killing of 6 million of their brothers. In doing so the Israeli team demonstrated the definition of what an athlete is.

In one hideous moment in Olympic history, armed terrorists wearing masks held innocent young people hostage then proceeded to commit mass murder as the world watched helplessly. Eleven Israeli team members and coaches, plus a West German police officer were killed.

Unfortunately their memory will not be commemorated at the upcoming Olympics. This is very sad and unfortunate. It is upsetting to many people as it is to me, as a Jew,as an American, and as an athlete. A lot more can be said about this, but action speaks louder than words.

At my upcoming Fights for Freedom boxing show on July 1st which will take place at Fight Factory Gym, 24 Cobek Court in Brooklyn, NY we will see the participation of Israeli National Champion Akiva Dombroff, and the evening will have an honorary 10 count and a minute of silence in honor of the Israeli Team of 1972.

The proceeds from this evening will go, through the Salita Foundation, towards helping Israel's sports programs; specifically the boxing gyms around the country. If you are interested in making a donation please email”>