Bobby Cassidy Jr from Newsday will be the Guest Speaker. He is also bringing Dave Schuster, the producer of the play Kid Shamrock.


“Kid Shamrock” is the story of ex fighter Bobby Cassidy, a middleweight and light heavyweight hitter out of Long Island who fought professionally from 1963-1980. He came quite close to receiving a title shot but it can’t be said of Cassidy that he “coulda been a contender, coulda been somebody.” The play, written by son Bobby Cassidy Jr., who works at Newsday, makes it quite clear that his pop is somebody, because he’s fought the good fight in and out of the ring, rising up from a demoralizing childhood to become a world-class boxer, and then kicking a nasty booze habit. Cassidy Sr, who hasn’t had a drink since 1974, had a rough time as he tried to make the transition from active fighter to whatever it was he was going to do with the rest of his life. He is the narrator in the play, and oozes credibility when he talks of “faces that have been molded and shaped by other men.”