Gunn Breaks Silence: “Our Time Is Now Roy…let’s Make this Fight Happen”

Former IBA Cruiserweight Champion and current World Heavyweight Bare Knuckle Boxing Champion Bobby Gunn has patiently waited for a response from Roy Jones Jr.’s team following Jones’ announcement last week on a live boxing radio show that he will fight Gunn next.

There have been no moves forward about Jones fighting David Haye or Krzysztof Wlodarczyk, and Gunn spoke out to urge Jones’ team to make this fight happen.

Bobby Gunn:

“Roy, I truly do wish you the best success, but I got to thinking, and in order for you to really get the big, big fights, you have to have a spectacular performance; the same goes for me.  You are not going to get a world title fight by winning another 10 rounded lopsided sparring session.  It isn’t about if you win or lose Roy; it is about how you are remembered and that you left it all in the ring.  You don’t want to be remembered for the Danny Greene fiasco, just as I don’t want to be remembered for some of the fight fiasco’s I have been involved in.  We have the chance to deliver to the boxing world a spectacular cruiserweight super fight.

Give boxing fans a glimpse of the Roy Jones Jr. they remember from the countless highlight reels.  I can promise a war; we can put on the Sugar Ray Robinson/Jake LaMotta super fight of the 2000s.  That is the expectation of the cruiserweight super fight we would put on.

We both need this fight to open the door to bigger things.  You are an all-time great, one of the greatest fighters that have ever stepped between the ropes.  Every Batman needs a Joker, just as every hero needs the villain.   Let’s go to battle and let the fans decide who the hero is and who the villain is.

Right now the cruiserweight division is a dead issue.  There isn’t much excitement.  For us it is no longer about titles…there are too many titles in boxing.  It’s about a super fight to put the cruiserweight division back on the boxing map.  You are a boxing elite, Roy.  “Jones vs. Gunn” is a fight boxing fans will remember.

My brother, my team has contacted your team; you have my information.  Let’s make this fight right here in the Mecca of boxing—New York City.  Let’s give boxing fans something they will remember.  Right now there aren’t too many great fights out there for us; but me and you together make something that will be remembered.

Roy, make this fight happen.

Let’s fight, let’s do it like they used to do it in the old days.  Let’s not get caught up in the boxing politics and circus and all the BS titles…let’s fight to fight and give the fans something to get excited about.

I have a great team, and a top attorney ready to make this fight happen.  Brother, this isn’t complicated.  This can be a slam dunk deal made within a few hours, and with one phone call.  You know where I stand.  Let’s make this fight happen.”

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