Showtime’s Hall of Fame broadcaster Al Bernstein will emcee a special Fight Night Afterparty at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, following the much anticipated rematch between Andre Berto-Victor Ortiz. Bernstein and other boxing celebrities will be on hand at this event presented by Corporate Planners, Unlimited. For information on attending the party log on to

Bernstein, who will call the match on television for Showtime Networks, will meet and greet party guests and emcee the post fight program that will include him and other boxing celebrities offering their analysis of the fight. Party attendees will also be able to participate with their questions and opinions.  “This kind of interactive, fun experience immediately following a big fight is something that has been missing for boxing fans,” Bernstein said. “I am so happy to be a part of this concept that Corporate Planners, Unlimited has created. CPU is the champion when it comes to creating excellent events. This is an easily accessible and intimate party that will greatly enhance the fans’ experience that night. I am looking forward to meeting the fans and talking to them about this great match right after it happens,” he added.

The Fight Night Afterparty will be held in the MGM Conference Center, just a 3 minute walk from the Grand Garden Arena at the MGM, where the Berto-Ortiz match will be held. The event requires pre-registration by Feb. 4th on  to purchase Event Passes and is open not only to boxing fans who attend the fight, but also all those who simply plan to be at the MGM to share in the big fight atmosphere.

Party attendees can win special prizes and will have the opportunity to take photos with boxing celebrities in attendance. They will also be able to participate in a special videotaping for The Boxing Channel. All fans will leave with a signed photo from Hall of Famer Al Bernstein.

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