TULSA, Okla. – Dale Cook’s Xtreme Fight Night 2 returns to the The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino on Friday, February 25. The mixed fight card including boxing, kickboxing and mixed martial arts is sure to produce explosive action all night long.
Special guest “Irish” Micky Ward will be ringside to experience the action. Fight fans remember Ward from his legendary trilogy with Arturo Gatti. Moviegoers now know him as the boxer who is chronicled in “The Fighter.”
Headlining the boxing portion of the card is a 162-pound war between George “Comanche Boy” Tahdooahnippah and World Combat League star Thomas “Thunderkick” Longacre.
This battle between Native American fighters is heating up.
“I’m calling him out,” said Longacre. “This guy is 25-0. I’ve had one boxing match years ago to try it out. I did well but I’ve competed in every game. I heard about this ‘Comanche Boy’ saying how he is the top Native American boxer. Well, let’s find out. Get ready, don’t be ducking me. Don’t be pulling up with injuries. Don’t be wussing out on me. I want to put these knuckles all up on you.”
Longacre will look to use his conditioning and quickness in the matchup.
“Comanche Boy” has not taken kindly to the challenge. “He is disrespecting me coming into my boxing world,” said Tahdooahnippah. “He will get smashed. I’m going to knock him out. I do this all day long. I do it for a living. I’m known amongst my Native American people and he’s not known amongst his Native American people. I’m a Native American fighter. I fight with Native pride. He’s a fighter who just happens to be Native American. That’s the difference between me and him.”
Tahdooahnippah boasts of having the best ring entrance in the world. His entourage includes a dancer in full Native American dress as well as a rapper. The battle between ring entrances will only be outdone by the war in the ring.
Longacre believes he is the best fighter George has ever faced. “In his entire career he has only fought 7 guys with winning records.He has fought a bunch of losers with no heart and he couldn't even knock most of those guys out. He has been fed cupcakes for years, while I have been in wars against the best fighters in the world in kickboxing and MMA.”
The Mixed Martial Arts portion of the card features former UFC contender Gerald “Hurricane” Harris. He takes on James Head in a 185-pound contest.
Harris compiled a solid 3-1 record with the UFC before being released. He tries to jumpstart his reentry into the big leagues with a victory in his hometown.
In a match years in the making, WEC veteran Mike Budnik takes on Jonny Carson in a 155-pound MMA Title fight. Both are native Tulsans who have targeted each other for years.
“I think Tulsa is the only place for this to happen,” said Carson. “It's two of Tulsa's most talented 155-pound fighters finally meeting. Tulsa has talked about this fight for quite some time and I'm glad it’s finally happening. This fight is definitely for the MMA fans of Tulsa.”
Budnik, on the other hand, seems less concerned with the location.
“Where it takes place honestly means nothing to me, it could be in a basement in Montana for all I care,” said Budnik. “I just want to fight.”
Additional bouts of note include a kickboxing showdown between Randy “Boom Boom” Blake and Myron “The Future” Dennis. Also on the card are local rising stars Andrew Todhunter, Thompson Hornet and Charlie Wright.
The extreme action takes place at Xtreme Fight Night 2, Friday, February 25 in The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Tulsa. Get your tickets today by visiting HardRockCasinoTulsa.com or by calling 918-384-ROCK.