Boxing Odds – Soliman vs. Taylor for IBF Middleweight Title October   4!

Defending IBF world middleweight champion Sam Soliman will have the opportunity to defend his title belt for the first time on October 4 as he will face challenger Jermain Taylor at the Beau Rivage Resort & Casino in Biloxi, Mississippi, USA in a scheduled 12 round bout. Sam “King” Soliman opened as a -285 favorite with the Boxing odds while Jermain “Bad Intentions” Taylor was a +225 dog.

Sam Soliman

The 40 year old Sam Soliman is a native of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia where he still resides. Soliman stands at five feet eight and one half inches tall with a reach of 70 inches and fights from an orthodox stance. Soliman has a career record of 44 wins, 11 losses, and 0 draws. Out of Soliman’s 44 wins, 18 have come by knockout while just one out of his 11 career losses have come by knockout. Soliman is coming off a 12 round unanimous decision win over Felix Sturm on May 31, 2014 for the IBF world middleweight title in a bout that took place in Germany. Prior to that Soliman scored a technical knockout win over Les Sherrington in the ninth round of a scheduled 12 round bout that took place on December 11, 2013 for the vacant interim PABA middleweight title.

Jermain Taylor

The 36 year old Jermain Taylor stands at six feet one inch tall with a reach of 74 and one half inches and fights from an orthodox stance. Taylor is a native of Little Rock, Arkansas, USA and resides in Maumelle, Arkansas. Taylor has a career record of 32 wins, four losses, and one draw. Out of Taylor’s 32 wins a total of 20 have come by knockout while three out of Taylor’s four career losses have come by knockout. Taylor is coming off a technical knockout win over Juan Carlos Candelo on December 14, 2013 in the seventh round of a scheduled 10 round bout that took place at the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas, USA. Prior to that Taylor scored a knockout win over Raul Munoz. Taylor has won four bouts in a row after losing four out of the previous five before that. Taylor is a former WBC and WBO world middleweight champion.

The Pick

Taylor has shown good improvement as of late but we are going with Taylor!



-deepwater2 :

Taylor has shown good improvement lately but they're going with Taylor.??? I'll let Curtis Stevens take it away....... When asked who he thought would win the Sam Soliman-Jermain Taylor middleweight title fight, contender Curtis Stevens made it clear he?s still trying to figure how that IBF middleweight title fight was even scheduled. ?Jermain Taylor, I don?t even know how he came into the picture ? Al Haymon and his bullsh*t,? Stevens told ?This sh*t has got to be stopped. I don?t know where the f** he came from. I heard Jermain Taylor-Sam Soliman, and I was like, ?What the f**? Who the f***? How much money did they put up for this bullsh*t? Thanks Curtis Stevens, Sammy S for the win

-Radam G :

A tragedy is brewing. Holla!

-oubobcat :

I am actually taking Taylor in this one and can't believe I am saying that. Here is how I see the fight playing out. Taylor builds an early lead working behind the jab. Lets say up 59-55 after 6. Soliman comes on in the later rounds but doesn't have the snap either to hurt Taylor like others have been able to in the past in the middle to late rounds. The fight tightens up on the cards as Taylor slows down and the output does as well. But entering the 11th round Taylor catches a second wind and not fearing what's coming back from Soliman opens up more and does just enough to win the last two rounds. The cards are close but Taylor pulls off a decision victory (say 115-113 on two of the three cards with the other being even).

-brownsugar :

My sentiments for this fight echoes closely what RG and Oubobcat had already said. Let's say that Taylor is aware the future of his boxing livelihood is at stake. To add even more favor to Taylor's chances let say Jermaine made a hypothetical deal with the devil and If he wins,... Taylor gets acquitted and goes on to beat GGG to become a modern boxing legend. (in exchange for the price of his soul of course). But if Taylor loses he gets sentenced to the death penalty and the man he allegedly shot moves into his home and cohabitates with his wife. Hypothetically speaking ...even if Taylor knew these conditions were true. I cannot comprehend any possibility of a successful come back at this late stage of the game. Taylor has been in the same do or die situation at least 3 times previously in his career and hasn't been able to overcome being betrayed by his lack of punch resistance and rapidly eroding skills. Curtis was correct in his profanity tinged tirade to question Taylor's eligibility to compete for a world title. But why wonder.... When a fighter has Hayman as an advisor,... He will come to know the nature of true power and influence. An Advisor like Hayman will figuratively cause the windows of heaven to open up and rain riches upon his those in his care. Unfortunately for Taylor, this fight will not end on a positive note. At some point during the fight Soliman should close the distance and savage the former champ along the ropes. I wish Taylor the best however sympathy is the last thing a boxer should expect in the ring.

-Kid Blast :

Danger time for Taylor. This fight should not happen.