Sergio Gabriel Martinez vs. Martin Murray

Martinez vs Murray HBO will be televising the middleweight title fight between defending champion Sergio Martinez and challenger Martin Murray on Saturday. Let's take a look at this fight that takes place from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Sergio Martinez (50-2-2, 28 KO's)

The current Ring and WBC middleweight title holder, Martinez comes into this fight with 50 career wins, 28 of which came by knockout. Martinez has virtually all of the edges for this fight on Saturday. He is more experienced, he has more power and he will be fighting in front of a crowd in Argentina that will be almost exclusively cheering for him.

Martin Murray (25-0-1, 11 KO's)

The challenger comes into this fight unbeaten but untested as his record has been built up against pretty weak competition. Not only does Murray have the problem of facing a fighter in Martinez who he doesn't match up well with in terms of skill, he will also be fighting in front of a crowd that will be heavily against him. Murray is fighting a long way from his home in England. The only bout that even remotely compares to this one for Murray was the fight against Felix Sturm. That bout ended in a draw although many people believe that Murray should have won.

Boxing Prediction

Sergio Martinez is a huge favorite in boxing odds to win this fight on Saturday. Perhaps the odds are a little too high on Martinez based on what some other fighters have said. Floyd Mayweather Sr. said that the fight won't be an easy one for Martinez and Ricky Hatton said that Murray could go down in British Boxing history if he can get the win. “Martin is an underdog, he knows that, but he's more than capable of winning the fight.” Hatton said.

Despite the fact that Hatton thinks Murray has a chance this is a very difficult spot for him. He is unlikely to get a knockout against Martinez so that means he would have to win a decision. And it would have to be convincing with this bout being in Argentina. The most likely outcome is Martinez winning this one by decision.