Zab Judah vs. Danny Garcia


The Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York is the site for Saturday’s welterweight title fight between Zab Judah and Danny Garcia. Let’s look at this fight that will be shown live on Showtime.

Danny Garcia (25-0, 16 KOs)

The current WBC and WBA welterweight title holder is unbeaten at 25-0 with 16 of those wins coming by knockout. He has beaten everyone of note already including Amir Khan, Erik Morales and Kendall Holt. He doesn’t have the experience of Judah but so far in his career, Garcia has shown that his talent wins out over experience. “When you get hit, it don’t matter how much experience you’ve got. If you can’t take the punch, that’s the only thing that matters.” Garcia said, “I’m in great shape, and I’m focused, and I’m doing the right thing. When that’s happening, the only person that can beat me is me. I’m ready to go, I feel strong, and it’s going to be an epic night on April 27.”

Zab Judah (42-7, 29 KOs)

This veteran fighter is past his prime at the age of 35 but he does have some advantages in this fight. He has more experience, he should have the speed edge and his punching skill is probably equal to that of Garcia. What he has not shown of late is the ability to win against a fighter who is any good.

Boxing Pick

The boxing odds on this fight have Garcia as about a 5-1 favorite. On paper, those odds seem too high but it is still hard to get too excited taking a fighter in Judah who has yet to prove he can win a big fight. And Garcia has proven he knows how to win. Garcia simply has more heart than Judah and he is never satisfied. “There’s never enough,” Garcia said, “I just got to keep defending my titles and keep my fans happy.” On Saturday night he should do just that as he gets the win over Judah.