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Canelo Alvarez (41-0)

You might be surprised to learn just how young Alvarez is based on the number of fights he has had. He is just 22 years old but he has been boxing since he was 13 and he turned pro in his teenage years. Thirty of his 41 wins have come by knockout. Some of his detractors have said he hasn't fought anyone of note and recently there is no arguing that point as his wins were against Jose Cotto, Carlos Baldomir, Matthew Hatton, Ryan Rhodes, Alfonso Gomez, Kermit Cintron, Shane Mosley and Josesito Lopez. It is really hard to know just how good Alvarez really is.

Austin Trout (26-0)

Trout does not have the power that Alvarez has with only 14 of his wins coming by knockout. He is a little bit older than Alvarez but he has more speed. He also hasn't fought that much tough competition but at least he has one good win of note as he defeated Miguel Cotto last time out. Trout beat Canelo's brother, Rigoberto Alvarez to win the MBA junior middleweight title and then defended it against Delvin Rodriguez before the win over Cotto.

Boxing Prediction

This should be a really entertaining fight on Saturday night. Canelo has the power to win this fight but I don't know if he will get the chance to show it. Trout has more speed and skill and he may just decide to outbox Canelo all night. The problem with that strategy is that the crown in San Antonio is going to be heavily in favor of Canelo and in a close decision the judges oftentimes will follow the crowd. I think this fight will go to decision and if the judges are fair then Trout has a decent chance to win.


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