Sony and PlayStation Team Up With Top Rank

BY The Sweet Science ON April 08, 2014

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April 8, 2014 – Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC (SCEA) today announced a partnership with Top Rank Boxing, the world’s leading boxing promotions company. As the Official Gaming Partner of Top Rank Boxing, the PlayStation® brand and the PlayStation®4 system (PS4™) will be highlighted at several of Top Rank’s premier events, including the highly anticipated World Welterweight Championship rematch between Manny Pacquiao and Timothy Bradley on April 12.

“We are thrilled to be the Official Gaming Partner of Top Rank, a brand that celebrates greatness by promoting some of the best boxers in the sport today matched up in the most exciting, epic bouts,” said Guy Longworth, SVP, PlayStation Brand Marketing at SCEA. “This new partnership will generate exposure for the PlayStation brand among boxing fans that Top Rank reaches around the world.”

The PlayStation brand will be featured through in-arena branding, trailer spots during event broadcasts in the United States, integration across Top Rank’s social and digital channels and more.

“With the successful launch of PS4, PlayStation is a very compelling brand among gamers around the world,” said Lucia McKelvey, EVP of Global Marketing, Top Rank. “This partnership is a perfect opportunity for two leading brands to join forces and capitalize on the excitement and global attention surrounding the sport of boxing and Top Rank’s premier events.”

Top Rank’s events are available live on Pay-Per-View, HBO, and UniMas, a part of the Univision Network. The company works with networks in more than 130 countries to broadcast its fights. In addition to Pacquiao vs. Bradley 2, one of the year’s biggest fights, the PlayStation brand will be integrated into the June 7 pay-per-view match-up at Madison Square Garden between three-division champ Miguel Cotto and reigning middleweight champ Sergio Martinez. Additional events to feature PlayStation integration include the May 17 bout between Juan Manuel Marquez and Mike Alvarado at the Forum in Los Angeles and several UniMas events.


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deepwater2 says:

Power moves by Top Rank . Bravo. Good for the sport .

Radam G says:

My brother, the computer geek/genius, is all up in designing this thing.

Key in on the part about "networks in more than 130 countries."

My point for me mentioning that: Don't believe the hype of Showtime, GBP and the shadow Al Hyman bringing da Bobfather, Top Rank and HBO down to their knees.

And surely don't believe the nonsense about Da Manny being broke, and needing to fight Money May to get outta tax troubles.

There are optical illusions everywhere. Holla!

brownsugar says:

I like anything that has to do with games... I'm currently a Warrior Mage in Dark Souls 2...level 123 about to start NG+...if anybody here has had the mifortune of being invaded by Ultramonn..... Your sorry soul was cast into the legions of the undead by yours truly...

The Shadow says:

They're just announcing a sponsorship agreement, ceding exclusivity rights to Sony.

Good for the sport? Power moves? Meh. Read between the lines.

That said, I do think it's a HUGE positive, however, that major brands with different platforms and reach are getting involved. Another plus is that Top Rank, great innovators, are attempting to tarp into the lucrative UFC/WWE demos.

While boxing is kicking everyone's a$$ in PPV, boxing currently has the crappiest TV demos known to man. It's is the sole reason boxing isn't featured prominently on free TV any longer.

Hopefully this could change that.

Undoubtedly, Top Rank has taken note of the impressive subscription figures of the WWE Network -- and PS4 is one such platform for OTP content distribution. (Think Netflix on PS4.)

This is a great deal for Sony, as well. With Top Rank's two PPVs projected to do a combined 1.5 million buys, during that telecast alonse, PS4 will get in front of 6-12 million viewers in one night. Not bad.

But lets not get carried away and think this is something that will "buckle Showtime" or "expose the lies of the other side" or something silly to that effect.

They simply landed an advertiser to feature on a banner.

Good for them! They landed a company with a net income of $458m -- which is awesome! Sony and especially PS4 has tremendous brand equity and has a nice platform for innovative broadcasting opportunities.

That said, [URL="">here's a similar announcement from Golden Boy, landing a similar deal with a company with $18.25 BILLION in net income.

Carmine Cas says:

I think it's great for the sport, this puts boxing back towards the mainstream more and more.

Could we see Microsoft work with Golden Boy to intensify the Cold War that much more? Hahaha

The Shadow says:

I think it's great for the sport, this puts boxing back towards the mainstream more and more.

Could we see Microsoft work with Golden Boy to intensify the Cold War that much more? Hahaha

I was gonna put that in there but I deleted it!

But that has been the trend, hasn't it?

Carmine Cas says:

I was gonna put that in there but I deleted it!

But that has been the trend, hasn't it?

Yup, if Microsoft wants to gain exposure for Xbox why not partner with the other big fish?

Skibbz says:

As the "Dinosaur" just said.. The PlayStation is a great instrument.

The Shadow says:

As the "Dinosaur" just said.. The PlayStation is a great instrument.

FIFA, baby!

the Roast says:

This Playstation mention has me thinking of the biggest gamer we had around here, Fighter4JC. He was always talking about the boxing games and posting his little matches and what not. I wonder if he still reads TSS. Maybe I can pardon him with the power that has been invested in me. I summon you F4JC, come forth under a different name. Fighter4JC2 might work. For those of you that don't know what I'm talking about, the one known as Fighter4JC was banned for a threat he made against a writer. He was given a chance to apologize but would not do it, so he was then cast out.

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