Jeff Mayweather Assesses Comanche Boy

BY The Sweet Science ON February 03, 2011

Mayweather Weighs In Comanche Boy vs Longacre

The debate is constant- MMA vs boxing- which one is better?  Who is the better fighter?  February 25th at The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Tulsa, Oklahoma, undefeated middleweight boxer, “Comanche Boy” George Tahdooahnippah (26-0-1) will face Thomas Longacre, an MMA fighter and former world kickboxing champion, who is making his professional boxing debut.  Longacre (28-2) has been a fixture in the MMA/kickboxing arena and feels a Sweet Science challenge will establish him as a legitimate boxer.  Tahdooahnippah has some kickboxing skill, and was a standout wrestler during high school and college, but chose instead the boxing ring for his career and has been successful against all of his opponents. Each fighter also brings the added edge of Native American pride and rivalry to their bout in February, which has made for colorful talk from Longacre in a series of YouTube videos.

But when it comes to fight night, it's just Tahdooahnippah and Longacre face to face, with their skills on display.  Who fares better?  One of Tahdooahnippah’s trainers, Jeff Mayweather,  offered his opinion, having had the opportunity to train and work with him and also observe some of the best MMA fighters and boxers at gyms in Las Vegas.   “Basically MMA fighters don't have good sound boxing fundamentals,” Mayweather said.   “If there's no wrestling or kicking involved, it's a cakewalk for George.   Boxers train only for boxing.  MMA guys have to try to master three or four different sports,” he explained.  “That in itself, you can't really all of a sudden focus on boxing because that's what you want to do.”  Mayweather cites Anderson Silva as an example.  “Anderson Silva is the best I've seen in MMA and I've got a good amateur boxer that would out box him.”  As for Tahdooahnippah‘s skills, Mayweather is confident.  “George is very strong, durable, good hand speed and he's got no quit in him.  That's a tough combination to deal with.  It’s going to be a tough night for Longacre or a short one.”

The Tahdoahnippah and Longacre bout headlines Xtreme Fight Night 2 at "The Joint" at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Tulsa, OK, Friday February 25. Tickets are now on sale at The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, 777 W. Cherokee, Catoosa, 1-800-760-6700 or online at

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Radam G says:

For Longacre's sake, I hope that he has been practicing his P's and Q's and is not perpretrating a fraud, or he will get his clock CLEANED! I've never seen him, but he could be the next Troy Dorsey or one the K-Bros/Docs. All of these suckas were able to win titlebelts in professional kick boxing and in traditional mano-i-mano whup-a$$. Holla!

autopapswesty says:

Hi, I am new.This is my frist thread
say hi to all.

brownsugar says:

welcome autopapswesty, please dont make me spell your name again... hearing these American Indian names somehow make me think about the of the Twilight series...

FighterforJC says:

For a second I thought this was some twisted adult film involving jeff mayweather and a comanche boy.

admin says:

Why is it twisted? I'm sure there is a market for that..somewhere

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