Boxing Odds – Ricky Burns vs. Terence Crawford for WBO Lightweight Title March 1

BY The Sweet Science ON February 25, 2014

462654985 640 fbc59Ricky Burns will again try and defends his WBO lightweight title after a courageous draw in his last bout that did put into question his value and worthiness as a champion that can keep the belt. Terrence Crawford will face Ricky Burns for the WBO lightweight title on March 1 from the Scottish Exhibition Centre, Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom. Crawford opened as a -240 favorite as Burns was the +200 dog.

Ricky Burns

The 30 year old Ricky Burns stands at 5 feet 10 inches tall with a reach of 70 inches and a career record of 36 wins, 2 losses, and 1 draw with the Boxing odds. Out of his 36 wins 11 were by knockout and he has never suffered a knockout loss. Burns hails from Scotland. He has an orthodox stance and is ranked 3rd in the world and 1st in Great Britain.

The one draw of Burns' career was in his last bout as he scored a split decision against Raymundo Beltran in a 12 round bout that also took place at the Scottish Exhibition Centre. It was a heroic bout for Burns as he suffered a broken jaw in the 2nd round and he was also knocked down in the 8th round. Burns had an operation after the bout in which a titanium plate was inserted.

Burns first earned the Interim WBO lightweight title in 2011 and has successfully defended the belt in the 3 bouts prior to his draw.

Terence Crawford

The 26 year old Terence Crawford stands at 5 feet 8 inches tall with a reach of 73 inches and has a career record of 22 wins with 0 losses and 0 draws. He hails from Omaha, NE in the USA. He fights from an orthodox stance and is ranked 5th in the world and 1st in the United States

Crawford is coming off a 10 round unanimous decision win over Andrey Kimov on October 5, 2013 against Andrey Klimov. Prior to that he defeated Alejandro Sanabria for the vacant WBO NABO lightweight title with a technical knockout in the 6th round of a 10 round bout.


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Carmine Cas says:

Crawford has to knock him out or put on a clinic to cross the pond and return with a belt.

Shoulder Roll Defense says:

Crawford is arguably the best young American boxer in the fight game right now. Is there another fighter that can fight out of both the orthodox and southpaw stances as well as he does? In an ideal world I would love to see him win the title and unify the division. He would also fight Gamboa and Mikey Garcia before moving up to 140 and fighting Danny Garcia.

Radam G says:

They come a dime a dozen, SRD. You see T Crawford because he got da hook up for the book up. The game is all about being connected and the power that be and can give you a look up. And then you get that chance to say: "I shook up..." Holla!

Shoulder Roll Defense says:

Hook up or not, Terence Crawford is no joke and potentially a "pound for pound" talent. They say he whooped Mikey Garcia and Danny Garcia in amateurs. The kid is talented and the biggest obstacle in his boxing career will probably be Bob Arum and Top Rank promotions.

Radam G says:

The amateurs and the pros are not the same. Wow! And there you go blaming an ancient Jew. T Crawford will make his own bed, and he has to sleep in it. Da Bobfather have given him the cover. Now let's see how much talent that TC has.

Imma check to see if he did indeed even dance with MG and DG. I cannot recall that on the top of my noggin. Holla!

Radam G says:

I remember T Crawford now as an amateur. He was one and one with Danny Garcia. And never fought Mickey in the amateurs. He fought a Miguel Gonzalez, not a Miguel Garcia. Mikey would've scorched him and scorch him. But TC is sharp, no doubt. Holla!

Shoulder Roll Defense says:

I remember T Crawford now as an amateur. He was one and one with Danny Garcia. And never fought Mickey in the amateurs. He fought a Miguel Gonzalez, not a Miguel Garcia. Mikey would've scorched him and will scorch him in the pros. But TC is sharp, no doubt. Holla!

In regards to Mikey getting smoked by
TC in the amateurs, holla at the above link.

Shoulder Roll Defense says:

Mikey knows that TC is the truth. Holla!

Radam G says:

Very good. I-C. I apparently missed that amateur bout between MG and TC. But you see how great fighters are. They always tell the WHOLE truth. No sugarcoating.

A punked-arse weasel, who is going no where as a pro, would not have given TC kudo like Mikey did.

I look forward to them fighting in the pros. And I will not miss that one. Holla!

Carmine Cas says:

I'd would very much like to see the professional rematch!

Carmine Cas says:

Does anyone where one can look up fighters' amateur records?

Radam G says:

Several places, including Boxing-Scoop dot com. In additional to the international amateur sites and the USA amateur boxing site. And the IOC -- International Olympics Committee and USOC, the U.S. Olympics Committee.Holla!

Carmine Cas says:

Thank you!

Radam G says:

@ CC, is also a great site to find out if a lying pro actually did fight in such-and-such tournament as an amateur. Back in the old TSS Universe, some juvenile-brained HBO producers started cloning and attacking me because I revealed that a HBO producer's piece of jive on a New York fighter known as Luis Resto was perpetrating a fraud pretending that Resto had fought as a welterweight in the 1976 Olympic trials.

Even though I was an infant then, I knew that it was a straight-up lie because my Hawaiian cousin had stopped Resto in the quarterfinals of the 1976 U.S. National AAU. My family has the films of that bout and tons more. And at that time, Resto was kicked out of amateur boxing for tampering with his gloves and taking out the padding after he made an excuse to go the dressing room to take a p¡$$. Dude was always a dirty cheat. And would set people up, as he did banned-for-life trainer Panama Lewis.

Da game is seedy, shady, sleazy and foul with a lot weasels and squirrels. And as time goes by, you will have media types rewriting syet and jiving and conniving. And a lot of times become fanboys of the lying weasels and squirrels. Holla!

amayseng says:

Resto is a piece............

Radam G says:

@CC, on, you can go back all the way to 1903 for major amateur action. So it will be quite difficult for the posers and bullsyeters to straight-up pull some fanasty jive on you.

Man, I cannot stand those dudes and dudettes. They ought a just be true and legit. Holla!

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