Freddie Roach Contemplating Training Camp With Pacquiao AND Cotto

BY Michael Woods ON July 25, 2014


Freddie Roach has a novel idea that sound cuckoo, but is just so crazy, it just might work. Coach Roach told TSS on Friday that he’s toying with the idea of setting up a training camp which will house his alpha dog pugilists Manny Pacquiao and Miguel Cotto. They’d train at different times, of course, but Roach thinks it might be nice change of pace to have the two superstars in the same camp.

Roach said that he needs to figure out when Cotto fights next; he’s thinking sometime in later December. Manny has a date locked in, Nov. 22, so yes, timing could be right for the Filipino and the Puerto Rican, surefire first ballot Hall of Famers of the future, to do the camp thing together.

Hmm, sound intriguing…but it could prove prickly, maybe, if two guys are fighting for the coach’s time. Or maybe not...

“They get along great,” Roach told me, when I raised my eyebrow, insinuating that I wasn’t sure how two A gamers would co-exist. Coach Roach told me he’d tried this before, with Marlon Starling and Virgil Hill sharing space. And how’d that go? “I said I’d never do it again,” he said, eyes twinkling with mirth. “I would separate the times of the workouts,” he continued. “Because Miguel’s always on time and Manny’s always late.” He’s thinking the Phillipines (General Santos City or maybe Manila) and has also talked to the folks in Macau, who would be game to set up shop for the two legends. “I haven’t talked to Miguel about it yet, but he likes traveling a little bit.”

There’d be a 20 day or so gap between the Pacman and Cotto fights, so, hey, we shall see what happens, and if Roach can pull off this kooky caper.

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deepwater2 says:

No way don't do it. Only room for one Alpha at a time. Big mistake.

BFF says:

@ michael woods

hey bro, im not trying to be an a-hole or anything, but isn't Cotto Puerto Rican? it caught my eye right away in paragraph 2, when u said the filipino and mexican were surefire hall of famers....

dchiques says:

Cotto is from PR not from México.

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