Mohammedi Outclasses Sluggish Dudchenko on Main Events/NBC Card

BY The Sweet Science ON June 22, 2014

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Night of Knockouts at Mohegan Sun at Pocono Downs: Nadjib Mohammedi Earns #1 Slot in the IBF and Karl "Dynamite" Dargan Retains his USBA Atlantic Coast Region Lightweight Title

Nadjib Mohammedi

Nadjib Mohammedi

Photo Credits: Rich Graessle/Main Events

In the main event of the evening Nadjib Mohammedi (36-3, 21 KOs*) stopped Anatoliy "The Gladiator" Dudchenko (18-3, 12 KOs) in the seventh round to claim the number one position in the IBF and the chance to challenge Bernard Hopkins for the IBF Light Heavyweight World Championship.

Mohammedi & Dudchenko
Photo Credits:
Rich Graessle/Main Events

In the early rounds between Dudchenko and Mohammedi, the French boxer came out swinging against his Ukrainian opponent. Mohammedi was chasing down the larger Dudchenko and landing some clean shots. Anatoliy was getting caught in the corners and Mohammedi was taking advantage of the opportunity to have the big man against the ropes. Nadjib was relentless in his attack on Anatoliy.

Anatoliy Dudchenko

Photo Credits: Rich Graessle/Main Events

"The Gladiator" suffered a cut on the top of his nose and Mohammedi came out of the gates swinging in the seventh to put the final touches on the fight. The referee called the fight only 37 seconds into the seventh round. Anatoliy said afterwards, "I felt really spent after the first round. I had no energy; I was really weak. I tried too hard to kill him. Maybe I peaked too early. I kept missing some really hard shots. I think I just gave the other guy confidence."

Nadjib Mohammedi

Photo Credits: Rich Graessle/Main Events

Dudchenko landed only 14% (28 of 200) of his punches whereas Mohammedi connected substantially more of his throws, 38% (137 of 357). The average punches per round for Dudchenko were 3 for 13 but Mohammedi's average punches per round were 13 of 30.
After the fight Nadjib declared, "My name is Nadjib Mohammedi and I am the best. I was good tonight. I am the best. Nobody expected me to be the great fighter tonight but I was the better man. I am ready for Bernard Hopkins and we are going to take that fight too. We are coming back."

"Dynamite" Dargan

Photo Credits: Rich Graessle/Main Events

Undefeated lightweight Karl "Dynamite" Dargan (16-0, 8 KOs) retained his USBA Atlantic Coast Region Title by knocking out fellow Philadelphian Anthony "Flawless" Flores (11-5-1, 6 KOs) in the fifth round.

Flores & Dargan

Photo Credits: Rich Graessle/Main Events

Dargan came out in the first connecting well with the jab. Flores was coming forward but was unable to connect against the elusive Dargan. "Dynamite" was showing a lot of hand speed and landing a lot of clean shots. Karl was just too quick for Flores. "Flawless" was throwing a lot of punches but was unable to connect. Dargan managed to cut Flores under his left eye in the second. Karl came out with a vengence in the fifth round sending Flores to the canvas. "Flawless" managed to get back on his feet but only for a couple of seconds before the referee called the fight a TKO.

Dargan Knocks Flores Down

Photo Credits: Rich Graessle/Main Events

Flores landed 17% of his punches (51 of 308) while Dargan landed 39% (80 of 205). The biggest disparity between the two fighters was their jab. Dargan landed 30% (26 of 87) of his jabs while Flores only managed to connect with 6% (10 of 172) of his jabs against the elusive and faster Dargan.

Anthony Flores

Photo Credits: Rich Graessle/Main Events

After the TKO Dargan told the crowd, "I can handle pressure well. After my last fight the media and the fans were saying I should have knocked him out. Tonight I showed I can do it. He didn't surprise me. I came out of camp prepared to fight any style. He didn't hurt me at all. I am a shark in the water and I saw blood. I want to fight anyone who stands in the way of my next title."

Spring & Gadsen

Photo Credits: Rich Graessle/Main Events

Local favorite, Erik Spring, of Reading, PA defeated Jamil "The Brick City Brawler" Gadsden in four rounds of junior middleweight action via unanimous decision. All three judges scored the bout (40-36) in favor of Spring.

Babb & Romero

Photo Credits: Rich Graessle/Main Events

Undefeated light welterweight sensation Wellington "Arias" Romero (4-0, 2 KOs) of Newburgh, NY kept his perfect record alive knocking out Mack "Truck" Babb (0-3) of Brooklyn, NY in the second round and securing New York State bragging rights.

Campbell & Barrera

Photo Credits: Rich Graessle/Main Events

Cuban native Sullivan "El Mas Talentoso (The Most Talented)" Barrera (12-0, 7 KOs) kept his undefeated record in tact as he took down the previously undefeated Lee "The Silverback" Campbell (7-1, 3 KOs) of Laurenburg, NC with a sixth round TKO. This is Sullivan's second victory since signing with Main Events earlier this year. He said, "I feel good. I am very happy. We broke his zero. My team has worked hard. We are ready for any competition out there; if it is Chilemba I am ready."

Johnson & Bryant

Photo Credits: Rich Graessle/Main Events

In the first fight of the evening two "Jersey Boys" made their pro debut in four rounds of junior middleweight action. Hakim "Braveheart" Bryant (1-0) of Middletown, NJ came away with a unanimous decision victory (39-37, 40-36 and 40-36) over Al "TNT" Johnson (0-1) of Vineland, NJ.

*All records have been updated to reflect tonight's results.


Comment on this article

deepwater2 says:

Sullivan Barrera looked great.

oubobcat says:

Dudchenko looked terrible. He held the left at his hip and stood straight up with his chin sticking out making himself an easy target. Though taller, did not use a jab and would win from a distance one punch at a time apparently thinking he would land something big this way to KO Mohammedi.

Dudchenko was out classed to say the least. Mohammedi figured out early to throw the right and it couldn't miss. So he just threw it more and more. With no jab coming back fro m the taller Dudchenko, it was easy for Mohammedi to get into range as well to throw and ultimately land the right at will.

Not sure what to take from this performance, Mohammedi looked good but really any light heavyweight with decent skills would have taken apart Dudchenko. Mohammedi will become a mandatory for a belt that Hopkins holds. I doubt we ever see that fight though as Hopkins will probably be looking for bigger things if he is still going when the mandatory comes due in 9-12 months.

oubobcat says:

By the way, Karl Dargan put on a nice performance on the undercard. He is a sharp puncher with a very strong jab and excellent hand speed. He is a lightweight to keep an eye on and may be the next fighter from this series to break out.

The Commish says:

Karl Dargan was indeed terrific and a lightweight to watch. He gas tremendous potential.

I can't figure what happened to Anatoliy Dudchenko. His veteran traiiner, Jesse Reid, had told me on Friday that "Dudchenko is ready to win this fight and then make a move towards some bigger names" in the light heavyweight division. From the opening bell, Dudchenko seemed to have nothing. He looked tired, listless and had little snap. I thought maybe he was just off to a slow start, but, by the third round, you could see this was not going to be his night. He made Najdib Mohammedi look like the next superstar in the LH division.

I gotta call Jesse and see what happened to his fighter.

-Randy G.

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