Angel Garcia On Danny's Next, Herrera Rematch, Maidana's Chances

BY Michael Woods ON April 28, 2014

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Some of you all would like to see Danny Garcia give another crack to Mauricio Herrera, but in talking to Danny's dad Angel, it doesn't sound like that's in the cards.

Angel, the colorful and combustible tutor who made the list of nominees as BWAA Trainer of the year for 2013, told TSS that he thinks Herrera won three or four rounds March 15 (Garcia won MD12) against his kid, threw pitty pat jabs and headbutted all night long.

Angel said he expects Danny to glove up in July, but says no names have been passed to him. Certainly not Herreras'....

"Danny is still that guy, it was just an awkward night," he told me. "We won. It's not like Danny got his a-- kicked. To beat the champ, you gotta beat the champ. Herrera didn't do nothin. And I hope he didn't blow his payday. I hope he bought a house or somethin, because he's not gettin' no second payday from us!"

Angel told me he didn't see this weekends' fights, but heard that Lucas Matthysse had some problems with John Molina. "I figured in the fight after Danny, he'd come back stronger or a different guy. I think the fight with Danny took a toll on Matthysse," Angel said. Doesn't sound like he thinks a Garcia-Matthysse rematch makes too much sense then...

As for the Mayweather-Marcos Maidana fight, Angel said Maidana has that punchers' chance, but as long as Floyd stays smart, "sticks to the gameplan, does nothin' stupid, he's good." He said he's always rooting for the American fighter, so he's with Floyd, all the way.

Could we see an upset? "You never know," Angel said. "You can never underestimate a puncher."


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deepwater2 says:

"Herrera didn't do nothin" translated into english means Herrera did something. Herrera won on most people cards and took the fight to Garcia. I thought Angel doesn't make or pick fights because he leaves it to destiny or Al Haymon. Its a shame they can't do the Herrera rematch on the Canelo Lara card. Danny should want to be part of that card because its huge, I think Herrera already is being penciled in. That July 12th card is something to look forward to. I think Froch Groves is right around there too. Good summer of boxing in front of us.

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