Dulorme and Mayfield Get Feisty At Weigh-In; Agnew Needs Two Tries

BY The Sweet Science ON March 28, 2014

Duimage002 22372Karim Mayfield (139.6 lbs.; left) and Thomas Dulorme (139.8 lbs.) each make weight, and get feisty,  at today’s official weigh-in ahead of the Saturday night clash in AC, which will screen on HBO.

Headliner Sergey Kovalev made weight (174.3) and so did foe Cedric Agnew, on his second try. Agnew was 174.4 after scaling 175.8, and getting 45 minutes to trim down.

Tune in tomorrow night beginning at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on HBO. The HBO telecast kicks off live from the Adrian Phillips Ballroom at Boardwalk Hall when junior welters Dulorme and Mayfield clash for 10 rounds. (Ed Mulholland photo)


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Skibbz says:

I heard they had their hands wrapped around each others throats to the delight of trainer Robert G! Mayfield gonna make Dulorme pay for putting his hands on him though.. Looking forward to a good scrap.

Radam G says:

Mayfield is solid. Dolorme is soft. Touching Mayfield before the bout is about only most of the touching that Dulorme is going to do. T-Du always acts like he is all dat and a bag of chips. But da dude is about a half chip and some spoiled bean dip. Hehehe! Holla!

The Commish says:

I heard one of them actually licked the other one's chest. Are they gonna' be in a room or a ring?

-Randy G.

Radam G says:

Hehehehe! First! A ring, then maybe sweaty in a room.

This "theatre of the unexpected" oftentimes send ev'y joker and his poker a couple of curve balls. Hahahaha! Holla!

The Commish says:

That could well be the Fight of the Night!

-Randy G.

Skibbz says:

Yeah they did get scrappy not for the first time this year! Fight of the Night it could very well be.

He's certainly solid RG I like his style, speed, power and skills. Can't wait for him to jump straight into the middle of the pack, everybody will have to take note!

kidcanvas says:

that scap made it a fight i have to watch now ... oh boy.........

brownsugar says:

This may be the best fight of the evening. Mayfield is good, .....really good in an awkward and unconventional way.... he already has a decisive win over Mauricio Herrera and Thomas Dulorme has a style vaguely reminiscent of Tommy Hearns.... (note that I said vaguely). Martirosyan crashed Dulorme's bid for supremacy at 147 lbs but at 140 this kid is rapidly becoming a beast.
These guys don't get many offers from fighters higher up on the food chain even though Mayfield has been trying to get a title shot for the last couple of years.
so it's rather amazing to see these two young tough fighters facing each other in a non-title bout they could have easily avoided. it's indicative of their hunger for bigger and better things.
I'm looking for an Old Skool clash when these too meet. Slight edge to Mayfield.

Also don't miss Curtis Stevens vs Tureano Johnson next week 4/4, when I first saw the announcement I thought Johnson was the showcase boxer that Stevens was supposed to look good against for the purpose of placing him back into middleweight contention after being thoroughly abused by Gennady Golovkin.

After getting a closer look at Tureano Johnson, a guy who fights like he was constructed from the DNA of Tony Ayala and James Kirkland(but with defense). I'm starting to think Stevens may be the actual opponent here.
Again.... two tough middleweights testing the waters,... taking the necessary risks to get to the top. Reminds me of the old days.

Skibbz says:

Yeah he reminds me of Roy Jones the way he holds his head, and he's rapping like Roy too. He's on point though, I'll take your word on Dulorme Bsuge, I think it's gonna be swingers tonight... Tie em up!

I'll be watching Stevens then, wasn't planning to. Got to take my mate to the airport at 8am, the fights are starting at 3am UK time.. Oh well, for the love of the sport it won't be the first time I haven't slept. Gonna be an action packed night!

Skibbz says:

the Danjah man Dulorme waved Mayfield's number in front of his eyes. Dulorme wasn't great but he didn't need to be with how Mayfield was fighting.. No jab, waiting to counter with a looping right.. Poor. Might have to revise my thoughts on Karim.. disrespected himself.

Radam G says:

Simply a bad night, Skibbz! Holla!

Skibbz says:

You said it RG. You hear what Bradley just said..? It was the socks.. or lack of.

Radam G says:

Dude is delusional. In this coming bout, it will be his hygiene. Dude is going to get crush like a jelly bean. Holla!

Skibbz says:

More than delusional, 2 weeks till his beat down. Good night to be in Manilla..

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