The Rumble in the Jungle, Through A New Lens

BY Lee Wylie ON February 24, 2014

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Hey fight fan.

Yeah, you.

Think you know what happened in that ring in Zaire on Oct. 30, 1974 when Muhammad Ali again confounded the world, and slayed another fire-breather?

Think you know how Ali lured George Foreman into doing what the past-his-prime showman wanted him to do, and believe that the Rope a Dope was the whole differential in Zaire?

Well, let's examine that masterful showing a bit deeper, shall we, and dissect the battle frame by frame.

I think you'll see some tricks of the trade dispensed by The Greatest in a different light if you watch with an open mind, as I lead you through the process.


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teaser says:

Just beautiful to watch Ali ... The timing , reflexes and speed still in play in this aging heavyweight having the knowledge to use it ...brought a tear to my eye ..and to have it explained and presented by such an obviously knowledgeable author... priceless . Thanks for letting me see and know understand what was a great performance by Ali ...taking apart George's effective but simple strategy by doing the unconventional ...there are few fighters today who can do the same in any weight class

TotoyBato says:

Ali's beautiful show of martial art. Efficient use of distance, movement, body mechanics. Boxing is Sweet Science. Thank you.

Brad says:

I loved George Foreman as a kid. But rewatching many of his fights from the 70's makes me believe I always overrated him. Foreman got his ears boxed off by Ali. No real shame there. Ali is an all time great. But to barely get past a mediocre Ron Lyle? Then to have Jimmy Young completely expose all Foreman's flaws in Puerto Rico. Plus if you watch the Young fight Foreman continually fouled Young, in a clumsy, goon like way, and Young make him look so pathetic.

brownsugar says:

Fantastic choice of music...people forget that Foreman boxed more when he entered the pros then began stalking after his confidence in his power and his ability to terrorize opponents grew... Nice article.

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