Floyd in South Africa: "Mr. Mayweather, You Did Your Brand Proud"

BY Phil Woolever ON January 20, 2014

FloydMayweatherAfrica 0300aMONEY BOMAYE ? – Muhammad Ali heard the since iconic chants from African fans in Zaire. It appears that Floyd Mayweather Jr. enjoyed a similarly meaningful chorus in Johannesburg last week from this generation’s sports fans, even though the most pronounced repetition came from his own “Hard Work, Dedication” team. A beaming Mayweather appeared in typical prime condition and proved worthy of the distinction, representing himself, his brand, and his country with class and charisma. He certainly wasn’t shy in accepting his well earned accolades. “It took 36 years, but I’m here,” announced Mayweather after touching down on the great continent. “I just don’t represent the red, white and blue, I represent all of humanity. I look forward to coming back and fighting. I’ve been getting some awesome offers, hopefully it can happen someday.”

“Ali was the greatest,” Mayweather told the press, before taking another opportunity to expand The Money Team brand. “I’m TBE. The best ever. I didn’t give the sport my whole life to say there’s another fighter better than me. First off, I wanna thank my team because without them all this wouldn’t be possible.” The SA media ate it up at a “press briefing” that played more like a fan club convention. “This should have happened long ago. It is great to host you while you are still a champ, because we do not host mediocrity, we only host champions,” said Minister of Sport Fikile Mbalula upon Mayweather’s arrival, drawing a wide and constant grin from his guest. “We will roll out the red carpet for you, for the rest to see, because humanity has given you to us. You no longer belong to America (only). Our kids look up to you. The people that you see here do not sleep when you fight.”

Reporter Sifiso Ramara of SABC News summed up Mayweather’s impact thusly, “In the past we’ve hosted the likes of Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, Lennox Lewis and Evander Holyfield, but one should say it doesn’t get bigger and better than this.” Of course, the subject of a Manny Pacquiao fight came up immediately. Mayweather addressed the current situation, and Pacquiao’s recent comments about pursuing a fight. “He’s really saying ‘Floyd, can you help me solve my tax problems, get me out of debt?” offered Mayweather with minimal mockery. It’s not unrealistic to consider the truth in that.

Mayweather praised South African Phillip Ndou, against whom he scored a 7th round stoppage while defending the WBC lightweight belt in 2003, and was complimentary as he assessed the sport in general, offering a revealing personal preference.“There’s a lot of great fighters out there. You guys had Azumah Nelson. At one time I thought we were gonna fight. I admire what a lot of fighters, and entertainers, have done. I’m thankful to those that paved the way. A lot of fighters are looking to be known as the best. I just want to be known as the smartest fighter, as far as businesswise, outside the ring.” As a corporate executive, Mayweather achieved a substantial PR boost, indeed.

According to SA media and the Sports Ministry, Mayweather covered his own travel expenses after scheduling conflicts kept him from attending a ceremony he was invited to last year. Maybe karma is paying off already. As for the future, Mayweather declared that he’d know in a week or so whether his next opponent is Amir Khan or someone else. Unless it’s a smokescreen, there could be some maneuvering that gives Marcos Maidana the call. Don’t be shocked if that occurs, or if a brave, strong, but quickly exposed Maidana falls by Mayweather TKO. Just as Maidana may accomplish much less effective aggression than hoped for, Khan could well defensively outperform relatively low predictions about his chances. Either way, anybody who bets against Mayweather these days looks crazy.

Mayweather demonstrated additional business savvy simply by mentioning a significant, yet often neglected partner during discussions on his future. “Don’t forget CBS,” reminded Mayweather. “Everybody always talks about Showtime, but I’m with both companies.” As for that future, Mayweather said, “Four more and I’m through. September 2015 will be my last fight.” Pac-man was a flag left to dangle in the Capetown breeze.

Still, Mayweather impressed with dignified restraint during interviews and press briefings, giving thoughtful responses to a press gatherings that apparently worshipped him but asked few softball questions. When topics like Pacquiao or Bob Arum came up, Mayweather remained diplomatic and respectful.

After an apparent “they’re all the same to me” slight in forgetting former rival Saul Alvarez’s name, Mayweather gave the Mexican star serious, solitary props, saying, “Canelo is a solid competitor and he’s one guy that will be the future of boxing.” When asked about potentially intriguing opponents like Bernard Hopkins or Gennady Golovkin, Mayweather gave The Alien faint praise and didn’t even acknowledge GGG. “Bernard Hopkins has done a lot, but I don’t think he has a voice or the will to win like me. But I take my hat off to the guy.” Mayweather didn’t reveal any secrets or drop any bombshells. He simply did exactly what the Ministry of Sport and Recreation were hoping for. He ignited interest in boxing.How well everything launches the “Awaken the Giant” boxing campaign remains to be seen. There were certainly enough sparks for a powerful liftoff.

An actual bout in Africa might not be the longshot it currently sounds like.

In fact, it could be the perfect scenario for a Pacquiao fight. It could be the perfect location for Floyd’s farewell. For now, in honor of what certainly seemed a more successful, considerate appearance than many supposedly higher pedigreed US diplomats, administrators or celebrities have achieved around the globe these days, we’ll refer to TBE’s preference on how to be remembered well.

Mr. Mayweather, you did your brand proud.


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leon30001 says:

Yes, Floyd, you're the best ever. Of course you are, dear.

The Shadow says:

I'll say this: I the ring, Floyd Mayweather is far more skilled than Muhammad Ali. Outside the ring, it's a mockery of Ali to even compare the two.

brownsugar says:

No one could compare with the Charisma of "The Peoples Champ"...Mayweather built his house on the tight wallets of the "Anti-Fans" ....those fans who are incessantly screaming for his damnation and defeat,..in that order... ....but after a rough start in boxing, fighting in Podunk towns off the air, with marginally famous rappers service as announcers, Floyd has eventually graduated to the life of fortune and fame.

Mayweather has put far more forethought onto his boxing afterlife than on any mere future opponent. while simutaneously devising plans to remain in the seat of luxury, privilege, and power for the rest of his natural life.

Mayweather competes daily for hits on twitter, likes on facebook, and articles written by the media. therefore He must preserve his mind and body for best that is to come after the athletic portion of his career has reached it's terminus.

Mayweather is like a guy who is in the last year of a 4year enlistment in the armed services. He can't wait to get out of boxing. He doesn't want to lay-off his team, his lifelong associates... and wants to keep them at his side, secure and happy, getting used to a new set of friends when you have his kind of money is not recommended... (unless through unforeseen whim he goes the way of Lionel Richie, and Beyonce' and choses the Solo route). His shrewed prolific and well prepared endeavors outside the ring assure that his name remains in Celebrity status.

In the meantime the relentless pressure to maintain his "O" in the ring mounts exponentially...

a man can only swap punches for so long until someone gets the better of him.

but Just think... You'll have the "privilege" to be able to watch Mayweather as a guest on gameshows, talkshows, telethons, fundraisers, cyberspace, and maybe even the silver screen, far in the forseable future. Once the animosity dies down, he might even offer Paq a job as his side-kick.

place in boxing history... maybe not so high,

place in history as the most successful boxing after retirement... extremely possible (or maybe a tight second to the K brothers)

Radam G says:

Larry Holmes said in an interview yesterday -- USA TIME -- that Money May will be a broke "homeless clown" in two or three years after he quit boxing. Lil Floyd is perpetrating a fraud so much that he makes broke boxers of the past "SICK." The people feeding into Money Macy's childish bulls yet are his groupies and _____ _____ _____!

Da Manny will be long RICH and popular, while Money May will be BROKE and jailhouse bunking. He will not be a silverscreen star and on nobody's game show. He will be a charity case. He is a worser [sic] Joe Louis and Sugar Ray Robinson in the financial making. Holla!

Radam G says:

Money May's skills are in promoting and matching and setting up those magical deceptions that he is fighting the best at their best. Dude is more cunning and conning than Merlin, the Magician, David Copperfield and Houdini combined.

Go on, Money May! With yo' bad self! Take those inattention-blindness muthasuckas hard-earned pay. They believe ev'ything that you say. And their arses, they love for you to play.

Don't 'em let down. You know the _____ _____ tears of a clown. Hehehe! Money May can fake a cry on a dime. Holla!

dino da vinci says:

I'll say this: I the ring, Floyd Mayweather is far more skilled than Muhammad Ali. Outside the ring, it's a mockery of Ali to even compare the two.

I don't agree.

The Shadow says:

I don't agree.

Dino, you really think Mayweather is bigger than Ali outside the ring??

Radam G says:

I agree with Dino. Money May is a master of fighting the used up, not ready, never will be ready and the weak, and promoting them as the best of the best. GOAT Ali believed his hype and fought about 35 in-their prime dangerous muthas.

Money May has only done that about five times. And DUCKED about 15 dangerous prime-time fighters who were yearning to get a piece of him. Holla!

The Shadow says:

Skill-wise, Ali was absolutely dreadful. Once his sick athleticism eroded, Ali's best attributes were intangibles.

Again, I must point out, I'm not talking accomplishments. (Ali > Floyd in that department.) I'm talking about being well-schooled. For instance, Tony Tubbs is several levels above Ali in terms of skill.

Ali had a crappy defense, his hook was a slap, his body punching couldn't hurt a fly, much less a flyweight, he dropped his hands like an amateur when punching, he never learned how to defend a left hook even though he knew he was susceptible to it, no inside game WHATSOEVER, I could go on and on and on.

This is what makes the guy great, IMO. He had so many flaws, yet he would win anyway.

Listen to this breakdown of Ali from a former fighter who probably has the greatest knowledge of boxing of anyone alive: http://youtu.be/MF17mkqyf44

"Statistically, Ali is average."

Radam G says:

BTW, this story is slanted -- great public relations, instead of unbiased sports' news reporting. Money May didn't attend some scheduled events because of the shunning and booing of him for ducking Da Manny.

Way back in day, anytime there was booing and shunning of Muhammed Ali in Europe for ducking the imperialistic, unjust war in Vietnam, it was headline sports news BIG TIME Stateside.

Holla at Daily Motion and Youtube, and get your watch on. American sports' news for Money May is now sanitized, because Money May's fanboys don't wanna rock the ship with the truth for pure horror of Money May and talking to them and trashing them like he did Larry Merchant a couple of years ago. Holla!

Radam G says:

The Shadow I got to call you out. GOAT Ali hands low style of fighting is a common style of fighting -- I forget the actual Western name of it -- used by Jack Johnson, Tommy Burns and thought to be the pound-for-pound greatest of all times, Harry Greb. The late, great Willie Pep even was a hands-down, side-to-side dancer. Money May's hands are down too, more than they are up, just as GOAT Ali. The greats Tommy Hearns and Bob Foster always carry their right arm across their chests and the left hand dangling to the knee.

The young Clay/Ali was one of the best defensive fighters of all times. Every great is vulnerable to certain shots and styles when he challenges himself with fighting the prime-time best. The GOAT Ali had troubles with hooks. Brownbomber Joe Louis had trouble with lead right hands. Sugar Ray Robinson had trouble with bobbing-and-weaving black fighters. That is why he ducked the whole "Black Murder Row." I can go on, but I won't.

The GOAT Ali having no body game is a long-held myth. [Just like the myth that the late, great Smokin' Joe Frazier never throw his right hand, or hurt a fighter with it or got a kayo with it.] Maybe because the GOAT Ali threw straight punch to the chest and solar plexus. BTW, I was in heated debates with a reader in 2011 about the GOAT's lack of a body game. And before that, I was in the May weather's gym showing Uncle Roger how good of a body banger the GOAT was. He just had some much speed that haters couldn't see him body tagging Sonny Liston, Floyd Patterson, Ernie Terrell, George Chavalo, Chuck Wepner, Ron Lyle, Jimmy Ellis, Doug Jones, Joe Bugner and fighters in the O-Games.

Go look at it for yourself. And see how the GOAT Ali hurt Ernie Terrell with a body shot. And how two European fighters went down because of hits in the body and head almost at the same time. Holla at how the GOAT Ali caused Floyd Patterson back damage by stabbing and jabbing him in the chest and solar plexus.

If you had these punch counters that boxing television now has, you can clearly know that the GOAT Ali went to the body as much as Money May against a lot of opponents.

Pundits suffer from inattention blindness, because they want to set the agenda of what you see on every fighter. The game is full of optical illusions. Including telling a lie so often that people take it for granted. Such as Da Manny is a wide-punching, running-in slugger with no balance. I can pull that up from a hater's archives, but I wrong. Holla!

The Shadow says:

Nice, thorough post. I like it, I like it!

Yes, Ali would jab to the body and throw the occasional straight right. The most he ever went to the body was vs. Cleveland Williams because that buff mofo had a bullet in his belly.

He threw a 1-2, 1-2 to the body and finished with a left hook up top - the most body work I've ever seen him do as a pro and I've watched most of his fights several times pretty closely.

He even told Howard C. why he rarely went to the body. "I'm vulnerable to counter shots with my head down there," he said.

So while him never throwing a body shot isn't necessarily true, he doesn't go to the body like Floyd does either. Floyd is a far superior body puncher. No comparison, really, in my opinion.

For instance, Floyd can place a body shot, much like Tyson or Roy Jones do with that left hook. Manny places that right hook nice, too. Marquez is venomous with his left hook to the liver, as Pac can attest to.

While Ali frequently threw body jabs in practically every fight, his body blows were little more than a diversion.

Ward and Floyd's, or even Broner's!, jab to the body are thrown with much more force. "Like a SUH-RYNGE!" as Big George would call it. "To the chest!"

Big George got a hard on for body work. "OOOOOOOHH! The BAH-DEY!"

Just to clarify, what I meant by Ali not having his hands up I wasn't referring to his hands down style; when he parades with them down, that's cool. Even Paulie Malignaggi does that, as do many others. That's fine.

What I meant is [U]when he punches[/U]. He had dreadful fundamentals. Canelo has better punching fundamentals, if you notice. Even when you hook, RG, you don't drop your backhand like that; you tape your left hand close to you cheek.

Ali even commented on that when Yank Durham and Joe Frazier called him out on it. "You can't keep your right hand up," Joe quipped.

"We all got flaws, Joe. You don't know how to back up."

And yes, he did throw a few body blows vs. Terrell. I watched that bout closely a few weeks ago because I read a report in the SI Vault that Ali went downstairs after round eight or so due to Terrell hiding behind a high guard. (MAN was Terrell a bum!)

I saw him throw a few awkward left hooks downstairs in that fight; a few of which I seen him throw over the course of his career.

One vs. Blue Lewis -- where he actually moved in close, threw some body blows and finished up top, incredibly enough -- and one or two accidental ones in his first fight with Spinks.

Had he really wanted to, he could've done some serious damage to the body vs. Terrell. Still, when Ali would throw a left hook below, he would look so amateurish.

(On a different note, it's amazing to behold how much Ali faded from the first to the second Spinks fight. He lost about 25% of his athleticism. I think he overtrained and really took some stuff in sparring. He looked fit but completely shot in the second fight. In the first fight, he actually had decent speed, he was just lazy and out of shape.)

I've tried to study him to see if he ever used conventional fighting techniques because I would notice that he would actually use conventional methods when drilling and/or (The) Shadowboxing.

But he's totally ineffective with it.

And yes, Ali was one of the greatest defensive fighters of all times in the '60s -- due to his athleticism. He barely even got touched. Whenever he would get touched, he would touch his face with his gloves so it was easy to tell how much he got hit.

However, Roy Jones was equally elusive. Yet, when his athleticism eroded, what did we have left? A weak arse high guard a 10-fight amateur novice could split.

Like I said, they were gifted, not educated.

At least Ali was freakishly strong.

What did Unca Raja tell you after you tried to tell him that? "You don't know sh*t about boxing?"

dino da vinci says:

Ali had a deep arsenal, amongst the deepest. Over the years I've come to the conclusion that when people start to talk negatively about Ali and his style, it really doesn't have anything to do with his style. Ali's accomplishments speak for themselves, and were attained against the deepest the heavyweight division would ever produce. Ali fought Joe Frazier three times. That's equivalent to 3 Manny Pacquiaos. He fought Ken Norton three times, Sonny Liston twice, Big George. I'm up to nine Mannys and counting. He sought out dangerous opponents. Had Ali fought only guys who had a marginal chance against him, Ali would have had a Julio Cezar Chavez-like record, but he wouldn't have been Ali.

Shadow, I still need to revisit one of your previous posts where you're dissecting what to do with a sparring partner. While you're thinking 'should I hit him with this, to later set up that, Ali hit an opponent with a seven piece.

Never forget the fact that the cruelty of it all is the best three and a half years of the man's career were denied him. A sin against the gods, and I'm sure some people somewhere will pay for it in a large way as I believe wholeheartedly that the great Energy source that connects us is a huge fight fan. ;-)

Radam G says:

First, my boy Sugar Shane is here in the P-Islands right now. He's helping us raise dough for the victim of that killa-storm Yolanda/Haiyan. Iron Mike and some more greats are on their way.

@The Shadow, Uncle Roger said that he knew that GOAT Ali threw straight punches to the torso, but that GOAT Ali didn't throw uppercuts and hook to the body and fight in close.

Radam G says:

First, my boy Sugar Shane is here in the P-Islands right now. He's helping us raise dough for the victim of that killa-storm Yolanda/Haiyan. Iron Mike and some more greats are on their way.

@The Shadow, Uncle Roger said that he knew that GOAT Ali threw straight punches to the torso, but that GOAT Ali didn't throw uppercuts and hook to the body and fight in close.

The_King_AJ says:

tbh I did hear that he was three hours late to visit a boxing gym and only stayed there for 5 minutes too. Shame on him there.

Bernie Campbell says:

Attention and respect to the darklands of the world and The King of the Jungle! The land I have absolutely sooo much interest and curiosity about, and the Putz that was keeping the minutes of The meetings, passes from exhaustion and was never to be recovered again! Witch lets me transfer to The Ottomons! Take yer shoes off, Firat Arslan former Cruiseweight Champ, {Turkey}! Will brawl With Champion Marco HucK! In my local opinion! Arslan 43, kicked Hucks Yugo behind all the way to Cairo in first encounter! Decision Huck! Second Time Huck is favored by about 6-1! The brawl is in Duetchland! The fight is Saturday afternoon ET time! U do think Mr. Mayweather jr should take his staff and cross the sea, and keep in going! Is he fighting for legacy or fighting for Hamiltons! huuuu?

The Shadow says:

Duetchland? Really, Bernie?

Fighting for Hamiltons, wtf?? LOL!

And what's up with Sugar Shane? He left early? He got sugar in his tank or something?

Radam G says:

No sugar in the tank for Sugar Shane. His Cuban G-friend is one bad mamahama. Holla!

The Shadow says:

[QUOTE=Radam G;42870]No sugar in the tank for Sugar Shane. His Cuban G-friend is one bad mamahama. Holla![/QUOTE]

G-friend as in Guillermo?

The Shadow says:

LOL just ribbin'....but why did he leave after just five minutes after having them wait for three hours? Maybe he's being spread thin.

Radam G says:

@The Shadow, Money May exited stage quick like a tiny d¡¢k because of the large amount of South African [Urdu] Indians and Pakistanis and other Asians waiting to verbally bum rush him with "Floyd KenDucky Chicken" of Da Manny. Plus the crowd was shouting mad luv for Amir Khan.

Lil Floyd knows DUCKING in and out of that squared jungle. I ain't hatin!' He is the master of his own jive. And I have nothing for him but: "Go on, with yo' bad self!" And a high FIVE!

Y'all know ME! I'm down wif' O-P-P! Holla!

Carmine Cas says:

[QUOTE=Radam G;42939]@The Shadow, Money May exited stage quick like a tiny d¡¢k because of the large amount of South African [Urdu] Indians and Pakistanis and other Asians waiting to verbally bum rush him with "Floyd KenDucky Chicken" of Da Manny. Plus the crowd was shouting mad luv for Amir Khan.

Lil Floyd knows DUCKING in and out of that squared jungle. I ain't hatin!' He is the master of his own jive. And I have nothing for him but: "Go on, with yo' bad self!" And a high FIVE!

Y'all know ME! I'm down wif' O-P-P! Holla![/QUOTE]

Lol too bad it wasn't caught on video

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