Another KO For Krusher Kovalev; Sillakh Stopped in Second

BY Michael Woods ON November 30, 2013

tss fight report 4816bSergey Kovalev added another scalp to his resume in HBO's TV live fight opener, from the Pepsi Coliseum in Quebec on Saturday night, in a light heavyweight tussle. Kovalev re-proved that his hands are heavy, stopping Ismayl Sillakh in round two, at 52 seconds elapsed.

"I think he put himself in the conversation for fighter of the year," said Max Kellerman after the rubout by the WBO champ. Kovalev told Kellerman after that the win was the result of his hard work in the gym. "I won this fight a long time ago," he said. He was asked about talking to Sillakh during the fight, and he said he told the loser he would be kayoed. And next? He said he's ready for Adonis Stevenson, or any champ in his division.

The stats: 14-26 for Kovalev, to 9-37 for the loser.

Sillakh (174 1/2 pounds; 21-1 with 17 Kos; living in CA) was 4-0 since being stopped by Denis Grachev (TKO8). The Ukrainian, whose dad is from West Africa, dealt with racism growing up. He had to fight that, literally. Kovalev (174 1/2; 22-0-1 with 17 KOs) grew up in Russia and started working, and going to the boxing gym, at age 11. He said he is aiming to get three or four titles when all is said and done.

In the first, Sillakh wanted to keep moving, not be a stationary target. His hands looked fast and he was light on his feet. Kovalev was the aggressor, patient, looking to grind the man down. He accelerated the grinding, right quick, though.

In the second, a right sent Sillakh down at 2:25. It was right, on the ear, as Sillakh started to throw a left. He was sent down again, for good, with right-left. There was no point in counting, as Sillakh was on goofy street.


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amayseng says:

good Lord Kovalev can punch. i was impressed by his subtle movements defensively along with feints.

although such a destroying puncher he appears smooth and relaxed in there, always in rythem..

what a bright future he has awaiting him the next year in boxing, and exciting for us fans

Radam G says:

Never have I been impressed by Sillakh. He was always a hype with no funk. And he was being a punk. Holla!

brownsugar says:

Boxing is a precise game ...and its a fragile line between being a prospect or being a reject.
I lay my hopes for Sillahk in a shallow grave next to all the other fallen contenders I picked who were weeded out by better fighters.
Kovalev is a very dangerous man. Not only is he a fearlessly aggressive volume puncher..he's a precice puncher.
I don't see any one who could last with him at 175.
Certainly not Adonis Stevenson. Surely his title will be reaped by Kovalev whenever they meet.

the Roast says:

Wow, what a huge win by Kovalev! This guy is a fight fans dream. This is what we want. The fight can end any second. Don't blink. I always fall in love with a pure puncher like Kovalev. Got burned by Matthysse but what the hell, I'm in again. I'll take the Krusher by KO over Adonis and every other lightheavy or supermiddle that wants to come up. Andre Ward, you must be feeling good at 168, no reason to go up to 175 right now. Kovalev time!

amayseng says:

Never have I been impressed by Sillakh. He was always a hype with no funk. And he was being a punk. Holla!

even if he is chinny he did possess some good speed, spacing and quickness, just goes to show how good Kovalev is with his boxing ability to adjust and time such a fighter.

Radam G says:

Don't get carry away, guys. @the Roast, you will get burnt again. The game is fun of optical illusions. And if you don't know that, wrong will be most of your conclusions.

The Krusher crushes frightened pugs who don't move their dang heads. He's been well matched. And he doesn't move his darn head either.

Superman Stevenson will exposed him and win by smashing KAYO.

You guys are letting your taste fool your brains and blind your eyes. Holla!

Carmine Cas says:

I really hope this fight happens, two of the top dogs in the division fighting for supremacy. Stevenson is slicker, quicker but also seems a little chinny as well. Kovalev can box as well, he's always in position to punch but he's definitely an easier target. Stevenson's camp seems less willing to make the fight, I hope we see it next.

brownsugar says:

Agreed Carmine.
Superman is not feeling the slightest bit heroic in regards to Kovalev. His team has expressed no interest in fighting the Russian whatsoever.
I disagree that fight fans are infatuated with Kovalev because he's the the new flavor of the month.
Kovalev was busting up guys on obscure NBC telecasts during early evening programming a full year before Stevenson gained noteriety for stopping Don George.
Kovalev has also fought the better opposition.

Stevenson's f i r s t talented opponent (Bellew) made Stevenson fight sideways while using the side of his body where his best boxing/physical acuity is located. He did get the KO and deserves to embrace the spoils of war...... but he looked like a one armed crab out there. Boxing is the type of sport where no matter how good you are.... There is always someone better.
I'm convinced that Stevenson's limited tool bag will be a huge impediment against Kovalev...and I haven't even mentioned the fact that his chin is more ceramic than cast iron. Ultimately time will render the correct verdict.

Radam G says:

Actually Team Superman Stevenson said that they would fight him for "THE MONEY!" The Krusher is calling to fight in hoping of getting a shot. No way is the nephew of the late, great Manny Steward leary of Kovalev. Trainer J Hill knows that his fighter would get the kill. Stevenson ain't no Sill. For Kovalev, $uperman's left missile shot will be a sleeping pill.

It is a serious flaw in the Krusher's game. I won't tell it yet. But he'd get kayoed I bet. Wow! You guys get jacked-up crazy about flaunting offense of New Jack fighters.

Defense is the most important key in the game. Not that bull-jive that a good offense is a good defense. KK is too easy to hit. He doesn't move his head. And he doesn't bend his knees. Sooner before later, time and a few shots on his noggin and blasts to his ribs and liver will tell if he is the real deal. Holla!

Carmine Cas says:

I'm not picking anyone outright but I do agree defense is a must. Kovalev was getting cleanly hit by Sillakh, but Stevenson isn't untouchable either, we'll just have to see....

Radam G says:

It is the hit and hurt biz. Certainly nobody is untouchable unless he is Jesus. You go in water, you get wet. But Jesus walked on dat bytch. Hehehe! I wonder if the Holy Soles of His Feet got wet.

BTW, Jesus boxed some arses for gambling in a Holy Temple. Fudging gamblers! I bet that the Son of Mary was untouchable. My gambling @$$ woulda' tried to tag him, though. Hahaha!

I'm a high-risk taker! A BIG money maker! An arse baker! No time for a faker. There were a lot of fake Jesuses in Rome and Egypt during those days. Holla!

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