Bobby Gunn Still Waiting On Roy Jones

BY Michael Woods ON September 10, 2013

tssBobby Gunn is training his tail off, and waiting for a text from heaven.

Roy Jones (56-8), he says, has promised to fight him, and has told the New Jersey resident with a 21-5 record that he's ironing out site and payment issues. When that happens, the 39-year-old Gunn informs me Jones has said, a Jones-Gunn fight will be made.

One potential impediment...Gunn says that the rumor mill has ex middle and super middle champ Stevie Collins coming out of retirement---he last fought in 1997 (TKO3 win over Craig Cummings in Scotland)---to fight Jones.

Gunn maintains the 44-year-old Jones told him he's not doing a fight with the 49-year-old Dubliner.

"I pray to God Roy is a man of his word, and he comes through," Gunn said. "I couldn't carry his jockstrap in his time, but this is not his time. I have got more in my gas tank than he does. I'm being humble, but if this fight gets made, I'm going to knock Roy Jones out in three rounds."

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tlig says:

This type of "news" doesn't warrant a place on a boxing website even on a slow news day.

The Shadow says:

This type of "news" doesn't warrant a place on a boxing website even on a slow news day.

LOL then you haven't read boxing news around the world. Even big outlets post to keep up. We boxing junkies want our fix. Our drug of choice is content.

This is content. I'm actually kinda curious to see if Roy Jones smokes him better than James Toney.

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