Danny Jacobs Sees Blood, Gets Mean, Gets TKO, on Fox

BY Michael Woods ON August 20, 2013

DMYLrGZmUc2LqaxWdHGh8Yw5UbK2l4-sEkIz6gK-gp4Boxing debuted Monday night on the new Fox sports channel, Fox Sports 1, and the debut card, which unfolded from NYC, at the Best Buy Theater, will be remembered as a night when Danny Jacobs got cut, likely from a butt, saw his own blood, and went into badass mode.

Jacobs (26-1; pictured attacking Lorenzo, in Hogan photo), the 26-year-old Brownville, Brooklyn native who warms hearts with his backstory, featuring a battle against a malignant tumor which wrapped itself around his spine in 2011, was in with Giovanni Lorenzo, a middleweight who has had title shots galore, and has proved himself to be a tough out.

Jacobs, though, took his time in rounds one and two, and kicked into another mode, a mean one, in the third. He didn't like that Lorenzo was getting chippy, and cut him under his left eye, maybe on a butt. So he cracked him with a right, buzzed him, and set about to close the show. Jacobs backed Lorenzo (32-6) into the ropes, with a sharp left hook, unleashed another left hook and followed right away with a right hand to the cheek Lorenzo, never stopped as a foe, pitched face first to the mat. The ref counted to eight and then waved off the bout, it being clear that the Dominican born New Yorker wouldn't be right even if he did get up.

"I wiped my face, saw blood and it fueled me," said Jacobs, who said after he might rteturn to the ring on the undercard of Bernard Hopkins' clash against Karo Murat in AC, on Oct. 26, though six stitches on his face could affect that possible plan. "I wanted to hurt him."

Jacobs said that stopping Lorenzo, who's been in with Raul Marquez, Sebastian Sylvester, Felix Sturm, Hassan N'Dam N'Jikam and Sam Solimon, made it all that more clear to him that he could snag a middleweight crown, and soon.

Golden Boy matchmaker Robert Diaz told me after he can see Jacobs meeting a top ten type, perhaps a former champ, in the next few months and getting a title crack near the first of the year. He said Jacobs did even a bit better than he expected, as he saw Lorenzo maybe making it to round seven or eight, or quite possibly going the distance.

The Bronx' Eddie Gomez stopped Steve Upsher Chambers in round four, when ref Steve Smoger deemed Chambers out of it as he was getting hammered on the ropes.

Marcus Browne of Staten Island, NY seemed a tad bit embarrassed that his foe, Robert Hill, didn't last longer. Browne, of Staten Island, stopped him in 59 seconds.

This show was the first of 24. They will run every other week on FS1, from various locations. Golden Boy will place the Sept. 30 show in Barclays Center, in Brooklyn, with headliner TBD. Jacobs, a source said, was a possibility to headline, depending on how the night went.

All in all, it was a solid show. The joint was hopping, it looked like standing room only, the crowd was full of devoted NYC fight fans, the pace moved smartly, and we got some stoppages from guys looking to finish. Well done, all involved.

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amayseng says:

good for him

hey espn can you possibly throw some cancer patients a bone and show this fantastic recovery of jacobs

maybe shed some hope and positive vibes on all the kids and adults with this horrible disease?

Radam G says:

Ditto A-Seng! Holla!

Carmine Cas says:

Nice point Amayseng, maybe he fights Quillen next

Alan D. says:

A nice guy who knows when to get mean when it's required, must be a Brownsville thing. Middleweight contenders are a commodity right now. Jacobs is the only one that I might enjoy seeing beat my boy GGG. Martinez' days are numbered. Keep going Danny!!!

brownsugar says:

A nice guy who knows when to get mean when it's required, must be a Brownsville thing. Middleweight contenders are a commodity right now. Jacobs is the only one that I might enjoy seeing beat my boy GGG. Martinez' days are numbered. Keep going Danny!!!
Amazing effort... I couldn't believe Jacobs was putting his frail, previously cancer ridden self in with a live dog like Lorenzo.(the recipe for the kind of koolaid he was drinking was suicide I thought) But to my shock and amazement Jacobs actually seems to have gotten better,.. stronger. How is that even possible to make that kind of recovery???? I think Jacobs could extend GGG a few rounds with movements and technical skills,.. but if he tries slugging with GGG, The way he did with Giovanni, I'm absolutely positive he'll be convalescing again... not from an illness,.. but the from the mind boggling power and heart snatching skill of the smiling beast himself.. Absolutely no version of Jacobs will last more than 6 or 7 rounds with GGG. But Quillen?....Barker?....... now there's a different kettle of fish.

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