A Prayer For Rickey Womack

BY Kelsey McCarson ON July 15, 2013

Ricky Womack classicfights RIPOn January 19, 2002, at age 40, undefeated heavyweight Rickey Womack died in a hospital bed with a hole where his eye should have been.

Rickey was not always this way. Once upon a time, Rickey was young and free. He had big dreams and, perhaps more importantly, the talent to make them real. Everything was set. Rickey was going to be a star.

Except that maybe everything wasn’t set. Rickey had secrets. Rickey had doubts. There was darkness inside.

His childhood had been rough. He and his eight brothers and sisters had to be removed from their home and placed into foster care because Daddy wasn’t good at bringing up kids. Momma didn’t help. Daddy would get mean and make things rough. Too rough. It was bad. All too often, it was just plain savage. No one deserved it. It’s just what it was. Rickey learned the law of the world: brutality. It never left him. Never.

But Rickey found a way to use it. He found success inside a boxing ring. As an amateur, he was the best light heavyweight in the world, national champion in 1983. He missed out on the 1984 Olympics by losing a box-off against some tough kid from Atlanta he’d beaten twice before named Evander Holyfield.

Tough break.

Rickey was fierce in the trenches. He had fast hands and real power. More than that, he fought lean and mean. He wasn’t just a machine when the bell rang though. He fought with passion. He was a savage killer in the ring, the kind that makes real money in the sport when the headgear comes off. Despite his Olympic dream washout, he was sure to be a fantastic professional. Everybody knew it.

“Rickey was a light heavyweight, but he had the speed of a lightweight,” said former cornerman Rick Griffith. “He had speed, punching power, the chin…I mean the guy could fight. Rickey Womack was the truth, man. The truth.”

Rickey’s professional career started fast. After suffering a draw in his professional opener, Rickey reeled off ten straight wins as part of Emanuel Steward’s illustrious Kronk boxing team in Detroit. Soon enough, Rickey had everything he needed. He had a mentor in Steward, a promotional deal with Top Rank, a boxing contract with ESPN that was set to pay him a minimum of $100,000 in 1986, and a pristine professional record that was sure to set him on the path to future glory.

“He was just a young guy having fun and boxing,” said Griffith. “He was a joy then. You know how it is, when you’re young and you don’t have a care in the world. He was a great guy back then.”
But Rickey’s life outside the ring was moving even faster. And there was still that darkness.

Rickey always had trouble walking the straight and narrow. Amateur teammates reported multiple thefts by Rickey during his reign as national champion, and the behavior didn’t stop when he hit the professional ranks. Rickey was a rough dude.

By 1985, Rickey had turned to violent crime. Rickey pistol-whipped a female clerk with a 9mm handgun for just a few hundred dollars and a handful of videos. Months later, he attempted another robbery that ended with him panicking and shooting a passerby who happened to walk into the store that night to rent a movie. His victim lived, but Rickey’s career was now on life support.

Rickey was arrested for the shooting on June 9, 1986. Police found Rickey’s car keys and wallet at the scene of the crime. It was an easy trial for the prosecution. At the tender age of 22, Rickey was sentenced to serve 12–25 years in prison.

Years passed, but as Rickey aged, he found things in prison he had never had before. He found a faith in God, and he found friendship in the form of pen pal and visitor Dr. Stuart Kirschenbaum.
Kirschenbaum is a boxing guy. A Detroit-area podiatrist, he’s done just about everything one can do in the sport of boxing. He’s been a fighter, a judge and even Michigan’s state boxing commissioner. Like any good Detroit fight fan, Kirschenbaum had followed Rickey’s amateur exploits as he was coming up ranks, and the two men got to know each other through letters and phone calls during Rickey’s stay at the Ryan Correctional Facility in Detroit. They kept at it, even when Rickey was moved to other prisons around the state.

Rickey was still troubled, but having a friend like Kirschenbaum helped him.

“Man, Dr. Kirschenbaum has been such a great help to me,” Rickey told The Detroit News back in 2000 as he waited to face the parole board. “Whenever I needed someone to talk to, to chastise me, he accepted my call. I cherish it.”

Kirschenbaum cherished it, too, and the day Rickey was finally released from prison in November of 2000 (paroled almost fifteen years into his sentence), Kirschenbaum was there to pick him up.

“My life, I can’t play it back,” Rickey told the parole board before his release. “I can’t change the past. The only thing I can do from the past is to learn from it.”

Rickey left Jackson state prison with basically nothing. Now 39 years old, the man who once had the world in the palm of his hand was reduced to simple things: a change of clothes, hand wraps and a check for $28.82. But Rickey was free now, and he’d kept himself in good enough shape to look almost as if he’d never been there at all.

Rickey probably thought about a lot of things on the 77 mile ride with Kirschenbaum back to Detroit. He must have been full of wonder, fear and hope. Rickey had told Detroit sports journalists who’d kept in touch with him while he was incarcerated that boxing was the furthest thing from his mind, but that probably changed on his trip back into the city. Boxing is what Rickey knew.

“We’ve talked about Rickey getting a job in real life,” Kirschenbaum told The Detroit News before Rickey’s release. “He can get a job working construction, or anything, just like anyone else. If Rickey wants to go to the gym and work out and maybe have a fight, that’s OK. But it’s going to be his avocation, not his job.”

Nevertheless, it didn’t take long for Rickey to find himself back inside the boxing ring. Just three weeks after his release, Rickey met his new team at Detroit’s Johnson Recreation Center. It consisted of Kirschenbaum, head trainer Bill Miller, assistant coach Rick Griffith and promoter Bill Kozerski. Rickey was right back where he belonged. He was a highly skilled boxer with a topnotch team behind him.

Even at his advanced age, Rickey still had promise. Boxing was what he was born to do, and it was almost immediately apparent to Rickey’s team that he still something left in the tank.

“I was amazed a guy could come back after 14 years and look that good,” Miller told the Detroit Free Press.

“He basically was the same fighter he was before he went to prison,” added Griffith. “His body was basically preserved.”

Rickey had support from his fellow 1983-84 counterparts as well. Griffith said both Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield, by now multi-millionaire stars of the sport, reached out to Rickey after his release to offer their support. Tyson even supplemented Rickey’s income to help him get back on his feet.

Rickey had it all now. Again.

Griffith said no one on Rickey’s team had delusions of grandeur, but once they witnessed him back inside the boxing gym, optimism was high. Rickey was a beast when he trained. He was the real deal.

“Now, I’m not going to say he would’ve been world champion,” said Griffith. “But with the promoter he had (Kozerski also represented James Toney and Chris Byrd) he would have been put into a position to fight for the title. I know he would’ve at least gotten a shot.”

On Thursday, March 29, 2001, Rickey Womack returned to the boxing ring against a 10-4 heavyweight from New York named Curt Paige. The Yankee was tough. Every one of his wins had been a knockout. But Rickey Womack was the truth. He knocked Paige out halfway through the scheduled 6-rounder. Rickey was back.

Griffith told TSS it wasn’t long before Rickey was living the highlife again. The 39-year-old indulged himself in new clothes and nice a cars, and he married a beautiful lawyer named Angela.
“Rickey was getting $10,000 a bout to fight journeymen,” said Griffith. “He should’ve been happy.”
But Rickey wasn’t happy.

Rickey picked up two more victories after defeating Paige. He defeated Gesses Mesgana by TKO in the fourth round that May and outpointed Kenny Snow just two months later.

Despite his success, people began noticing a change in Rickey.

“There were some days he was a great guy,” said Griffith. “But some days, he’d just shut down.”

Griffith said Rickey suffered from terrible mood swings, and that unbeknownst to those at the gym, his relationship with Angela had turned sour.

"Rickey was so incredibly jealous,” Kirschenbaum related to Frank Fraser. “He used to lock her in the house if he had to go somewhere and she wasn¹t allowed to leave. Rickey had a hard time understanding what a marriage was about. He looked at her as a possession and kept her away from his career. He had a lot of trouble sharing with her his problems. He treated her as if he was the warden and she was the prisoner..."

Griffith said Rickey was also immensely distrustful of people he didn’t know.

“As a person, he was very standoffish. He didn’t really want to be around people. If you weren’t in our clique, you didn’t have much coming with Rickey. Even us, some days he’d just come and say he didn’t want to talk. He’d just work out, get his bag and leave.”

Despite it all, Rickey still looked great in the gym. But it was fight night that mattered most, and Rickey had issues when it counted.

“In the gym, he looked like a million dollars, but when we used to go the fight and the lights came on, he was always worried about what people thought.”

Griffith said Rickey was obsessed with the past. He’d constantly ask Griffith if he thought people were laughing at him.

“You think they think I don’t look as good as I did in the 80s?” he’d ask.

Rickey’s last fight was November 23, 2001 against Willie Chapman at The Palace at Auburn Hills. Rickey won a unanimous decision in front of 10,000 raucous Motor City fight fans but appeared sluggish and disinterested throughout the bout. The boo-birds let him hear it, too, and Rickey did not take it well.

“He was just so worried about what the audience was thinking that he wouldn’t pull the trigger,” said Griffith.

Griffith said Rickey was so obsessed with the crowd that he even began talking about it between rounds. Spotting legendary champion Thomas Hearns at ringside seemed to make things worse. As “The Motor City Cobra” was milling around with friends and fans during the fight, Hearns cracked a smile and laughed.

“Is Tommy laughing at me?” Rickey angrily asked Griffith.

“What?” Griffith replied. “Well, he’s laughing, but I don’t know if he’s laughing at you. Should we even be thinking about this right now?”

Rickey was dead within two months.

It’s hard to say what Rickey could’ve accomplished as a professional had he never turned to crime. There are plenty of amateur standouts that never pan out in the pros, but something about Rickey strikes a chord with people. Evander Holyfield dedicates a portion of his autobiography to telling Rickey’s story, and goes so far as to say the hardest part of his Olympic journey was getting past him.

“No fighter I’d go up against during the Games was as good a fighter as Rickey Womack,” Holyfield wrote.

For his part, Griffith believes Rickey could’ve been just as good a professional as Holyfield, a surefire all-time great, turned out to be–maybe even better.

“Had he never gone to prison, all the accolades Evander Holyfield got would’ve been Rickey Womack’s. All the guys Evander beat, Rickey would’ve beaten. Now, Rickey would’ve had problems with Riddick Bowe the way Evander did…but Rickey would’ve beaten all the guys Holyfield did, including Mike Tyson.”

It was not meant to be.

“That armed robbery: it was dumb. And honestly, he got what he deserved. But after he served his time, after he paid his debt, he should’ve been able to live his life and move on. And Rickey just couldn’t do it. He just couldn’t do it.”

Rickey didn’t tell anyone he was going to kill himself. Maybe he thought he’d already done that. Years before, Rickey had sent Kirschenbaum a letter from prison. Rickey was especially distraught that day. He felt the walls of life closing in on him, and he was losing hope he’d ever be free.


Hello to my one true friend in life whom I have adopted as a father figure. It's sad but true, I don't like getting sad news and yet this is a sad goodbye. As I write this letter I'm trying to fight back the tears of my inner pain.

As I once told you, my dear friend, there are doors that are open, and that no man can close them, and there are those that are closed that no man can open.

Doc, in this life it has been bittersweet and untastefully sad. To the Creator, at the sad end of my life, I was a bit mad. I used to fear death until I understood death. When I muster up enough courage I will take this physical life of my own through the death of hanging. Tell not my twin brother of this, but let him know that he was and always will be the shadow of life in my every thought.


Or maybe Rickey thought he’d said enough to Kirschenbaum on his way back home after his last fight inside the boxing ring where he took the win over Chapman.

“Don’t worry about me anymore, doc,” he said.

“Don’t do anything you’ll regret,” Kirschenbaum replied, but Rickey didn’t answer.

Maybe Rickey Womack died in prison after all.

“I remember one day we were in the ring doing hand work,” Griffith said. “He just stopped and said Rick, man, I’m still in prison.”

“I said what are you talking about? You’re out here, you’re making good money, you have a beautiful wife, and you’re in the thick of things as far as making money as a fighter. I mean, he was making good money for those little 4-5 round fights he was having. I was like man, you’re out, you’re doing your thing, and he says: nah, man I’m still in prison in my mind.”

Griffith paused a bit, as if he was hearing it for the first time.

“And when he made that statement, that’s when I knew that this was going to be rough. Because he still felt he was in prison. Not in a physical prison, but in the prison of his mind. And the prison of his mind was his past.”

One Friday night, after a heated argument with his wife, after holding her hostage, after threatening to kill her and almost everyone else in the world who still loved or cared for him, including Kirschenbaum, Miller, Griffith and Kozerski, the undefeated Rickey Womack decided to remain that way forever. He pulled out a pistol he’d borrowed from his nephew, loaded it, placed the unforgiving barrel up against his head and squeezed the trigger.

“The day Rickey killed himself, I was so hurt, and this really shocked me: his wife explained he had said he was about to go to the gym and kill all of us. He named all of us. I don’t know where that came from. We were nothing but supportive to Rickey...”

Almost a decade later, there is still hurt in Griffith’s voice.

“I felt as close to him as I could have with the short time we were working together.”

It had to be even more painful for Kirschenbaum, who dedicated well over a decade of his life to the friendship.

“Rickey wouldn’t share his problems with people…he distrusted people too much,” Kirschenbaum lamented to the Oakland Press after Rickey’s passing. “He was still incarcerated in his own mind. I’m distraught over the whole thing.”

Some things are just plain lousy. Rickey Womack died at St. John Oakland Hospital under a two police guard with a bloody bandage over his eye. There was no happy ending for Rickey in this world. Instead, there was only hurt and only pain.

I asked Griffith if he’s a praying man. Griffith said he believes in God, but isn’t sure what to call Him: Jesus, Allah or Buddha. I ask what his prayer for Rickey Womack is today.
It does not take long for Griffith to answer.

“To the Creator, wherever Rickey is now, I pray he has peace that he couldn’t get on earth. Wherever Rickey is, to whoever is in charge, I hope they show mercy to his soul. And that he’s at peace now.

“He was not at peace here."

Author’s note: Heaven—I choose to believe in such things for many reasons. There’s not much time for it here, but Faith and Reason are hallmarks of my personal belief system, Catholicism.

But I do not believe in heaven just for my own sake. I do not believe in it just for my wife, my mom and dad, my sister, my pets, best of friends, etc. I do not believe in it just for the Saints, the Mother Theresa’s and the Mahatma Ghandi’s of the world. I do not believe in it just for the people I know, the smiling, happy people who are nice to one another, or the admirable people I read about in books or see in movies.

Sure, I believe in heaven because of these people and things, but mostly, I think, I believe in heaven because of people like Rickey Womack. I believe in heaven because there has to be more to life than love overcome by hate, more to it than joy snuffed out by misery, more than just the imprisoning of a heart and a bullet to the brain, more than bloody bandages over a hole where an eye should be.

There just has to be a heaven for people like Rickey Womack, because they certainly do not find it here.

My past is history. My future is a blessed mystery. Thank the Lord.-- Rickey Womack, 2001

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Carmine Cas says:

Damn Rickey RIP

amayseng says:

that is horribly sad.

there is no greater and more important job than raising a child.

sure as an adult we expect those to mature or grow and make correct decisions,

however there are some cases where children are ruined and the damage is irreversible....

you would think guys like adrian broner would wake up already and grow up.
hes on twitter this last two weeks threatening and spewing all kinds of filth, and the man is a father of 5 (that we know of) what are his kids going to be like?

Carmine Cas says:

that is horribly sad.

there is no greater and more important job than raising a child.

sure as an adult we expect those to mature or grow and make correct decisions,

however there are some cases where children are ruined and the damage is irreversible....

you would think guys like adrian broner would wake up already and grow up.
hes on twitter this last two weeks threatening and spewing all kinds of filth, and the man is a father of 5 (that we know of) what are his kids going to be like?

Seriously, parents these days do not instill any morals or manners in their kids. Kids are growing up to bratty,ignorant, and rude. Do not bring a kid into this world if you are not secure with yourself or secure financially, a burden is placed on the kids and society. Broner needs a smack upside his head

Radam G says:

Wow! I cannot catch the hook of this story about the twin, as I knew and called this late identical twin Rickey Womack. Wow! How time flies. It doesn't seen like this long that the twin has been behind those Pearly Gates. Holla!

brownsugar says:

Part of this story is pure conjecture, because we really dont know what Ricky would have done if he had won a berth to the Olympics instead of Holyfield. ......
Its not common for world class athletes to resort to armed robbery after losing in the Olympic Trials. But most would agree that Ricky had some profound mental/ emotional issues that superceded money and success.....it's regrettable Ricky didnt have the benefit of proffessional couseling. Ricky made the final decision on his own .... to end it... and died by his own hand.

Treyvon Martin never had that choice .....the choice to live or die was snatched from him by the son of a very prominent and powerful judge named George Zimmerman who roamed the streets of a south Floridian town in the guise of being a watchman for a gated community... the first rung in a security network designed to deter crime .....When a blockwatch patrol murders an adolescent in the dark armed with only a bag of skittles and a 10 ounce bottle of iced tea...I have to say this is a far worse fate than what happened to Rick because he never made a conscious decision to depart from this mortal plane that night .......the choice was made for him.

Reports say Treyvon was an honor student..a football player and involved in the community.
Closer scrutiny reveals the kid was caught by police with a bag of weed and on another occasion he was found in possession of a gold necklace that was reported stolen.
Trey on wasn't convicted in either case as the matter was referred back to his school in an effort to reduce the caseload for minority youth being inducted into the justice system.
Other than the afore mentioned infractions Treyvon has no criminal history.

Even if the kid had a rap sheet full of petty crimes would it justify the summarial execution from the local block watch patrol?
Zimmerman maintains that it was self defense... but I find it ironic that if he was in such a compromised position how was he able to fire one point blank round into the heart of Treyvon Martin. If he was in the grasp of a life and death altercation....Photos taken on the day of the incident show virtually no marks on the guy.

I've had few discussions about this tragic event around the web and I dont see it as a completely black vs white issue .... I see it as an injustice perpetrated by a person with influence and power against an individual who is perceived to have none at all.

The 2 things I take from this is are:

Would George Zimmerman have even approached Treyvon Martin in the dark as he was walking to his step moms house if he didn't have a gun in his pocket??....

If Zimmerman had shot a rich White kid in the dark wearing a hoody would he still be acquitted if he used the defense..."I sorry, I thought he was a black guy"?

These are the types of atrocities that you would expect in a 3rd world country ... but I suspect that even though Zimmerman got acquitted..... its still not over.

I went off topic again but my prayers and respects go out to the families of both Ricky and Treyvon.

amayseng says:

The trayvon martin case is a tough one.
First and foremost it's atrocious a child was killed. Well maybe not a child a near adult but still a child in my eyes as far as maturity and decision making. Tray was still at the mentality of flipping off the camera and blowing smoke from weed for his FB pics. That shows pure immaturity of not ignorance. Especially for 17. At 17 I was a two sport all state athlete and gel down a job. Doing drugs or acting like that was far below me. Soni say "child" as far as immaturity.
My point look at Bernard Hopkins, a fool as a minor and a good human being as an adult. After prison never to return and not only be successful but able to give back to the children and the community. So we don't know what trayvons future will hold.
In zimmermans defense there were over a dozen crimes of theft and burglary in his neighborhood, which is understandable to be in the lookout. However things proceeded the death of a minor is never really understandable or acceptable. I will say this I do believe Zimmerman feared for his life. He did have a broken nose from one punch which put him down and a few lacerations on the back of his head from it being hit off the concrete. There are witnesses saying he yelled for help many times.
I feel Zimmerman is a bit of a coward and that why he did fear for his life and did pull the trigger. It wasn't the right decision but that's why he did do it.
I'm not built like that. I don't retreat and I don't call for help.
I also wouldn't allow a child to take me out. That's just me physically and mentally tho. Not everyone is built like that.
I don't condone the shooting and honestly I haven't followed it well enough. Info bit it is not a black vs white topic, Zimmerman is not white.
It's a shame the white racism got played in the beginning as he is Latino.

Radam G says:

Wow! I didn't see those last two posts of B-Sug and A-seng coming. I'm down with O-P-P! Y'all know me! YUP! I'm here in the P-Islands missing all the chaos.

B-Sug, just so that you will know, maybe you should google boxers losing in the U.S. O-Games Trials "in the pen" for crimes, such as robbery and manslaughter. I can name you four losers in the U.S. O-Game Trials going back to 1976. They went on a crime spree for whatever reason.

Many U.S. athletes are sneaky with the crimes, and the crimes are ignored or STFU money is paid to the victims by big-money supporters of the culprits. And "these types of atrocities" are super rare in the Third World. A whole tribe would take your arse out.

Anyway! I will be back later with my O-P-P comment. You fudging Yanks are a paradox. Holla!

Matthew says:

@BrownSugar: I'm not sure how this story became a referendum on the Zimmerman verdict, but I'll weigh in. First of all, the race-baiting mainstream media's handling of this case was absolutely shameful. We now know that NBC News purposefully doctored the 911 tape to make Zimmerman sound racist. He is not a racist. He and his wife actually tutored black children, and he offered assistance to a black neighbor who was the victim of a burglary. He is also not white, which anyone with two eyes in their head could tell just by looking at him. Zimmerman broke no laws in watching and following Martin, and in his position on the Neighborhood Watch, was fully authorized to carry a gun. Physical evidence also coroborates Zimmerman's account of the attack. Martin threw the first punch, breaking Zimmerman's nose, and then proceeded to repeatedly bash Zimmerman's head into the concrete while telling him that "he was gonna die." At that point, Martin had committed assault, battery, and attempted murder, according to the law. If that doesn't justify self-defense, nothing does. Also pertinent to the case is the fact that outside of the gunshot wound and injuries to his knuckles, there were no other injuries on Martin. It's incredibly sad that a young man is dead, but he was shot in self-defense, not murdered. The fact that this case even made it to trial is absurd. Local police and prosecutors saw insufficient evidence to charge Zimmerman, and it was only the special prosecutor that was appointed that wanted to proceed to trial. There is a teriffic video on the web by Libertarian Stefan Molyneaux which lays out the facts of the case in a rational and logical manner. I urge people to eliminate emotion and the race-baiting while they watch this video, ignore the mainstream media and then decide for themselves if the verdict was just.

Matthew says:

Good advice, Deepwater. You are someone that truly gets it.

brownsugar says:

@BrownSugar: I'm not sure how this story became a referendum on the Zimmerman verdict, but I'll weigh in. First of all, the race-baiting mainstream media's handling of this case was absolutely shameful. We now know that NBC News purposefully doctored the 911 tape to make Zimmerman sound racist. He is not a racist. He and his wife actually tutored black children, and he offered assistance to a black neighbor who was the victim of a burglary. He is also not white, which anyone with two eyes in their head could tell just by looking at him. Zimmerman broke no laws in watching and following Martin, and in his position on the Neighborhood Watch, was fully authorized to carry a gun. Physical evidence also coroborates Zimmerman's account of the attack. Martin threw the first punch, breaking Zimmerman's nose, and then proceeded to repeatedly bash Zimmerman's head into the concrete while telling him that "he was gonna die." At that point, Martin had committed assault, battery, and attempted murder, according to the law. If that doesn't justify self-defense, nothing does. Also pertinent to the case is the fact that outside of the gunshot wound and injuries to his knuckles, there were no other injuries on Martin. It's incredibly sad that a young man is dead, but he was shot in self-defense, not murdered. The fact that this case even made it to trial is absurd. Local police and prosecutors saw insufficient evidence to charge Zimmerman, and it was only the special prosecutor that was appointed that wanted to proceed to trial. There is a teriffic video on the web by Libertarian Stefan Molyneaux which lays out the facts of the case in a rational and logical manner. I urge people to eliminate emotion and the race-baiting while they watch this video, ignore the mainstream media and then decide for themselves if the verdict was just.

Thanks for your opinion Matthew..
This article is by no means a referendum. I brought it up myself to express my opinion.
First of all a block watch has no authority to approach, detain or interrogate anyone.
Zimmermans job was to notify the police if he suspected wrong doing and he failed to do do..but at the same time he approached the the kid with a gun he was prepared to use. Why did he approach Treyvon ? Because he profiled the kid and made a personal decision to act on unfounded suspicions because of what Treyvon looked like. Based on his appearance...his race. Martin was not committing a crime...yes Zimmerman had a liscense to carry a gun but he was not liscenced to kill.
....this was manslaughter in the very least. I respect your opinion... However I truly believe Treyvon would be alive today if Zimmerman had not been in possession of a gun. Because he would have called the police instead of invading this Kids space.
Neither do I believe his story...what else was he going to say? .....except Treyvon was going to murder him on the way to his step moms house after purchasing ice tea and skittles...in my opinion there's really nothing to debate we'll just have to agree to disagree.

Matthew says:

Zimmerman did everything that he was authorized to do as part of the Neighborhood Watch program. The gated community in which he lived granted him that authority. You are incorrect; Zimmerman DID in fact notify the authorities that he was following Martin, and this action was NOT illegal. Zimmerman broke no laws. He approached Martin because there had been a number of burglaries in the neighborhood committed by young black males, and Martin appeared to be up to no good. It turns out that Martin was not casing any houses to burglarize, but he was acting suspiciously. He could have continued on to his father's girlfriend's house which was a short distance away, but he did not. The coroner found traces of marijuana in his system, which could have impaired his judgement and caused paranoia. The coroner also found damage to Martin's liver and brain consistent with regular use of a concoction called "Lean," which often contains a mixture of candy, soda and/or fruit juice, and codeine or cough syrup. Long-term use of this mixture can also cause paranoia, aggressiveness, and resistance to pain. You can argue with the facts about the case, but this was taken from court testimony. The prosecution never refuted any of this, or the fact that Martin was heavily into fighting, smoking and growing marijuana (which doesn't bother me), and was attempting to procure guns. The bottom line is that the physical evidence corroborates Zimmerman's account of the incident, which makes a Not Guilty verdict the correct one. Martin's death is sad and tragic, but Zimmerman is not a murderer.

Radam G says:

@A-seng, first, I told you guys about magic and optical illusions. And if eye witnesses, viewers, supporters and fans don't know how the trick is done, they never know actuality and reality. When it comes to martial arts -- boxing and wrestling are the oldest -- being on the bottom or momentarily getting da syet beat outta you can be major a deception for an uneducated eye.

Zimmerson and his supporters have run the greatest train robbery on the inattention blindness and know nothings. He was on his back because he was passively whuppin' up on a scary-@ss kid while using the on-your-back defense of Jiu Jitsu, which is a part of MMA. No matter how terrible the trainer say that Zimmerman was.

WTF! Asian women -- since African and European invaders have been coming with rape intentions -- in particularly, have learned to beat the syet outta rapists while been on their back. One of the greatest optical illusions of Jiu Jitsu is being on the bottom or on your back beating da heebeejebez outta a person with kicks and punches while clinching and hitting with your hands and feet. My 11-year-old, 85-pound daughter can beat da double fudge outta a 300-pound man on top of her. Once again, fighting is highly mental, and Zimmerman already had the kid beat from following him and starring at him with hate and contempt.

Zimmerman knew that he could do what he did against a none-skilled fighting street kid. I believe that he pull that kid on top of him, while that gun was out. And the kid was crying and hollering as Zimmerman shot him. Police-wannabe Zimmerman was on the hunt for a kill that night. Nothing he did was ramdon.

Zimmerman had bad credit, couldn't get on the police force because of it, he had a long record of domestic violence and he was going no where, so da punk he-bytch cop wannabe saw opportunity to vent on a skinned teenager and siezed the moment. Holla!

brownsugar says:

Thanks RG for your opinion (good research)....and thanks for all the opposing views(and those yet to come)... I'm going back to work......and will remain hopeful that justice will eventually be served..

Radam G says:

@Matthew, BTW, Zimmerman is a wannabe white, as he is a wannabe cop. Maybe you missed his cousin talking about that. His father is white, but Florida still has the "One-drop-of-black-blood" rule. So the only option for Zimmerman is to "self-describe" himself as "Latino." A Latino can be any color. Zimmerman's Peruian grandfather is black colored. And according to one of Zimmerman's white cousin, the Z man "doesn't like blacks unless they act white." WTF! However you do that. Holla!

Matthew says:

To say that Zimmerman had a "long record of domestic violence" is grossly inaccurate. On his police record, he had one incident of domestic violence (which was later dropped) and one incident of resisting arrest. Some might consider this to be minutiae, but I like my minutiae to be accurate. Eyewitness accounts also concur that it was Zimmerman that was crying for help, not Martin. This is in the court testimony, and was not refuted by the prosecution. If Zimmerman was "passively whupping" Martin, then Martin's body should have showed some signs of that "whupping." Other than injuries to his knuckles and the gunshot wound, Martin's body showed no other injuries consistent with any beating. Don't rely upon the mainstream media for facts, as many key facts in this case have been distorted, omitted, or outright fabricated. Again, I urge anyone that wants a true education on this case to watch Stefan Molyneaux's videos.

amayseng says:

Like I said I haven't really followed the case to a "T" per say. I just yesterday read thro some factual information. I was not aware of any mma training for Zimmerman.
Unless he was well advanced then I wouldn't take it seriously. Bjj is legit though.
I just don't know if Zimmerman already had his gun drawn and then attempted and succeeded a take down onto his back.

Only God truly knows the truth of every detail.

Matthew says:

I'm not sure what a "wanna-be white" is, but it certainly doesn't make him white. He doesn't even look remotely caucasian. As for the claim that Zimmerman "doesn't like blacks unless they act white," it seems a bit far-fetched. If that were the case, I doubt he would take the time and effort to tutor at-risk black kids. I seriously doubt they "act white," whatever that means. In reality, the only reason that race is in any way connected to this case is because of the mainstream media and the race-baiters, Sharpton and Jackson. The physical evidence is what needs to be considered, and amazingly, a cogent group of jurors actually saw fit to return a verdict of Not Guilty.

amayseng says:

What is sad Deep is that u are correct.
It's a shame we are at a time when u just turn the other cheek and let your neighbors suffer the consequences when u could have stepped in and helped.

amayseng says:

Unbelievable but I believe it.
I got charged for assault for breaking a guys face when he and his friends jumped me.
They put me on probation and wouldn't let me leave the state of Ohio to play baseball.
I hate the court system and the gov.

Radam G says:

I'm high-yellow brown, Matthew! So I know a lot. Whites, blacks and white-and-black wannabes come up to me with all of their bullsyet all the time. I guess that they want me to take a side. But yall know me. HEHEHE! I'm down with O-P-P! I guess that if you are "brown, you can stick around." Hahahaha! I'll been in Facebook touch with a Pinoy, who was at the fiasco. The Pinoy -- at Zimmerman request -- was the one who called Zimmerman's wife and told her that he had "shot a guy."

Anyway, I don't have a bark or even a meow in this fight. You Yanks are crazy as heck and paradoxical. Hehehe! Buy GOLD! And on the American dream and fairness bullsyet, don't be sold. I'm with Deepwater! It would be the downfall of the U.S. Government for you fools to unite, and against it -- FIGHT! [Okay FBI, I'm inciting syet! NYET! I'm just jiving. I know that the FBI love this TSS Universe. And I'm down O-P-P! Yall know me!]

WTF! Michael Vick goes to jail for hanging and shooting his own pitbulls for losing at dog fighting. Hehehehe! Some basketball player in New York goes to jail for shooting his own arse. Hehehehehe! OJ Simpson goes to jail -- not for killing his wife and one nighter -- but for stealing his own syet in a roach-infested Sin City Hotel. Hehehehe! Robert Blake didn't like the food at the restaurant that his wife took him to, so he brings her to the car and shoot her and get found innocence by a "JURY." And then the Hollywood powers that be black ball him from ever making a movie again. Hahahaha! And now, Zimmerman -- a wife beater, long-life loser, bad creditor, police wannabe and suffering from ADHD and full of drugs for dat syet on the night of the encounter -- disguisely whup da arse of a weed-smoking teenager and shoot him dead. And the scary-@ss teenager was just armed with skittles and sweet tea and tried to just to run home from the adroited night starker. Sad! Sad! YUP! The "Jury Has SPOKEN!" I speak a lot of languages, but American "JURY!" Me no speakee! Me no understandee! Hahahaha! Some juries oughta STFU!

In Cali, where I reside 75 percent of the time when I'm on the mainland USA, law enforcements that be jailed its night stalker. So I guess that he shoulda been in Florida, and he would still be taking out innocent people who are just going home or walking alone mind their busines. He and Zimmerman probably woulda joined forces and would be known as Batbrains and Robbin'-life. And the Stanfort, Florida, police commissioner Gordon woulda let 'em kill every thin-build teenager walking home with skittles and sweet tea in the gated community. Hahaha! Only in America! Buy GOLD! And visit Asia. Holla!

Matthew says:

Radam, I'm with you on all the other criminal cases that you mentioned, but this is one time when the jury actually got it right.

kidcanvas says:

he was a good fighter and could have been a great one but he never had any character ... thats where u end up ..

Radam G says:

BTW, Matthew, passive fighting does deep inside latent damages. Not much, if any outside-the-body surface damages. Have you ever heard of Bruce Lee's one-inch punch that damages inside-the-body organs but not outward skin and collagen. Besides "dark-skinned African-American skin" bruises and damages differently from lighter skin, according to hard science. Check it out.

Besides Zimmerman was holding and grappling the razor-thin teenager, who was pulling and pushing with his hands and trying to get away, I.e., what the late Rodney King was trying to do 21 years ago when L.A. cops were clubbing the heck out him.

An uneducated passive-fighting eye sees the reverse of what the frighten teenager was doing. As a witness said, it appeared that the fighter on top was "Using MMA ground-and-pounding technique on the person at the bottom."

Sorry, Matthew! But Team Zimmerman got away with straight-up murdering a kid, who was trying to get away with carrying skittles and ice tea. Zimmerman joins the list of Robert Blake and OJ Simpson and every other murderer who got away by JURY.

So many murderers get away by JURY. And more Americans are killed by doctor and bad medicine than by anything else. WTF! A fixing need to be a coming. Holla!

amayseng says:

Radam have u ever shot or handled guns?
A hand gun is a human killing machine.
There is no way anyone with any knowledge or training would have it out in hand and pull guard MMA style to his back for bjj with a hand gun in one hand. It's just too unsafe in harming yourself. I've trained a bit in some bjj just as protection if I hit the ground and don't want to be helpless. (My son as well).
Zimmerman was a sporadic impulsive individual, which u admit then say he had the stones and composure to set up pulling guard with bjj.
It's not a movie it doesn't work that easily.
Your a fighter you know that.
Perhaps Zimmerman had bad intentions for sure, but only God knows what truly happened.
As for the jury I doubt they are corrupt.
No decent human being wants to live out thei life with guilt in the back of their mind.

Radam G says:

I'm an EXPERT SHARP SHOOTER -- U.S. Department of Defense certified. And when there is danger or an imagination of one, or if you are up to no good, you indeed have a gun out -- lock and loaded and ready to fire away. I've done high-level security contract work for 10 governments, including the U.S.A. And you have to understand, A-Seng, I'm from a gun culture of the Philippines. I've been shooting guns since five-years old. Every man and boy in my Pinoy tribe and Chinese clan above five-years old learn to shot, cut, whup @ss and learn about explosives and flying planes. The females of my culture, tribe and clan learn various martial arts, and knife and stick fighting.

Zimmerman is a problem-plagued person. Give him a year, and he will be in trouble again. Team Zimmerman momentarily fooled pundits, and naive peeps. But he cannot fool time or his very nature to deceive. He has woven a web of deceit that will be untangled sooner before later. Holla!

amayseng says:

Exactly radam so then there is no way a trained person in arms should have a gun pulled and jump guard to his back and fire a weapon ?
Or to purposely jump guard with his gun on holstered at his side taking that chance the perp wouldn't get it from him.

I think u have two ignorant people both making bad decisions and this is the result.
A 17 year old sucker punching a guy and that guy acting like a cop.

Radam G says:

Ditto dat! I expect ignorance from a kid, but a grow-@ss man? NYET! Karma is a coming. Nobodeeee escapes dat fate. Holla!

brownsugar says:

I didn't know anything about the issue until about a week ago through frequent feeds on my Facebook page .... at least over two hundred of them over a period of weeks as I don't watch TV in the traditional sense.

As a person who grew up in the 60's and 70's I'm not easily moved by talk of racial injustice. My parents and grand parents lived a better quality of life than I do now through periods of racial inequality far more intense than the degree it exists today. But I never heard them complain, .....they never taught me to hate.

I actually ignored the posts which Initially appeared on the suface to be a shill for photo opportunities for well known celebrities and political activists. ...but after doing the research its plain for me to see that the numerous protests ...complaints and pleas for justice are valid.

The bottom line is .... Zimmerman had an opportunity to enlist the aid of police and he declined... Zimmerman dismissed them and his ineptitude cost a kid his life.

The amount of toxins or drug byproducts found in the kids liver had no bearing on the deadly force used against him by a biased..emotionally unhinged predator with a gun.

The creedo of the block watch patrol is to observe and report.. their tools are a flashlight notepad inkpen and cell phone. Under no circumstance is a block watch patrol authorized to do any policing.
You can't kill a kid for acting suspicious. Treyvon was becoming agitated being followed by Zimmerman and reacted in the way you would expect from a teenager...he became hostile.
Not saying Treyvons response was appropriate but who's the adult in this situation? Zimmerman had the choice to phone in the police or he could have diffused the situation ....at the very least he could have told the kid he had a gun.... instead he escalated to the use of deadly force. I find it inconceivable to believe a street wise kid like Treyvon would knowingly swing on an armed man.

I'm glad to see people from all over the world and from all nationalities expressing their support . Don't know what the final result will be but hopefully tougher laws will be imposed on child killing block watch patrolers like Zimmerman and the Martin family can obtain justice.

Great comments and opinions all around. No opinion is invalid...no opinion is perfect.

brownsugar says:

Hey man take a few minutes and spend some time reading facts and evidence. Zimmerman the pudgy Spanish guy called the police and was out of the car when they told him to take a hike. He was walking back to his car when he got his nose broken and got his head bashed on the sidewalk. The tragedy is was such a clown weakling he couldn't roll the kid off of him, and screamed like a little girl for help. clowns like him shouldn't be trying to protect anything because he cant. I'm all for mobs in the street but it should be about the right cause. This isn't it. Be mad against the Government for inciting a race riot because murder 2 would never happen and they knew it. harassment/involuntary manslaughter,negligent homicide all had a chance to stick and get that guy some jail time.

Deep I disagree with your summary...but can't debate at work...but rest assured.. this isn't an "us against them" issue. Chaos, Rioting, and the shedding of innocent blood won't fix this. The support for Martin is multicultural and multiracial. Besides rioting is so 1970's...nobody is going to lose there job over this...my activity is limited to signing petitions.

amayseng says:

The fact this became a case about racism is the sad fact here.
It just shows it will NEVER go away or be viewed fairly.
White people had nothing to do with this but were some how thrown under the bus immediately. Isn't that racist? To immediately blame white people without proper proof or factual evidence.
Zimmerman came from a biracial family.
He an his wife are biracial.

The man may be guilty of ignorance, bad decision making, weakness among other characteristics but he wasn't a racist out to harm a black kid.

And honestly I have no problem with profiling. If it is a certain characterized group conducting illegal behavior then it's smart to be more concerned and aware when encountered with that group.
Whether its teenage blacks robbing homes.
Middle easterners crashing planes.
Or white skin heads being dumb *** white skin heads.

When I was in high school there were 2 white kids stealing stereo systems out of cars for months.

So we were all in the lookout for 2 white kids.
Never was that racist.

Radam G says:

Z Man is an idiot, not racist. Holla!

Radam G says:

You make a great point, A-Seng. Hehehehehehe! Of course the Z Man dated black women, D-water! XY Horny for XX-chromosome action is race-and-color blind like a muthaLOVE! If guys would use their hot heads like they use their horny short STICKS, there would be no need for racist tricks. Hahaha!

If I ever make it to Mars, all the little green dames, damsels and dolls won't have to worry about me being racist -- or is that earthist? Too much loving of all types of women has always been my cup of tea that keep get knocking out of my hand by those darn saints. Hahaha! Danggit! Life is a bytch, and then you die! Holla!

Radam G says:

This Universe never fails to shock and amaze me. A few days ago, we were knocking naives that are and the U.S. Government for tricking people with bad food. Now we are knocking the blindness, baiting and instigating by the media and the U.S. Government. WTF!

What will the subject be in a few days? Maybe neither Hulkquez or Buffet Bradley being able to juice for their upcoming bout. Or the reason that Bam Bam Rios has told the fallin' Angel Heredia to take a walk. Bam Bam is not outting the fallin' Angel. But just so you will know, world track and field superstars that the fallin' Angel has been working with came up dirty on dat "syet," as Pops Joy May calls roids and PEDs.

I bet the Showtime and HBO talking heads will not note anything about the fallin' Angel for a while. He will just fade to darkness as Antonio "Magic roids-and-PEDs using" Traver did. All fighters stay off the "isometheptene, oxilofrine and pseudoephedrine." Use healthy stuff like coconut milk, water and sugar, Maca, B12 and L-arginine. Holla!

brownsugar says:

Yes an idiot., and a fool, and weak. I might have tried to bash his head also but you never know what the other guy has. Either way the gov with the media has the country about to riot so they can shut it down.

Deep I'm at the pool right now looking at a guy who looks just like Zimmerman...there's also two Caucasian families present.....while me and my grandson are the only black folks here..lf the riot begins today I guess I'm out numbered.....remember me TSS.....

amayseng says:

Good post on MLK.

Bsug go easy on those white folks remember Zimmerman was Hispanic!!

Radam G says:

Hehehehehe! You guys are wilding! Only in TSS Universe! Or is that "Only in America," in the world of Don King. Naaaaa! That won't work either. I musta' fo'got! We are in cyberspace. I luv diz place! Holla!

brownsugar says:

I'll let MLK's niece say something:
July 17, 2013
Dr. Alveda King, niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., rejected the now-viral image showing the late civil rights leader wearing a hoodie just like the one Travyon Martin wore the night of his death.

“Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. would very likely not wear a hoodie,” she said. “I can assure you he would not wear sagging pants.”
Dr. King made this statement on the Andrea Tantaros Radio Show on Tuesday after being asked what she thought of the image entitled MLK Hoodie – April 4th, 1968.
“I can almost promise you Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. would not wear a hoodie,” she further emphasized later in the interview.
Dr. King also said that people need to think with grace rather than emotions in reference to the image and the overall backlash to the George Zimmerman verdict.
“There was a reasonable doubt in that case,” she said. “So the case went the ways of the laws of this land, but now we need to go further and look at the human heart.”
Dr. King also called out the mongers in the media and elsewhere who are trying to spin the verdict into racial tensions between Caucasians and African-Americans.
“As far as trying to fit the Caucasians against African-Americans, Mr. Zimmerman is a Hispanic,” she said. “Although we are one blood, one human family, one human race, there’s a lot of deception and emotion in these things that are being spurred.”
“Mr. Zimmerman is not a Caucasian. He’s not.”
Even when her uncle was assassinated in 1968, Dr. King said that it wasn’t fair to blame it on Caucasians.
Right before her father left home in order to retrieve the body of the slain civil rights leader, she said she stood in the kitchen ranting, “I hate white people!”
“Alveda, white people did not kill your uncle,” Dr. King’s father said to her as he held her in his arms. “The devil did.”
From that experience, Dr. King learned to answer violent tragedies with love, not hate.
“We answer with reason,” she said. “We answer with sanity.”
Other people have also rejected the image, which was originally posted at Deviant Art.
“It seems over the years, people have forgotten what exactly he (Dr. MLK, Jr.) was fighting for: equality,” Enjoy that pool because it's too hot !![/QUOTE

These are pretty much the same words coming from the majority of black celebrities and activists from Russell Simmons to Tom Joiner....I'm somewhat shocked at the websites proclaiming... "Brace Yourself".

...there has been no outcry for the shedding of innocent blood and mindless destruction...Riots only result in the slums getting burned to the ground...real progress creates real change...within the justice system....that's why I say its not over.
Back to the pool " night swim".

brownsugar says:

Good post on MLK.

Bsug go easy on those white folks remember Zimmerman was Hispanic!!

Lol...amayseng you can really be a funny guy sometimes..

To me Zimmerman is a murderer who Beat his case...The procecution and their lack of preparation (especially with the primary witness) is mostly to blame...
For the most part the community has been forgiving of her damaging testimony due to her limited education ...Top R&B Radio host Tom Joyner has offered (can't remember her name) to pay for her GED tutelage in addition to sending her to college with all expenses paid. A far better solution than mocking her publically... and destroying what remained of her self esteem.

In tragic situations it takes a strong will to make things better.

amayseng says:

The prosecution was terrible. Weeks after trayvons death his mother went from Miami to Sanford to hear the 911 tape.
The prosecutor asked her during her testimony if she had hoped that her son still be alive.

Weeks later. Are u kidding?
His mother was caught lying and spinning and not answering questions numerous numerous times. Plus trayvons father changed his testimony of saying it was not his son yelling for help. Then later said it was.
I feel bad for his dad tho.
Having to sit thro court and endure that.

I think Rachel seemed soft spoken and overwhelmed.
I don't think she is stupid, I think she is young and this was all too much for her.
Good for her scholarship.

And yes Bsug I am a bit sarcastic.

U have to be to get thro this life.

Radam G says:

B-Sug, I've been watching U.S. interviews here in the P-Islands. Rachel Jintel is far from limited in education. She speaks three languages -- besides American English -- fluently. She is a B student. And has not graduated from high school because of an illness that kept her out for an extensive period. Holla at CNN. And yes! Tom Joyner is paying for tutors to help her finished with high school and or a GED. And, YUP! Tom is giving her a full four-year ride to college. YUP! And STANK haters call everybody "sounds uneduated," who speaks broken English. The medical examiner who testified with writing notes was worse than Rachel Jintel. And haters called him "sound uneducated for a doctor."

Just so you will know that. Stank haters are full of syet. And they have no self esteem. This why they are so quick to judge. Holla!

brownsugar says:

Thanks for keeping me honest RG and providing the accurate info.. your an amazing resource for getting the facts.

Well said Amaseng...
...TSS is tops.
We talked about TM and no blood was spilled in the forum.

brownsugar says:

Sometimes RG I think you have a modem chip surgically implanted in your head.

amayseng says:

It's like radam is permanently in the Matrix and connected at all times. Ha.

Matthew says:

"Holla at CNN"? They're one of many mainstream news outlets that royally botched facts in this case. And if Rachel Jeantel can't even read cursive (as she so eloquently stated on the witness stand), I seriously doubt she fluently speaks three languages other than American English.

Radam G says:

Wow! C'mon, Matthew! You are much faster on thinking for yourself than that. I know people who can fluently speak Arabic, Hindi, Chinese and Japanese. And they cannot read the "cursive" -- I mean the script of any of those languages. Hahahaha! I also know people who can read "cursive," but is not efficient in speaking or writing their only language of American Standard English. I'm not knocking you, but maybe you need to versify yourself more with out-of-group non-English speaking peeps.

Don't be so quick on the gun to be a doubter and hater. THINK yourself, my brother! RELATE, don't HATE! It is always later for haters. Reading "cursive" is not an indication if someone knows the English language or any other one fluently.

My late great-great grandmoms couldn't even read Chinese, English, Malay, Arabic or Hindi script, but she could speak like the muckamuck matriach that she was.

Don't hate the messenger. Hate the message. I guess that you saw African-American Larry Elder, who said that Rachel Jintel could also beat him "speaking Ebonic." What an arsehole Larry Elder is! D.E.A. pays agents six figures to speak that dialect. Hahahaha! Haters never learn, and don't know syet! [They are always seeking their 15 minutes of fame.] I wish that I could speak [broken] Ebonic -- unlike the posers and haters in this Universe claim that I write in -- then I'd do some side work for D.E.A. and collect my money, just as I do for being fluent in boxing-onic and slanguage. Holla!

Radam G says:

In this fight, I don't have a meow or bark! But I keep singing my opinion like a lark! That is how I roll. Never am I a troll. I'm just keeping it real. That is a good deal. And yall know me. I'm down with O-P-P! Holla!

amayseng says:

Well radam the problem is Rachel's primary language is English in which she stated she could not read in cursive.

I only saw part of her testimony at times she copped a frustrated and bad attitude so who knows really what she can and can't read.

It's pointless regardless.
You have one neighbor identifying tray on top mounting the then thinner Latin who was on the bottom yelling for help.

He must of been getting his *** whipped for being a near 30 year old man and yelling for help from a 17 year old.
However. One thing established was the tussle lasted over 2 minutes.
They is a long time for a man of a weak mind and spirit to be on the bottom of a beating thrashing and head smashing.
Having your head hit off the concrete can disorient and scare a person for sure.
I guess it made Zimmerman freak out and tell for help and pull his gun.

Radam G says:

A-Seng, you are wrong. Rachel Jintel is from Haiti, she came to the U.S.A. as a child. She is mixed with Haitian father and a Columbian mother. C'mon, my friend! Know before you blow! Rachel and Jintel is France. This young lady speaks Haitian Creole, Spanish and French. And then "Ebonic" and American Standard English. And she has a speak mishap because of a physical problem with an in-bite bone.

I'm not perpetrating a fraud, A-Seng. I don't roll that way. I keep it real. And consider myself lucky to be in the know. Holla!

amayseng says:

Thats my bad RG. Like I stated I'm not well versed to an extent of the case

especially the background of Rachel.

I just think it shouldn't matter much if she can read in cursive English

when it came down to her testimony of being on the phone with TM.

But I shouldn't have speculated.

Radam G says:

BTW! I, almost a full-fledge gang member of the "SoCal Asian Boys" before my moms, pops big sister, great-grandmother, in-laws and the G-family patriarch whup da hebejeebeez outta my arse and sent me to boarding school in Manila and then to Hong Kong, I use to beat the jive out of bigger dudes and make it seen as if they were the aggressors. And it all has a lot to do with knowing how to clinch, take a dude down with a clinch and fighting with him on you behind your back, or he on top of you and you are whuppin' his arse with your legs while you got his arms clinched and he is trying to pull loose. It looks as if he is pounding you to an uneducated eye of passive fighting -- one of the greatest arts of combat.

Idiotic, grown-@ss Z-Man had injuries on him by his own doing IMHO. My theory is that he took the kid down, he -- Z-man -- bumped his big-ole Bradley-size noggin and nose on that cement his d@mn self. This is why he later maneuvered the kid off the sideway into the grass, and perpetrated a fraud that the kid was hitting him when the kid was trying to get away. This is what the witness saw IMHO!

I use to just walk up to a giant guy and knock da syet outta his belly, and then put him in a clinch with my back to him. No way that he could get loose, because like "Bo know," I knew clinching-death holds. I would go down to my knees and make it look like the big guy was beating the jive out of me, when I was doing a straight-up optical illusion on the crowd of clinching the blood circulation from arms of the poor soul. I would then smash the guy's mug with the back of my head. Thus, breaking his nose, and many times his eye orbits. The dude would also be in a concussion and not remember what happen. So when the cops came, my Asian-BOYS arse alway got away cleanly. And we would file suits against the poor souls that we picked on.

Cutting to the chase, and knowing of some the people in the gym that Z-Man trained at in Florida -- Pinoys are everywhere -- he doesn't fool me for a minute. I know what time it is. I'm been there, done that. And but by the GRACE of GOD, and of course connections and family beating my arse straight and moola, I would be long DEAD. Or still a sneaky Asian Boys punk deceptive whuppin' are and making BREAD. Holla!

Matthew says:

I'm a Libertarian, so being an independent thinker comes with the territory. That's also why I never trust anything that I hear or read from the mainstream media.

Radam G says:

Now I can dig dat, Matt. I'm an O-P-P! Hehehe! You know me! I only believe what I can verify empirically. I pi$$ my Yank friends off for never siding where there is doubt. Holla!

amayseng says:

radam i have been some deep reading, listening and pondering about the trayvon case and something that stands out to me is that Rachel who was on the phone with tm when the situation was under way and went down, allegedly losing contact with tm on the phone , did not go the funeral or wake of tm, a friend since the second grade. she reportedly lied to both friends and the police stating she couldnt attend because first she was in the hospital then second i believe a ride fell through... either way i think it is suspicious, i think she heard the entire conversation, confrontation, fight and gun shot. i think she heard the entire event, knew who said what and who provoked it and didnt want to be a part of the story, a witness or involved in any way.... she reported two different stories about who said what and then two different stories about when she heard a "thud" or how. she said the phone hung up immediatley and she tried calling back and texting. she heard the news of tms death the next day, afternoon at school and still did not contact authorities or tms family. kinda suspicious

Radam G says:

Not at all! Maybe you will be surprised. But she never knew Tray was demised until being told by friends. And she didn't realize that she was the last to talk to Tray until being contacted by the Martin's family lawyer. The only thing suspicious to me, is that the FBI, NSA and the server of those cellphones have not released the actual conversation in live time. Don't believe that they don't have it. They have it word for word and scream for scream.

Snowden has already proven that. I can prove that. What keeps the whole nine of the truth from knocking is the front to the right to privacy. Every U.S. cellphone is recorded because of the Patriot Act. The U.S. government already knows what the Z-Man did. The government is just trying to get around the naive public finding how the government is in everybody's cell-phone's conversation.

Just knowing an iota about electronic communication and intelligence surveillance will open your eyes up to a mountain of what's really happening in the world.

Buy gold! Learn electronics! And don't believe syet coming from government about not knowing. The government's motto is: Know Before You Go!"

It already knows. And put it in the hands of the local government, which did not want it from the jump. Now Big Brother government is going to trump. Z-Man should move to his mother's land of Peru. Holla!

amayseng says:

Al sharpton is a horrible human being.
He's that piece of **** kid in high school who ran his mouth start all kinds and 2 dudes end up fighting over nothing.
He is the opposite of what the Great MLK supported and taught.
I can't even listen to him talk.
It's sad but he gets people of low IQ to follow his instructions and then they pay the consequences.

amayseng says:

Al sharpton is a horrible human being.
He's that piece of **** kid in high school who ran his mouth starting all kinds of **** and 2 dudes end up fighting over nothing.
He is the opposite of what the Great MLK supported and taught.
I can't even listen to him talk.
It's sad but he gets people of low IQ to follow his instructions and then they pay the consequences.
So thro these trayvon riots this past week there has been reports of people dying and the white man slurred.

Um Zimmerman is not white.
What does it take to know that Zimmerman is NOT white.

Radam G says:

A-Seng, suggestion is powerful. A person may not believe what he sees. But he sees what he believes. Belief is the strongest and blindest chemical reaction in a human's brain particles of neutrons, protrons and electrons.

People always go off or on according to beliefs. And the less that they know, the more that they blow. And for themselves, their thinking becomes slow. Humans can rise high, but they can also sink super low. Holla!

amayseng says:

Exactly Radam I'm not taking the white slurring personal. It's just like watching sheep being lead around like fools. When does it stop?

Radam G says:

Wow! Now the Z-Man has become a superhero. According to news reports, he rescued a family of four from a SUV rollover one-vehicle crash. Dude has got some cojones! It could have been somebody setting him up to shoot him down. I guess that he is not in hiding after all. Holla!

amayseng says:

Well he better be in hiding or his life will be murdered.
No doubt.

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