WHO DO YA LIKE? Haye or Fury?

BY The Sweet Science ON July 12, 2013

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Radam G says:

Let the boxing gods strike me down, because I'm going with Tyson "Fists of" Fury in TWENTY-THIRTEEN to crush the Hayemaker like a jelly bean. Tyson is BOUT IT, BOUT IT! Hayemaker just talks about it. Nothing reveals a fraud like boxing. Judgement day is going down for Hayemaker. Later for da faker. Holla!

the Roast says:

Radam G? Picking the lumbering giant over the skilled smaller man? I pick Haye to KO the big man. Speed kills. Haye has it, Fury doesn't. I haven't seen much of Fury but I did see him leaning over giving up his height in his last fight. Haye has the speed and the power to finish what Steve Cunningham started.

Bernie Campbell says:

Sometime ago when Haye was a Cruiserweight, he got his arse handed to him by Giacobbe Fragomini who was 5'9 and finally succombed to Hayes endurance and was TKO'd! Subsequentially an uneventfull fight with Valuev and a win over an aging John Ruiz! Monte Barret knocked his rump down in a Haye win! And Chisora! I believe Fury comes to fight! I don't understand Why he backs out of so many fights! Maybe hes a star gazer!

amayseng says:

Haye by left hook KO in round 4.
Fury drops that right hand all day long when using the left.

Haye will jump early on the big giant and push him back with rights until landing a swift left hook. Then lights out.

DaveB says:

Gotta love Fury. This man is straight out comical. If boxing doesn't pan out he should definitely think comedian. I really enjoy seeing this guy. From his interviews to his singing post fight this guy has me in stitches. My head is saying Haye though. David explosiveness may be a problem. Haye is very tentative thinking about protecting his chin and Fury will play dirty with his "play maker" as he should. The fight probably will be a snoozer but should have its moments because by the time it gets here these guys will have talked so much smack there will be something to prove.

Radam G says:

@the Roast, it is all about the fight and da bite in da dawg, not the size, but the prize. Hayemaker is conducting a great optical illusion on you. Dude's speed is misty blue. He's a flutter, not a strutter. And his games is up. The "lumbering giant" is going to whup his butt. No way will I go against the blood of Grady [also known as O'Grady] -- From his Irish's bloodline came the GOAT Ali! Those O'Gradys has a blessed kick-@$$ tree. And can talk da talk, and walk da walk.

Don't be a FOOL! Tyson "Fists of" Fury is gonna make Hayemaker quit on da stool. Don't forget what the young Afro-Irish Yank Cassius Clay told the doubter about big ole bad Sonny "Night Train" Liston: "Don't be a fool and lose your money by betting on Sonny." Hehehehe! I'm taking Fist of Fury in eight. Too bad that you cannot relate. Holla!

amayseng says:

Haye was able to deal with wlads stout power and size and make it 12. Chisora was able to deal with the better vitalis strength and and size.

And haye blasted chisora to pieces.
Haye has legit speed and power.
What he has worse is an inconsistent mind.

But he has the physical tools to get fury out of there

the Roast says:

Kevin Johnson had very good speed but couldn't beat fury. Check out fury on YouTube , he doesn't match haye with speed but he has some tough moves in there.

Speed and power will beat Fury. You make a good point about who the ref is though, if Fury is allowed to lean and maul Haye it will be tough for Haye to hang. I saw the forearm to the throat that led to the KO.

brownsugar says:

Fury has exceptional boxing skills when he decides to focus.
But you never know if your getting Fury the boxer ( like the one who easy handled Chisora & Johnson ) or Fury the Fool who talks like an idiot...punches himself in the face .... and gets dropped by a Cruiserweight because he was over confident. On the other hand ... Haye is done if he loses this fight.. his lasting legacy will be when he persuaded the camera man to pan out to a view of his big toe after the Klitschko fight.
Haye has enough thunder in each hand to put Fury down...what we don't know is...does he have enough fight within himself to keep Fury down after he gets back up?

Carmine Cas says:

I can't wait to see this fight build up, these brash Brits are going to cause a lot of drama. I agree with Deep Water on this one, the ref will definitely influence the fight. And also what versions of each fighters we see. Haye has the speed and power to stop Fury early but if Tyson survive the onslaught he could break down Haye with his leaning, throat elbowing, forearm to face etc. On the contrary Haye appears to be bigger than Cunningham so he could keep Fury off of him with the jab. On paper Haye wins with his superior speed, power, and skills but realistically Tyson has a shot especially if he gets to that chin

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