UFC 162: Many Predict Anderson Silva's Middleweight Demise

BY David A. Avila ON July 06, 2013

ANDERSON SILVA AT UFC 73 prayerAnderson "Spyder" Silva's perch at the top of mixed martial arts as the best pound for pound fighter is not debated much.

Despite consensus that Silva is the best MMA fighter today, tomorrow most experts are picking Chris Weidman to topple the king.


Brazil's Silva (33-4) defends the UFC middleweight title against the undefeated Weidman (9-0) at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas on Saturday July 6. UFC 162 will be televised on pay-per-view beginning at 7 p.m.

Silva, 38, has dominated since first stepping into the Octagon back in June 28, 2006 when he knocked unconscious Chris Leben with a vicious knee in Las Vegas. It was Knockout of the Night on that occasion and soon his legend soared.

Four months later Silva defeated Rich Franklin to wrest the middleweight title and has pounded his way to 14 consecutive victories since that day in October 2006. Champions have come and gone and come back again as Silva dominated the 185-pound landscape with his combination of kicks, elbows, defense and submission holds.

Now experts are crossing onto the other side of the street and predicting Weidman will beat Silva.


"If you look at what my UFC Tonight co-host Chael Sonnen did to Silva – he won all five completed rounds over two fights – and not just kind of slightly won. He dominated, and Weidman is a bigger, stronger, younger and harder-hitting version of Chael," said Ken Florian. "I don't think there is any fighter in the world who can hope to beat Anderson on the feet, but I think Weidman can and will get this to the ground and, once there, I expect him to be in a huge position to win the fight."

Most experts feel Silva's weakness is on the ground where wrestlers have the superiority. Though Silva has beaten wrestlers in the past, they do have a pretty good record in remaining conscious against the Brazilian and have always given him a rough time in the Octagon.

"Weidman will be able to take Anderson down, and do serious damage when he does so. Weidman has a great ground game, and that's where Anderson has shown vulnerabilities, said Michael Bisping. "Also, you have to factor in that Anderson has been doing this for a very long time now. He's put his body through a lot in the gym over the years and we all get old eventually."

Most point toward Weidman's success as a NCAA wrestling champion in college. His best pro MMA win came against Mark Munoz a year ago.

"I believe it's a bad matchup for Anderson Silva. Very bad, style wise. Anderson's weaknesses are Weidman's strengths. I've trained with Weidman and his wrestling is on another level," said Canada's Georges St. Pierre, who many consider the second best MMA fighter today. "Not only is Chris Weidman going to beat Anderson Silva, I believe he's going to finish Anderson."

Other bouts

Former lightweight champ Frankie Edgar (14-4-1) fights Charles Oliveira (16-3) in a featherweight scrap.

Palm Springs Cub Swanson (19-5) continues his quest for a featherweight title shot and has Dennis Siver (21-8) in his way.

Roger Gracie (6-1) tries out hard-hitting middleweight veteran Tim Kennedy (15-4).

Tim Boetsch (16-5) battles Mark Munoz (12-3) in a middleweight conflict.

Veteran Chris Leben (22-9) fights Andrew Craig (8-1) in a middleweight match.

Comment on this article

amayseng says:

I didn't realize u were 39 I thought maybe late 20's.
I just turned 35 and I can still spar and bang a bit as well. The legs and foot agility isn't as good and my backs a bit stiff but the skills and coordination is still there.
If u watch an mma match those guys are always arm punching.
They get in a boxing ring with a true boxer who sits down on their punches and is sharp and they are lost.

deepwater says:

And one last time . If any clown wants to spar here I will go 3 rounds against anyone .call Gleason's and ask Bruce silverglade for Mr Nice Guy. Also I will be in Vegas on aug 19 th to 23 , if any clown LA guy wants to spar I'm available then also . If not shut your yaps . Ha ha

SouthPaul says:

I rarely if ever watch mma/UFC but rolled into a random sports bar for tonights card. Lmfao@ Silva losing his cool and going Ricardo Mayorga giving out free shots. Now that was entertaining...

deepwater says:

I rarely if ever watch mma/UFC but rolled into a random sports bar for tonights card. Lmfao@ Silva losing his cool and going Ricardo Mayorga giving out free shots. Now that was entertaining...

That fight was a joke. Was that an even serious fight? That's the best that sport has to offer ? Old Roy won't even get a chance to knock that guy out. It seems the boxing training paid off .

amayseng says:

Apparently Silva is so bored and tired of fighting he just clients the entire time.
Probably set up. When he threw kicks they weren't even remotely hard.
Maybe he bet on him self to lose with all the odds and cashed out.

Carmine Cas says:

I'm glad a fellow Long Islander won, Silva deserved to get knocked out with all that cockiness; although it was part of his game plan. Now I wish Broner would get knocked out too. I am glad Mark Munoz won, he seems like a reallg good guy

Carmine Cas says:

man you know more then the top mma guy does because you keep your eyes open and turn your feet when you punch . The mma guys are kinda sad , in a street fight you just have to bite their face and they let go .

Lol half of them lift up their back foot when they throw their power hand. Frankie Edgar has decent boxing, I like to watch him, kid's got a ton of heart

amayseng says:

Silva should box Roy jr

Although being shot by 6 or so years
Jones would box his ears off

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