Malignaggi: "Boxing Writers Don't Know Anything They're Talking About"

BY Michael Woods ON June 19, 2013

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I enjoy parsing Paul Malignaggi's words and thoughts, even when he takes a potshot at my fraternity, as he did on Tuesday, during a media workout at Gleason's Gym in Brooklyn, ahead of his showdown with Adrien Broner.

"Boxing writers don't know anything they are talking about, boxing critics don't know anything they are talking about," said the 32-year-old New Yorker who now lives in LA. "Time and again instead of giving me the respect, I get written off, and this is another example. Time and again, I'm here, I've been here a dozen years, I've been fighting at a high level since 2006, I never get my respect. Time and again, they're wrong, and time and again, they continue to do the same thing and not change their thinking, and not just toward me, but the way they look at boxing in general. I don't respect most pundits or historians or writers or critics at all."

Now that he realizes that critics are simply wrongheaded lunkheads, he said, he knows to fight for himself, listen to his own take on his talents, and not pay so much attention to detractors.

I suspect that Paulie does still take criticism to heart more than he lets on, but simply re-directs it in a more useful fashion than he used to. Instead of letting it into his brain, where it takes up space and don't pay rent, he uses it to fuel his fire, and prod him to work harder.

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Raiders says:

He's right boxing writers think they know everything, but he is going to get slaughtered.

amayseng says:

I dot see how PM gets slaughtered.

Pm fought hard through a broken jaw with a prime destroyer named Cotto.

Pm may not have power but he has grit, and heart.

Good for paulie he needs to take things personally it won't hurt to be extra focused.

Back to broner, he isn't mike Tyson he's broner the stripper eater.

I haven't seen him slaughter anyone of net yet.

The kid has skills for sure.

But Lucas m would destroy him.

So would madaino

So would Garcia.

So would Judah.

Mosley might whoop him.

Radam G says:

Hot on the boxing grapevine is that the winner will dance with the winner of Viciousless Vic Ortiz-Sugar Shane Mosley. Holla!

amayseng says:

Ortiz vs Mosley?

Ill take shane.

SouthPaul says:

Paulie's feeling the pressure and it's showing . Lame attempt at attacking the writers. He should be thankful these cats are promoting his fight in one way or another and most of them make effffin' scraps doing it. I've also paid close attention to fighters who give their so called professional opinion ....and lemme' tell you they've had some of the most retarded boxing predictions within' the community. I ain't no fan of Broner but he's going to whip lil' Italy's ***. He likely isn't going the distance because unlike Cotto who takes more time to load up....Broner will he pitching fast balls right down the center of the dome plate. Quicker punches...less time to set himself up to take 'em. Down goes Paulie, staggering around the ring on flimsy legs.

Radam G says:

I'm betting five ways. One is that Broner will not kayo or stop Malignaggi. If there is a kayo, it will be Broner bytch quitting in the corner. The "threatre of the unexpected" is in full effect. I suspect that Paulie will lose in a close or controverial decision.

Things will not measure out the way Boner is hoping, so he might fake a hurt hand. Paulie will be moving around Broner, as if Broner is in quicksand. All night Broner will be off. He talks up a good game, but he's quite soft. Broner has sold himself well. But Paul will solve the Broner's Ohio's Philly shell. Holla!

amayseng says:

Southpaul calls PM "lil Italy".

That's funny. I'm half Italian and love it.

That's why this fight is soooo intriguing.

It's very hard to predict. I'm looking forward to it.

A young gun with mad skills against a veteran pure boxer.

SouthPaul says:

Definitely said to be funny and not offensive.

Anyhow, Radam, you must be cross faded tonight and I envision the joint the size of a efffin' lumpia blunt dipped in sherm. You had to of smoked something big & bad in order to be thinking PM will make Broner quit in his corner. Lmfao. Bro, this is armored tank vs charming tissue. I respect you and Paulie both but it ain't changing the course of Saturday night. The magic man doesn't possess enuff powers in that wand of his and down he goes in the sssssssixth!

Say that perfectly and it'll rhyme. Lmfao.

dino da vinci says:

I'm a fan of the man that SouthPaul calls Lil Italy. He's an original.

Paulie's right. The lion share of writers are clueless. As are most fans, officials, fighters, ex-fighters, and self described historians. A bit surprising it took Paulie so long for the light to go on and come to that realization.

Broner? Broner has yet to have an original thought. The comb bit? (Minus wasting our time with the fake proposal) Done...Sugar Ray Robinson. Broner: "I'm naming Paulie the One Hand Bandit"! and while I'm pretty sure he meant 'one-arm bandit'* , I'm relatively certain labeling an opponent preceded even the great Ali, or more accurately, a young Cassius M. Clay, Jr. Faking it-until-you-make it? Just about everyone who's fought pro from the late 1700's on through to today.

On one hand you have a battle-tested pro fighter who has not shirked his responsibilities like making weight, creating his own identity by not having to ride shotgun on another man's accomplishments, and fighting other talented opponents. On the other hand, (possibly the one Paulie doesn't use, if there's any accuracy in Broner's assessment), this will all be working against Broner come fight night.

*slot machine.

SouthPaul says:

Well said. Truly. From a maturity and character stand point ...Paulie is head and shoulders above Broner. Just not so sure that'll translate into him winning on Saturday night. Stand up dude but still will lack the proper fire power to keep a big strong immature obnoxious fast hard hitting kid off him.

There's also plenty of irony here because Paulie himself use to be an entirely loud mouthed obnoxious inexperienced jerk when he first came on the scene. Not as bad and flamboyant as Broner but neither was Paulie as skilled. Maybe one offsets the other.

Anyhow, Ive got Broner legitimately beating him on Saturday night.

Radam G says:

@ Southpaul. Hehehehe! That was WILD -- "lumpia blunt..." Lmao! But I don't roll with that blunt action. I'm even off the Pinoy homemade coconut wine and famous Pinoy San Miguel beers. Too many of my female relatives were kicking the hebejeebeez outta me whenever I was faded. And after I saw a video tape of me running in place from my wifey and moms, I knew that it was time to get straight and stay that way.

I couldn't figure out how they were catching me until I got a peep at that video. My drunk @$$ thought that I was running away from them, but I was running in place like da drunk he-bytch dat I was. Hehehe! And believe it of not, I'm ran the 100 meters in a 10.28 when I was 16 years old.

Anyway, I was talking syet to Wifey Radam and Moms Radam, telling them that they couldn't catch me, but they were whuppin' my arse worst than Catholic nuns Sisters Maribeth and Teresita did to me in that Hong Kong boring -- I mean boarding -- school.

Don't forget that boxing is "the threatre of the unexpected." I'm reminded of the rugrat days. Mr. T was Leon "Deon" Spinks's bodyguard, and the late, great comedian Richard Pryor took me and his daughter to see Leon working out while in New Orleans a few days before the fight. But the absent-rabbit teeth Leon was getting on his dance to the record, "I'll Take You There" by "The Stable Singers." Leon was dancing his arse off. The scene is on Youtube somewhere. I'm sure that you can hit it up.

And you know me. I'm down with O-P-P. I started messing with Mr. T, because his arse was standing like a statue or a maneqium or something. I started baby rhyming, shouting that GOAT Ali was going to kayo "the vampire looking Spinks in three." Then I got near Mr. T's knee and started shadow boxing. He growled at me like a bear. So RP's daughter and I started running and crying like the bad-arse, spoiled-arse kids we were.

In the end, [you already know this] Leon upset GOAT Ali. And we saw Mr. T the next day at the hotel restaurant. He brought us some ice cream. And a few years later I got a bit part in a couple of "The A-Team" TV series. So the next time you see that show, you will know that the noise-talking Asian toddler in it is THE ONE and ONLY Radam G. Hehe! I'm all over the map hiding in plain sight.

A small world we live in. History says that Paulie M will pull quite a few optical illusions on Broner. And if Broner's jaw gets broken, Broner will indeed bytch quit in the corner -- Viciousless Vic Ortiz style. I warn you -- and I'm not eating a hope sandmich [sic]. Nonetheless, Broner will probably win by decision or gift. No way that he is going to pimp whup Paulette -- I mean Paulie. Hahaha! Holla!

TKO says:

Boxing writers are actually correct this time. The only thing they dont mention because their jobs are on the line is that this matchup is a setup and not of a high level like the Goldenboy/Haymon hype suggest. All the trash talk is what is making the fight. THe fight itself will be afight among B and C level boxers. Like Broner said, Paulie never had power and was always a pillow puncher. Broner himself too is a hype job taking on the weakest welter champ instead of fighting at a fully loaded jr welter division. There are much better boxers that dont get as much hype as him. I can name at least 5 boxers and just undefeated prospects even to narrow it down that are better or have much more potential than this hype job. I predict Broner by KO round 8.

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