ROACH: Provodnikov To Spar Pacquiao, Ruslan Possibly In The Mayweather Mix

BY Michael Woods ON May 07, 2013

Pacquiao Times Square 121130 006aFreddie Roach is by no means thinking that Brandon Rios, because he's a come-forward guy, and isn't the counter-punching ace that Juan Manuel Marquez is, will be a tailor-made "W" for his guy Manny Pacquiao. Roach knows full well that Manny is no spring chicken, that he turns 35 in December and the finish line is near. But Roach isn't going to coddle the Congressman, take it easy on him, structure a camp where Manny is the boss and the opportunity to rest is of paramount import. No, Roach told me, he will be insuring that Pacquiao is as ready to rock Nov. 23 against Rios in Macau as fate will allow.

Five-time BWAA trainer-of-the-year Roach (seen conferring with Pacman, in Chris Farina-Top Rank photo) said he will run camp in General Santos City, Phillipines, in pretty close proximity to Macau, and will import a badass hitter to push Manny, in Ruslan Provodnikov. You'll recall that Provodnikov was dismissed by many "smarts" as a mere speedbump for Timothy Bradley, and while the judges gave Bradley the nod when he and Ruslan clashed on March 16, I thought that the ending perhaps should have been different if the arbiters were more free with 10-8 rounds.

Roach trains Provodnikov, and he and Pacquiao have become pals, but that doesn't mean they won't push each other to the limits in camp. Provodnikov, Roach told me, is keen to stay sharp, because he wants to secure a meaningful bout in the near future. Any hints on what that faceoff might be, Freddie?

"I've heard around town that Mayweather might want Ruslan as his next opponent, on September fourteenth," Roach told me. "That would be a hard fight to turn down. Against Floyd, I think Ruslan would have a puncher's chance. It would be a big payday, and he's got his family to take care of for the rest of his life."

Roach said Team Provodnikov, which includes promoter Art Pellulo, would be mulling options. Since Provodnikov isn't part of the Top Rank team--Top Rank only would have options on him if he had beaten Bradley--he isn't subject to the "cold war" conditions which keep anyone affiliated with Top Rank fighting Mayweather.

Your thoughts, readers? I do think Provodnikov would be more likely to go balls out, even if that meant leaving himself open to being countered harshly, than Guerrero did, against Mayweather. What say you?

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deepwater says:

good sparring. ruslan would be a bloody pulp by 5 th round against mayweather. mayweather vs red head

Radam G says:

YUP! Money May is fighting bums of his five-fight, 30-month pay. And the suckas born every minute will keep up the attendance and eyeballs-behind-those-ppv pay. Holla!

Carmine Cas says:

Seriously lol? C'mon I'd rather see Zab, "Queen Chin" Khan, Alexander fight Mayweather. The promotion won't be too hard but the compelling argument as to why he's a worthy opponent? CANELO or MARTINEZ. But let's not get too angry now, nothing is official; just he say she say

riverside says:

I wonder what showtime is got to say to that, with the guaranteed pay for Mayweather and the pay per view numbers from this past weekend. And now Money May Fighting a Siberian Eskimo,that nobody know outside his remote ice village. that won't sell!!. CBS is gonna lose their @ss. LOL. How about showtime puts some pressure on the money team and makes him fight Pacman... Canelo...Martinez..Trout, Possible none of these guy's could beat him, But showtime would sell more PPV and they would make Money May work for his money. Haymon is gonna turn this into Ponzi. IMO

amayseng says:

Ruslan should have gotten the win against Bradley.

10-8 rounds were not scored correctly.

Having said that he isn't good enough to compete with Floyd.

Once again no foot speed or agility.

PAC has that foot agility and overall speed to stay with Floyd.

JLC had above average foot speed and had success fight one.

amayseng says:

Does no one remember rocky 3?

Appollo said it right, gotta get some speed.

That's what the ghost should have been working on.

The agility ladder and running back drills.

Did he? Nope.

the Roast says:

I don't believe Floyd-Ruslan PPV for one second. Roach just talking.

ali says:

Come on guys ain't no way in hell Floyd is fighting Ruslan Roach is flat out lying he's too old to be doing that sh!t.

Carmine Cas says:

A fully healed Martinez has the best chance to pull the upset

Carmine Cas says:

Speed, feints, and angles; mainly the left hand

deepwater says:

Come on guys ain't no way in hell Floyd is fighting Ruslan Roach is flat out lying he's too old to be doing that sh!t.

Trying to get free publicity .

Radam G says:

The threatre of the unexpected is always in, so throw not nuffin' [sic] in da trashbin. I heard it through the grapevine. And I'm not about to lose my goldmine -- I mean mind.

Money May wants to avoid those in-country taxes, so it's looking like BIG money with no taxes is pulling him to beat down a chump for a giant-moolah LUMP!

It looks like the real-life Rocky is phat. And he is coming up to get struck out -- I mean to BAT! Either way that you look at it, it will be a Rocky home run. Painful for him, but big-time money FUN! Holla!

amayseng says:

Ya but Radam will showtime back Floyd fighting someone coming off a loss?

I'd say no.

There's less marketability for a fight.

Radam G says:

HBO is featuring both Da Manny and Bam Bam Rios, who are coming off losses. Besides, ShowTime is a survivor and tired of playing second to HBO. The Siberian Rocky is a promotion dream at this time. The richest billionaire in Russia is even hollering for Siberian Rocky to get a shot. And money TALKS and changes the flow of SHOWTIME!

HBO is gettin' on its holla in China with "The threatre of the unexpected!" Showtime would not surprise me by featuring a real-life Rocky in Siberia or Sin City. Holla!

Carmine Cas says:

I agree with Radam, there could be a chance if there is financial backing for it. He went toe-to-toe with one of the conquerors of Pacquiao, the marketability is somewhat there. It's a long shot but not impossible, it probably won't happen but I would not be completely surprised if it did. Floyd is chicken sh*t for avoiding the "red headed hype", everyone involved stands to make a lot of money.

kidcanvas says:

mayweather sure an hell aint going to fight the best when their at their best ,forget about that one

ali says:

99.9% Mayweather is not fighting ruslan like Deepwater said free publicity.

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