RINGSIDE Mayweather Beats Guerrero With Old Fashion Speed, Defense

BY David A. Avila ON May 05, 2013

MayweatherMosley Hogan 22LAS VEGAS-The legs are still alive as Floyd “Money” Mayweather proved by retaining the WBC welterweight world title by unanimous decision over the gutsy Robert “The Ghost” Guerrero on Saturday.

He may have looked slow and aging in his last fight, but Mayweather (44-0, 26 Kos) showed an aggressive Guerrero (31-2-1, 18 Kos) that slick movement and defensive skills are still his to command at the MGM Grand.

 “I tip my hat off to Robert Guerrero, he’s a true warrior,” said Mayweather, 36. Both hugged after the fight.

Mayweather and Guerrero had some back and forth exchanges for the first three rounds. Each had his moment especially when fighting in the clinches. But during round three it looked like Mayweather was finding the range for his right hand leads.

In the fifth round Guerrero turned up the pressure, but was wary of Mayweather’s counters. Some left hands to the body and head landed for the southpaw Guerrero, but Mayweather returned with sizzling right hand counters that sent sweat flying from the Californian’s head.

“He hit me with some good body shots,” said Guerrero, 30. “That’s why he’s undefeated.”

Mayweather dominated the sixth round with right hand counters that landed flush as if fired from a hand cannon. Guerrero couldn’t seem to adjust and seemed a little puzzled. Mayweather took full advantage.

Guerrero had a much better round in the seventh as Mayweather seemed to take a strategic rest.  As Mayweather clinched Guerrero shot little body shots that scored, but did not hurt the champion. It was just a brief rest.

Mayweather reloaded the right hands in big fashion in the eighth round. A cut appeared on Guerrero’s left eye and it seemed to energize Mayweather. Suddenly the right hands came in dazzling fashion and one stunned Guerrero who wobbled a bit but stayed upright. Mayweather tried to finish, but Guerrero held his ground.

“I wanted to get a knock out but I hurt my hand,” said Mayweather.

Guerrero seemed fired up and more determined in the beginning of round nine. Mayweather worked into the corner as Guerrero opened up with a three punch combo and a head butt. Mayweather complained a little.

Mayweather slipped into cruise control through rounds 10 and 11 with few punches and a lot of clinches. Guerrero took advantage and pounded the body. With 30 seconds left Mayweather looked to shoot the right leads. A few landed and kept Guerrero at bay.

“I landed some great shots but he’s a great fighter,” Guerrero said. “He was on his game plan.”

Not wishing to take chances Mayweather moved more than ever in the final round as Guerrero loaded up and tried to catch the elusive champion. A few times Guerrero landed some body blows inside. But overall, Mayweather remained fresh enough to stay away from Guerrero’s attacks.

“Everybody was saying I was slowing down in age,” Mayweather said.

All three judges scored it for Mayweather 117-111.

Mayweather credited his father Floyd Mayweather Sr. for the renewed defensive tactics.

“He said I will last longer if I get hit less,” Mayweather said.

New featherweight champion

The WBC featherweight world title changed hands as Abner Mares (26-0-1, 14 Kos) won by technical knockout of good friend Daniel Ponce De Leon (44-5, 35 Kos) with some sizzling right hand bombs.

Mares floored Ponce De Leon in the second round with a left hook followed by a right hand that landed high on the head. It came as the southpaw Ponce De Leon was advancing strongly but Mares stood his ground and delivered the blows.

Ponce De Leon put on the pressure against Mares and seemed to regain momentum from rounds four through six. But Mares always seemed to have the right hand at the ready and unleashed it in the ninth round to floor Ponce De Leon again. When the lefty got up Mares attacked and landed perhaps eight more right hands.

“When I dropped him both times I felt bad,” said Mares. “He’s my friend.”

Ponce De Leon was upset by the stoppage.

“He does have a strong punch,” said Ponce De Leon. “The referee stopped it so quickly.”

Mares now becomes a world champion in a third weight division.

Other bouts

East L.A.’s Leo Santa Cruz (24-0-1, 14 Kos) blew through Venezuela’s Alexander Munoz (36-5, 28 Kos) and became the first to knock out the former world champion. Santa Cruz moved up to junior featherweight and looked very strong in dismantling Munoz. A flurry of right hands from Cruz ended the night for Munoz at 1:05 of round four.

“I have to work on my defense,” Santa Cruz said.

J’Leon Love (16-0, 8 Kos) survived a knockdown in round six to rally to a split decision win over hard luck Gabe Rosado (21-7, 13 Kos) after 10 rugged middleweight rounds. A counter right by Rosado dropped Love, but that incited a firefight from Love. He turned things around but then was caught in the ninth round and nearly dropped again. Love edged Rosado in the last round. Judge Glen Trowbridge had Rosado winning 95-94. Herb Santos had Love 97-92 as did Dave Moretti 95-94.

“I can’t control the judges,” said Rosado aptly.

Love was complimentary of Rosado.

“I never doubted Rosado,” said Love. “I got dropped by a good shot I didn’t see.”

Romania’s Ronald Gavril (4-0) landed a body shot to open up Roberto Yong (5-7-2) and his shoulder roll defense before unloading three rights to the head. Referee Russell Mora stopped the fight in the third round of the super middleweight clash.

Super middleweight Luis Arias (5-0, 3 Kos) fought a phone booth battle against Lancaster’s DonYil Livingston (8-3-1, 4 Kos) and emerged with a close majority decision victory after six rounds. Arias had his moments in the first two rounds but Livingston stormed down the stretch with some solid shots. Judge Lisa Giampa saw it 57-57, but Bob Bennett saw 58-56 and Al Lefkowitz 58-55.

Comment on this article

ali says:

I think having Sr back as his head trainer made a big difference last night.

ali says:

Better enjoy and appreciate him while he's here cuz these guys don't come around to often.

amayseng says:


He needs to step up and fight Canelo which he will

beat with more needed offense.

No one else is viable at this point.

the Roast says:

First Floyd PPV that I didnt buy. Just not worth the price to me. I gave the Ghost too much credit. I thought he'd win 3 or 4 rounds but sounds like he only won 1 or 2. It's got to be Canelo in the fall next fight. Or maybe fight Khan this fall and milk the Canelo fight till next spring. Either way, if Canelo fights Floyd the way he fought Trout he's gonna get beat bad.

dino da vinci says:

I think having Sr back as his head trainer made a big difference last night.


dino da vinci says:

Better enjoy and appreciate him while he's here cuz these guys don't come around to often.


dino da vinci says:

First Floyd PPV that I didnt buy. Just not worth the price to me. I gave the Ghost too much credit. I thought he'd win 3 or 4 rounds but sounds like he only won 1 or 2. It's got to be Canelo in the fall next fight. Or maybe fight Khan this fall and milk the Canelo fight till next spring. Either way, if Canelo fights Floyd the way he fought Trout he's gonna get beat bad.

It became evident by round 3 that RG brought no real 'Plan A' with him. Here in Vegas I was fortunate enough to get Mayweather @ -475, and I also had Mayweather by decision risking -180. You gotta love this town. the Roast, you didn't miss anything other than a boxing clinic provided by boxing's P-4-P King, Floyd Mayweather.

SouthPaul says:

That was pretty much the conclusion I drew as I stood in the far back of the San Manuel Casino sports bar watching . It wasn't overly exciting but as a BOXING fan I was content knowing I got to see the greatest of this era do his thing.

That said; the thought of a Khan fight is totally disgusting. Sure hope we aren't subjected to that pointless match up.

Canelo is my choice . Thats fight gathering , BBQ worthy event.

amayseng says:

Southpaul is correct about khan.

Khan is not worthy.

In fact I would pick Floyd to stop khan inside 6.

Floyd could stop him probably sooner if he wanted.

Canelo has to be next as far as getting a worthy ppv.

I can't think of anyone else who will sell as well.

Maybe cotto rematch.

the Roast says:

Boys, I didnt say Khan was worthy. The fight makes (dollars)and sence from a Money May and management point of view. They could do it in London, huge crowd, chanting singing and ultimately watching Khan get KOed. Big event. Big mismatch too but its all about the money right? I'd like to see Canelo next but Canelo is not ready for this fight. He's never fought anyone like Floyd and he's gonna get out boxed 10-2 UD. Maybe even get stopped on a TKO. Imagine how many counter lefts Alvarez is gonna get hit with. Time and time again. Alvarez is young so a loss to Floyd won't ruin him. Make the money take the loss and move on. I really just wanted to get that new pic of Maria into the bloodstream anyway.

Radam G says:

You are guessing too hard. Money May's next fight may be against a Redcoat, but it will not be Khan. Put on your thinking caps. Holla!

ali says:

I think maybe the Pac fight can happen next ppl still want to,see it and im pretty sure Bob Arum wants to cash out with Pac. Mayweather has fought a guy coming off a loss before and it happened to be against another fast lefty in Zab Judah. Maybe im talking crazy but,im pretty sure Mayweather would love to add to his legacy and what better way to do that then to fight Pac at this point

amayseng says:

He won't fight PAC.

the Roast says:

Pacman needs a win before he is considered. Last time we saw Manny in the ring he was face down, out cold. Hard to sell a competitive fight to the GP.

Radam G says:

Not exactly true, the Roast! Back in the day, after Duran quit on SRL, lost to a marshmallow, and was KTFO by Hitman Tommy Hearns, the GP still came to see him whup up on Davey Moore. And what about way, way back in the day, Jersey Joe Walcott got kayoed three or four fights then upset Ezzard Charles? And what about Lenny Lewis in coming right back out getting kayoed? And even just go back to Floyd Patterson gefting knockdown seven and then out by the Swiss guy and then came right back and becoming the first cat to regain an undisputed world heavyweight title.

Da Manny is fine. But you will not be seeing him in a top rumble because of pridefighting of the one who got a gift decision over him and the Hulkquez who got a lost-saving kayo over him.

Da Manny is finished fighting on the U.S. mainland anyway for a while. Evil ______ got hard-ons to robbed him for now on. They want to stop this new rising of Da Manny. Holla!

Matthew says:

Duran was kayoed by Hearns AFTER he beat Davey Moore (almost one year to the day, as a matter of fact). He parlayed that win into a shot at Hagler's middleweight crown.

Radam G says:

I know, Matt! I'm saying that it happened. Not in the order that it occurred. Holla!

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