Amir Khan Gets Buzzed, But Beats Julio Diaz, UD

BY Michael Woods ON April 27, 2013

tss fight report,amir khan, julio diazJunior welter Amir Khan looked to take another step to getting back on the biggest stages, facing off with Julio Diaz in England on Saturday night. Khan bashers believe the Pakistani-Brit is fatally chinny, that his whiskers are too weak to allow him be able to hang with anyone but light punchers, so not many out there dismissed the past his prime Diaz as a no hoper.

Khan exited with a UD12 win, but he went down in the fourth and was buzzed in the 11th against a man not known as a bomber. The judges saw it 114-113, 115-113, 115-112,  for Khan, who, sad to say, can change trainers all he wants, but seems to be stuck with something you can't fix--a subpar chin.

Hard to see what Khan does next; on one hand, his chin makes him must see TV, but you have to make him an underdog against anyone with more than decent pop.

The ex lightweight champ Diaz at age 33 was 40-7-1, while Khan, the ex junior welter champ, age 26, was 27-3 entering. After losing to Lamont Peterson and Danny Garcia, he got back on the bronco with a win over Carlos Molina, and moved up a half step to Diaz.

The Mexican Diaz, now living in LA, started slow in round one.

Now trained by Virgil Hunter, for his second fight, Khan started smart and slow and pumped the jab in the first. A one-two drew claps for Khan at the close of the round. Khan showed restraint by not looking to fire right back, and get into a tradefest, in round two. So far, his focus was superb.

Diaz landed a couple counter rights but it didn't look like he had full pop on this night, early on. Then, in the fourth, he landed left hooks to the head, and down went Khan, with a minute left. He got up with clear eyes and firm enough legs.

In the fifth, Amir moved more, slightly more frantically. But he did do enough work to take the round. In round six, Khan moved laterally, looked to avoid contact. The tone was to Diaz' favor in the seventh, because there was trading, but Khan's right hand landed a few times, hard and clean. A left hook landed clean and scared the crowd, but Khan weathered it in the eighth. Diaz sensed a shift and pressed Amir in the last minute. Khan boxed super smart in the ninth; he kept Diaz guessing and a step behind all round. Hunter after said, "Good job."

In the tenth, Amir got a tiny bit buzzed, off the left hook again, early. He held and then ran. Khan came back, though and was on firm ground for the last two thirds.

In the 11th, Khan was hurt badly. He held on for dear life. A left hook started it and two decent rights had Khan slightly goofy. Diaz pressed in ther 12th and won it, but Khan stayed on his feet, happily for him. We went to the cards.

Showtime will show the bout later tonight, FYI.

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Bernie Campbell says:

This is a washed up fighter Khan faced tonight! Amir looked like sh...! Each time he gets hit he falls to pieces! Hunters not gonna do anything with him! Hes finished! He tries outracing his opponent rather than go toe to toe! If he does confront his opposition, he gets hurt! This guy has to go to school to become an accountant!

Radam G says:

Amir just look fudged up IMHO. He has an obvious psychological problem that causes him not to be able to take a decent punch. He may need to holla at a shrink. Holla!

stormcentre says:

Thats funny. "He may need to holla at a shrink".

Fact is, you can't train your jaw-bone to be too much stronger than it is normally. Kahn has always been chinny, and unfortunately he also makes a lot of fundamental mistakes; including little head movement and average defence.

Still, the guy does have fast hands and has made some good $$$$.

amayseng says:

I don't know how Khan be be such an established pro boxer

yet drops his right hand EVERY time he throws a left.

It's just ridiculous.

Can't blame Freddy roache either for khans inability to take a punch or follow a gameplan

If I was khan I would just fight "B" competition the next few years

and play it safe on the way to the bank.

If he fights a puncher he will be retired in horrid fashion.

brownsugar says:

There are segments during a fight when Khan snaps... And he must go toe-to-toe. Hunter just needs to accept that and teach him when and how to slug.
Hunter needs to be more of a boxing instructor and less psycologist between rounds.

Radam G says:

It is called the sweet science for a REASON! And the game is 75 percent plus MENTAL! And any "boxing instructor," who doesn't know that, should get da holiest double-fudge syet outta da legal mayhem hurt bitness and come to cyberspace sites and perpetrate a fraud of being an expert.

Boxing 101: know how to communicate to your boxer; know when to comfort him/her; know when to cuss him or her the hell out; know when to give him or her the truth; know when to snow job da fudge outta him or her; know when to provoke him/her and know when to stroke him/her.

Boxing 103: know when to mentally patch the boxer up; and if he make excuses, know when to shut him da double fudge up; know when to physically pug him from cuts and mentally pug him up from hearing dumb syet from haters and fake followers and supporters.

Boxing 201: never listen to make-believe syet from faders, basket cases, vaporers, dimwits and know nothings; while you in training camp, don't read cyberspace and real-space made-up bulljive; and know that the game consists of 22 known sciences, and that the most important one is psychology -- just above nutrition.

Boxing 203: if the trainer is not being a "boxing instructor" of psychology FIRST, you are wasting your time and money on his bytch @$$. If a trainer cannot get up in your brain, your @ss will forever be in losing pain. And you may as quit. Because total, full success, you will never gain. Just come to cyberspace, instigate, sneak attack da true-in-da-game dawgs and just let your "absurd" bullsyet rain! Holla!

brownsugar says:

Believe what you want.

Khan was better off as on offensive machine.

If he's going to get KO'D.... Which he will..... because Khan can't fight a 12 perfectly defensive rounds.

He's better off going back to his all out attack mode.

Khans' main flaw is dropping his right while holding his head straight up in the middle when he slugs without variation.
Going the distance with a man who quit against Diaz at lightweight when he was in his prime doesn't bode well for Khans' chances against the winner of Garcia vs Peters or Mattysse.

Does Khan need a motivator...yes they all do.
Does he need a coddler... a counselor... a psyke

Does he need to bring the right hand back into position after launching it...
Very much so.

Schafer is already talking about putting Khan in a championship fight next (so they can get paid before Khan gets upset by a journeyman)

Khans' best chance in any fight is to shoot first.

ali says:

Khan has a lot of bread he should really think about hanging it up boxing is a very dangerous sport. He's just so predictable if u have seen one of his fights u have seen them all. He can't fights on the inside to save his life and all he's going to try to do is jump in and throw combinations. I thought VirgilHunter was going to be able to make him a more complete fights but I think I was wrong on that assessment.

amayseng says:

Brown sugar is right.

If khan is gonna get nearly blasted out every fight he may as well

go all out offensively and try to get his opponent out forst

ali says:

B-sug I thought he needed a trainer that was going to help improve his defense but I think that a lost cause now. Now im starting to think he should have stayed with Freddie Roach cause with him he was a top notch offensive fighter.

Radam G says:

Amir Khan would get kayoed in early seconds of every fight, if he goes ballistic with o-game. Dude needs mental training not to buzz out, just as Doc Wladimir K did when he was getting fudging kayoed because of a head problem. The late, great boxing guru Manny Steward short-circuited that psychological crumbling like a rottened tree whenever you are bytch punched.

Virgil Hunter has mad training game. And top of the top boxing knowledge. Panicking is what is causing the chemical breakdowns in Amir's noggin and sending him spilling. Like swimming, if you start panicking just because water shot up into your nose, ears and mouth, you will lose your stroke and sink. Panicking sends out gotcha signal and naturally causes sinkage. Start panicking just because a pugilist's shot pop you on the chin, temple or jaw and you will go down and a chemical spill of wobby and dizzy hormones will snap into overdrive operation.

Even being really nervous will cause you to become wobby and dizzy and pass da double out. [I have seem fighters passed out while getting instructions from the ref.] Everybodee and dey momma have seem panicking people pass out from making a speech, or ROTC and/or military marching, or just sitting in a room waiting on a date or job interview, or graduating, and/or something adverse happening to a love ones.

My fellow readers and scribes, you shouldn't be so quick to label a glass jaw on a pugilist as being when it is not. Most the time, it is psychological and can be fixed. The late, great Joe Frazier and GOAT Muhammad Ali can tell you that. In the amateurs, they got kayoed in less than a minute. In the beginning of their pro career, they got knockdown numerous times. They both were thought to have weak chins until more psychological and spirited training came in from Eddie Futch for Poppa [Smokin'] Joe, and Drew "Bundini" Brown for GOAT Ali.

If you didn't know, now you KNOW! The moral the story is that boxing is "the threatre of the unexpected." Holla!

brownsugar says:

B-sug I thought he needed a trainer that was going to help improve his defense but I think that a lost cause now. Now im starting to think he should have stayed with Freddie Roach cause with him he was a top notch offensive fighter.

Me too Ali,...

In fact I thought it was the best thing that could happen to him.

But just like in the case of Chad Dawson, it can take years to unlearn behaviors and habits that it took a lifetime to learn. Hopping around to different trainers can be a way to lay the blame somewhere else when things don't go right.

Radam G says:

For the record, Aaron "Hawk Time" Pryor, the greatest lightwelter of all times got drops 11 times -- at this date two more than Khan. And Hawk Time had Five different head trainers doing his career. And a fighter, who can fight, can fight under any trainer. Khan and SuperBad Chad have head problems, and being in the love the wrong-way-for-boxing issues.

Family time andboxing will always crash. There is a time for everything of the sun at the correct time. Holla!

Radam G says:

And what about the very successful Holyfield? Try six! Excuses are for _____ _____! Holla!

the Roast says:

Khan is gonna get killed in there. Floyd will be calling for a fall fight. Canelo is young, he can wait.

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