Donaire and Rigo Do Media Call Four Days Before Bout

BY Michael Woods ON April 09, 2013

nonito donaire, guillermo rigondeaux, hbo, top rank, radio city music hallOn a Tuesday conference call to bang the drums for the Saturday clash between 2012 Boxing Writers Association of America Nonito Donaire and Cuban technician Guillermo Rigondeaux, Donaire (seen in above Chris Farina-Top Rank photo), a Filipino-born California resident who holds the WBO super bantamweight title, said that while he used to dismiss Rigo as a foe, he came around to the idea because the more he watched him, the more impressed he became.

The bout, to unfold at Radio City Music Hall and on HBO, is being promoted by Brooklyner Bob Arum's Top Rank. HBO's presentation will begin at 11 PM ET.

On the call, Arum said he was happy to be back in his native city. He put on a card in Macau last week, and was pleased to say that Radio City would be sold out come fight night.

Some folks think that the bout could be a battle between two chessmasters, a technical exercise where cautiousness and counterpunching and punch avoidance might play a too-large role to make it a fan-friendly event. Both men said that will not be the case.

"I owe New York a good fight," said Donaire, referring to his last time in NYC, on Oct. 22, 2011, when he beat an excessively defensive Omar Narvaez (UD12).

A fight with Abner Mares was first on Donaire's wish list, he said, but that isn't in the cards right now, with Mares' promoter, Golden Boy, and Top Rank, being at odds. Rigo was "the next guy in line," said the 31-1 boxer. Rigo has improved in his last four fights, said the 30-year-old, making this clash possible.

Rigo holds the WBA super bantamweight crown; the 11-0 hitter acknowledged that he gets it that many fans see him the underdog because he doesn't have much experience as a pro. A win over Donaire, though, would mean more than amateur accomplishments, the Cuban said. He said that the fans can expect aggression from both boxers, and that he wants to give them their money's worth.

Donaire said he's on top of the world, because his wife Rachel is pregnant, due in July. He's focused on the baby, yes, but he hasn't taken his eyes off Rigo.

The best line of the call came from Arum. He said he's been traveling so much, he doesn't know where he is. "I went into a restaurant for lunch, and I asked for chopsticks," he said, chuckling. "It was the Friar's Club."

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Radam G says:

Wow! Da BobFather is gettin' on his joky-JOKE! Hehehe! I'm going to miss this trip to Radio City Hall because I have to go to the wedding of my niece in Texas. WTF! A Guamian Pinay is marrying a red-headed Freddie Roach look-alike Bostonian in the Cowboy state -- or is that the Lone Star State?

I will be chopping down on bar-b-cue with chopsticks. Hehehe! But I will have my Holyfield Bar-b-cue Sauce. Get you some of it. It's da BOMB!

"The Filipino Flash" is going to blast the Cuban Golden Oldie. The CGO will last for a bit because he's down with da lefty s***! Even an old and/or sorry lefty have an iota of a chance. And Iota has already betted on TFF. Holla!

ali says:

I never heard Donaire talk so bad about an opponent I think he's trying to get under Rigo skin cuz he wantsRigo to come out offensive minded good luck with that.

brownsugar says:

El Chakal. .... The Jackal... AKA Guillermo Rigondeaux.. A fighter Whose every sinew and Synapse
reeks of the lifetime of hard work and dedication that he's applied to this noble sport...will now be on display as he reaches the culmination of his sacrifice during this Saturday's title unification bout against last years fighter of the year. This is the first time we've seen this much boxing skill and talent in the ring since Marquez dethroned Paqman to claim his belts in the previous FOTY.

WILL the ring savvy and power of one of the best left hookers on the planet be enough to terminate the ambitions of fighter whose experience and insectile grace combine to create possibly the most technically perfect competitor in the sport?.

Donaire has the size and pro experience advantage while Rigor is the more technically accurate boxer.
Donaire has a chin but what Rigor lacks in the chin department he makes up for on defense. Donaire is doing every thing he can to rattle Rigos' chain in the hopes he charge in wrecklessly..but Rigor doesn't attack until he's ready. The Cubans abundant discipline will not abandon him on Saturday... Neither will Donaire's focus.

Two Snipers in mortal combat... A chess match of violence at the highest level. I'm starting to believe an upset may be on the way.

the Egyptians have a god with the head of a Jackal called Anubis... Anubis ushered the living into the land of the dead. Is it Rigondeauxs' purpose to usher Donaire into the dimention of unconsciousness. Or will Donaire clip him with the hook. ....can't wait for this one... Picking the underdog.

brownsugar says:

I never heard Donaire talk so bad about an opponent I think he's trying to get under Rigo skin cuz he wantsRigo to come out offensive minded good luck with that.

You got that right on the money

ali says:

You got that right on the money

First he said Mares and Montiel were better now he's saying one of his key sparring partners is too

Radam G says:

And he is straight-up RIGHT, SCLA Ali! The aged Jamaican-Cuban is raw and a man of straw. Somebody ought to give a new brain, because The Filipino Flash is going to beat the heck out of the one that that chump has. Rigo is a reality boxing match, not some hyped-up television or Big Screen movie.

Da chump is a clown, and he is going down. It's Asian TIME! Forget an American dollar, buy an Asian dime. It is worth more. Holla!

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