Bernard Hopkins Turns 48 Tomorrow!

BY The Sweet Science ON January 14, 2013

TSS LOGOA press conference will be held on Tuesday, Bernard Hopkins' 48th birthday, to officially announce his title bout against IBF Light Heavyweight World Champion Tavoris Cloud. Hopkins will attempt to break his own record as the oldest fighter in history to win a world championship when he faces the undefeated Cloud on March 9 at Barclays Center in Brooklyn live on HBO World Championship Boxing.

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Radam G says:

Ain't nuffin' but a number fo' B-Hop fo' real, YALL! Dude is making the late, great "Old Mongoose" Archie Moore smile and giggle up behind those Pearly Gates. Just imagine doing the Old Mongoose's days, he had to put his age back -- three to six years -- to get a shot because of a youth-craze culture.

Now oldie is in, and aging is no longer treated like a forbidden sin. An old muthafudger like B-Hop will whack and smack a young @ss upside da noggin and bust dat arse and then do pushups between rounds. WTF! OMFG! B-Hop is a BAD MAN! What can you say? But for some reason "Fighter of the Year" -- voted by the elite powers that be -- has never come his way. Maybe because he got da darn Genie Naazim working that magic in the corner. No roids and/or PEDs in his sphere. [Roids and PEDs are in, genies are not.]

"X, you got drawers old than this Cloud, pi$$ punches on him and move from under that Cloud without gettin' rained or thunderstormed on," I can imagine the great and power genie of whup-@ss instruction shoutin' into B-Hop's ear. Hehehe!

(Let's pitch in this Universe what the Genie Naazim might say between rounds. The one who's the closest gets tickets to the next big bout. Hehehe! I'm just kidding!) Holla!

amayseng says:

God bless him.

Hope all fighters fight as long as they are capable.

I'm 34 and with a back injury that at times puts me on the floor for days.

So I say do what u love as long as u can!

Bernie Campbell says:

"I dont lose to White Boys", "Pavlik should emulate black fighters", Disrespecting the Puerto Rican People by trampeling on their flag, Doing Pushups in the middle of the ring after a bogus decision against Pascal in which he never should have won! Ripping old ladies off when he was younger for chump change!
Sometimes it takes some people longer than others to take responsibility as a productive member of society, He can abstain from all the red meat he wants and not have a cocktail at night cause Im not impressed! Hope 48 is a journey to progress!

Radam G says:

Danggit, BC! Hahaha! Holla!

amayseng says:

@bc I feel ya but don't let propaganda get to u personally.

I'm white and I didn't have a problem with bhops "I'll never lose to a white guy"

statement. Different upbringing and events will make people who they are.

Hype is also necessary to build a fight. Either way I'm down.

Robbing ladies is never acceptable and bhops does mucho

Out reaching to help youths make proper decisions as he did not.

And how do u not love the push-ups mid ring

showing up the 18 year younger pascal for taking extended stool time?

I loved it!!

ali says:

Happy b-day to a legend I can't believe hes 48 and nobody has kicked his ***.

Bernie Campbell says:

Yo Amyseng, One must take a stand in whatever station in ones life they live! Hes in a position, he should be responsible! Nevermind the idiot's upbringing! For evrey action there is a reaction or reactions! Dude's got alot of kids that absorb his sh...! Arnt we all tired of this same old story! I guess its more important for him to promote a fight than to take the charitable road! The idiot crossed that line, without remorse! Thats Why I have no respect for his kind! You reap what you sew!

Radam G says:

How soon do we forget? I'm riding with Amayseng. It is all a part of the show -- the circus if you will. Roberto Duran use to do a lot worst. And I can name about 10 HOFers who admitted to robbing old ladies, old men and even blind people.

Boxing reforms a lot of bad boys. Smack talk and acting up are parts of the game. Holla!

The Good Doctor says:

@Bernie Campbell.

Dude, I absolutely respect your stance however if it is the moral/character stance is what you are willing to take, you must dislike a lot boxers and for that matter professional athletes. Tons of superstar athletes have said and done absolutely scumbag type things. Just to name a few:

Muhammad Ali, George Foreman, Mike Tyson, Kobe Bryant, Manny Pacquiao, Floyd Mayweather, Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Lance Armstrong, Randy Couture, Evander Holyfield, Phil Mickelson, Brett Favre and I could go on....

I respect anyone who can look at athletes with a moral and talent compass. Personally, I cannot. I respect athletes for what they do on the court, field, ring, ice or what have you but I separate it from the person. I am not interested in their personal lives or even what they say so much as I probably would probably not be able to watch.

Bernie Campbell says:

Radam G, In case you havent noticed, we live in a different world now! Negativity has no tradition and presidence! The Heavyweight Champions of the World have Doctorate Degrees for crying out loud! We gotta Rabbi that fights! Different World Bro! The Heros and Champions of today emulate the superheros we used to follow as kids! Too much garbage in the world, too many idiots! Theres no more room for them! Absolutely no tolerance! As far as Hopkins doing stuff for the youths, a basketball and a backpack dont cut it! Get his con-behind out there and be a man! Stand up for integrity! Holla!

Bernie Campbell says:

Hey Listen up! Doctor, I try to look at the ingrediants when I buy some food, I dont just buy the way it looks or tastes!

The Good Doctor says:

Completely different dynamic. You cannot separate the ingredients from the food. The ingredients will always effect the taste. I can easily see that Michael Jordan did his wife, teammates, and other people dirty but was one of the greatest b-ball players ever. Mike's sometimes "buttholish" personal life was a polar opposite from his almost exquisite game

amayseng says:

@bc. I completely understand.

Radam G says:

We live in a different world as being public with our education nowadays. Not many people knew that ways back in the days, heavyweight Gene Tunney quietly was a lawyer. I can named a whole lot of degree-carrying pugilists from over 80 years ago. But I will let you find it and/or let the scribes do what they do.

C'mon my man. Don't assumed that boxers have been dumb@$$es until the K-bros/docs came on the scene. There has been popular medical doctors, college professors and scientists in da game who, I've known the whole almost 40 years of my whole compete existence among the living. If I have had any previous lives, I have no recall of them. Holla!

Bernie Campbell says:

You dont have to be educated to be salt of the earth, you dont have to be educated to be a saint! I got a problem with scum! Anybody that lives there life ripping off poor and rich alike, any worker or entrepenuer that puts out inferior product, I take issue with! Its people like Hopkins that people have to carry his burden, and still do!

Radam G says:

I hear ya, BC! Thanks for the input and standing strong for what you see. I got mad respect for you. Holla!

SouthPaul says:

Ol' Dirty Bernard, my nugga'... Hitting mf'ers on the hip trigga' whatever it takes to win. Happy Bday you old anory bastard. We love you!

Bernie Campbell says:

Aint nuthin to do with Love when he sticks a piece up your Momma's behind!

SouthPaul says:


brownsugar says:

Happy b-day to a legend I can't believe hes 48 and nobody has kicked his ***.

Nice Quotes from the Good Doctor,..and Amayseng...couldn't have said it better.....

Hopkins has never been my favorite boxer.. he really disappointed me by stinking out the Calzaghe fight... especially after he talked all that trash and didn't back it up. Had Bhop applied himself a little more as opposed to putting on the type of theatrics you'd expect to find in Vaudevillian plan, he may have pulled that fight out..

Instead he got beat by that "WhiteBoy"... in one of the most humiliating and least entertaining fights ever televised.

I thought he was done... gone forever into that shadowy abyss called retirement. Lord knows he shoulda been too embarrassed to show his face again.

But he defied all logic and expectation as he vowed to continue his campaign while a legion of boxing fans groaned in anticipation of another frustrating and dissappointing performance by "PoPs Bhop".

That is When I finally truly started to apreciate the fighting Grampa.

What an inspiration he's been to us Fellow Grandpas and GreatGrands all over the boxing Universe...

After beating Pavlik and Pascal twice Bhop found his second or possibly his 3rd prime which is unpresidented in modern boxing.
sporting his bedraggled white whiskers in to the ring while schooling guys a whole generation younger.

Mock him, Curse him,.. drag his name through the mud and the slime and his name will still shimmer like Gold plated Platinum Gold a hundred years for now... (he'd probably get enough motivation to rise from the grave knowing BHOP). What he lacked as far as being a PPV draw, he made up for racking up acheivement after achievement..

Happy Birthday Young Man.... I wish you the very best in life and hope you can pull out another amazing performance as you embark on your next journey of blood, violence and redemption against Travoris Cloud... I wouldn't miss that one for anything in the world.

brownsugar says:

One thing I've learned from BHop is "AnyThing is Possible"..... You can Do eeeet.

Bernie Campbell says:

Seems like all you friscoes want to put your point accross on the facts that I stated on the biggest stain in boxing since Sonny Liston! This guy aint no hero! He has fought weak opposition throughout the journey! He ducked Michelewski dude doesnt fight abroad, doesnt. like to fight out of his comfort zone! Gave lip service to Adamek, DeLa Hoya was too old and too small! Never fought Glen Johnson in the later years! Winky Wright was a Jr. Middleweight, Kelly Pavlik was fresh fish, Antonio Tarver was washed up! This guy finds out how to beat you? Tell it to all his victims that got him in jail! And tell me who was the big loser!

Radam G says:

Wow! I never knew that "Night Train" was a stain on an already seedy sport. B-Hop looks like a choir boy if you compared his criminal days and fight days with John L Sullivan, Rocky Graizano and Jack Dempsey. Wow! And what about Ron Lyle and Michael Nunn. And tell me about Tony Ayala. Read the book of "Big" Rev. George Foreman. He was a bully and criminal as a teenager. He snatched purses, stole wallets and busted up people for staring at him too long. He was saved by the Job Corp where he learned the hurt biz.

A lot cats make mistakes during their teens, spent in jail, but straighten after getting into legal mayhem. Holla!

dino da vinci says:

Good Doctor, Ali?

ali says:

Bernie we all fall short of God glory, I think you can still can become a hero even after doing so much dirt. If B-Hop is truly sorry about what he has done in the past and is really in the community trying to make a difference then he can be a hero in my eyes.

Bernie Campbell says:

You friscoes havent been reading! "I dont lose to white boys"! "Pushups at Pascal fight", "Patronizing Pavlik by saying he should emulate Black Fighters", "Trampeling on the PR flag!" "Praising himself and his mediocre legacy if you give him a microphone"!
You judge a tree by the fruit it bears! "Biblical verse!"

Radam G says:

Just talkin' smack! It is all part of the game. Nobody ever judged the late, great Jack Dempsey for saying that he doesn't fight the N-word fighters when the fair minds of the media asked him why he wouldn't fight old Jack Johnson, who was calling him out, and the young "Brown Panter" [word misspelled]. Holla!

The Good Doctor says:


Actually I have been reading. This "frisco" reads well. The first thing I would say is relax, this is not that deep. Secondly, as I stated earlier, if you are going to be the moral police I have no problem with it just be consistent. And thirdly, since you want to inject the bible into this:

King David: Adulterer and Murderer
Abraham: Habitual Liar
Moses: Dishonored God, Quick to Anger

Now I know that those listed above are great men of the bible among others. They fell short but they also did great things and are regarded as greats of the bible. Now in no way shape or form am I saying that Bernard is of biblical stature but I am saying that this man has redeemed a life that was destined to be spent behind bars. Just because Bernard screwed up in your eyes and said some sideways things does not give you the right to completely downplay the good he has done. Remember this too:

Romans 12: 9 Love must be sincere. Hate what is evil; cling to what is good. 10 Be devoted to one another in brotherly love. Honor one another above yourselves.

Seems to me you should try your best to see both sides of a person. In addition, we have all done some terrible things (sinned if you like to say) in our lives and I have no problem answering to them. I am not saying they are right or that its okay if I make it a continual behavior. However, I am a good guy and have no problem saying that. I arrive at that fact by knowing that if you look at the total person, I am lot more good than bad and striving to be better everyday. Also without knowing you, or Ali, BrownSugar, Radam, I know I can safely say that this is the case for most people.

amayseng says:

@ the good doctor.

Excellent post.
Seriously u hit it on all cylinders.

@bc. I completely understand your view but you have to look
both ways.

Bernard has never been in trouble since.

He has turned his life around and has spent time returning to the prison
to educate prisoners on a second chance and how to do good.

I also read an article years ago where he took to a young cancer patient who ended up passing away.

He has reached out and done good beyond what is seen

The rican flag was a crazy idea but was all for hype an Trinidad's mind.

deepwater says:

hopkins knows how to play the art of war with your mind. he gets under evryones skin on purpose and he already started in with the mindgames with cloud. fun to watch. bhops says racist things but so does everyone else. freedom of speech is not to talk about the weather.

brownsugar says:

BHop said he refused to fight Vernon Forrest because he genuinely liked him,..... and once the fight starts the prefight mind games get so real, the damage cannot be undone... he said he doesn't carry any animosity against his opponent,.. it' business he said but he admitted the process of the prefight mind games warps friendships in a way that makes it impossible to go back to the way they were.

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