John Molina Stops Dannie Williams on ESPN

BY Michael Woods ON January 11, 2013

FNFJohn Molina threw two jabs, and a right follow, on the temple, which sent Dannie Williams to the mat in the main event of Friday Night Fights, which unfolded at the Pueblo Pavilion in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Williams tried to get his senses back, but his neurons were too scrambled; at 2:16 of round four, Molina had his hand raised.

Had to be a helluva feeling, as Molina felt the sting of defeat when he got rubbed out in round one in his title shot, in September, against Antonio Demarco. There was an extra zing in his celebration, understandable coming off the shocker quickie defeat.

In the first round, Williams didn't come out and blast Molina, try to give him a little brown acid flashback to the Demarco loss.  Williams, 22-2 entering, ate clean shots at the end of the first. Molina, 24-2 coming in, is 30 years old. The Cali resident had won six in a row before getting walloped by Demarco. In round two, the longer Molina was getting outjabbed early. The Missouri native Williams, age 28, now living in Youngstown, Ohio, seemed to want the round more.

To start the third, an accidental clash of heads buzzed Williams. Molina warmed up and got busier in the fourth, though. He sent Williams down, and out.

---Austin Trout, a Nex Mexico resident, sat with Tess and Teddy. He said he's hoping to meet Canelo next.

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the Roast says:

Nice KO win for Molina but I don't see him going anywhere. Williams will say/or may have been dazed from the headbutt in the previous round. Molina peed his pants against DeMarco who is also not going anywhere. How old is Volero Jr. now? Glove that kid up soon and wait for the fireworks. And Trout, don't hold your breath waiting for Canelo. That aint gonna happen.

Radam G says:

Ditto the Roast! Holla!

ali says:

One bum beat another

deepwater says:

is jack loew the driveway man still training fighters? loew sure taught kelly pavlik to punch out a lightpost or drive an atv through a wall. ban bad boxing coaches and save a life.

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