Boxing Year in Review-July 2012

BY Michael Woods ON November 30, 2012

BronerEscobedoWeighIn LovellScale Fails occured too often this year and one of the biggest was Adrien Broner's in his fight with Vicente Escobedo. The Cinci superstar-to-be ruffled feathers in old-school types when he chose not to go the extra yard in paring down to 130 pounds.

He was 133 1/2 at the weigh in, but rather than do sauna sessions and treadmill work, he said heck with it. The July 21 fight went on, Escobedo got some extra dough to soothe him and then he got stopped in round five. With so many weight classes, one wonders how guys are missing weights so often. This sport does leave you wondering a lot, doesn't it?

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ali says:

$hit happens!! missing weight is nothing new in boxing.

Radam G says:

Actually it is, SCLA Ali. That is some sorry-@ss New Jack jive. Old school virually almosts made weight. The whup-arse cat just knew how to do it, and did it. These cats like Broner and Money May never had intentions of making the weight. They were simply running cons. Holla!

Radam G says:

Now those bodies in the above foto are old-school-ectomorph bodies. Not dat Marquez's newly Hulked-up on PEDs-and-roids syet. Holla!

dino da vinci says:

@Ali. No, no, no, no. Yesteryear, men made weight. Today, you don't have to make weight and they put you on the cover of Ring Magazine. Nat Fleischer is spinning in his grave.

@Radam. Quick question at one of my favorite humans. The morph we witnessed with your alter-ego, was that PEDs-and-roids aided?

brownsugar says:

As reprehensible as Broners flat refusal to make weight was... Al Hayman along with, Broner's coach and management should have known that Broner was having extreme difficulty getting down to junior lightweight. Broner had to jog, **** and spit for 3 hours the day before the fight in his previously fight. That's why Hayman was so quick to pay 6 figures to insure the fight would go on. All Bernstein had a video somewhere describing the events as he was on site to announce the action. Broner however did himself no favor with his less than tactful reaction to the media. Somewhere in the southwest Escobido and his new family are doing very well for themselves after receiving that bonus check .....we haven't seen or heard from Escobido since his emotionally charged postfight interview.

brownsugar says:

Broner still has much to prove.... I'm hoping we'll all find out in 2013 as well as the answer to other questions posed on this thread.

Radam G says:

Ddv, I'm straight crazy -- I mean organic. Hehehehe! The PEDs-and-roids aided morph ego of yours truly comes from eating too much balut, and washing it down with shark blood and beet juice. Fermented coconut juice sends me loco. And my evil-twin wifey holla at me to cut it out, or I'll be solo. And I'm no dodo! Holla!

SouthPaul says:


I have a question for sort of confused on your PED stance. The EAS whey protein powder in my pantry ... Is That a form of PED Marquez could've been taking ? Or, you referring to hardcore ... Behind the counter ...across and over south of the boarder banned type goods (this question is In response to multiple comments you've made - and to one in particular swipe you threw at Marquez on the Brown Sugar year end award thread)???

Radam G says:

Yup! That whey protein power is definitely a legal PEDs that could have been taken with the illegal one that he did take. It is a hard fact, jack. About 75 to 90 percent of the bum fighters take that illegal syet . And above half of the skilled top dawgs take dat super hardcore jive for eye candy effect.

I don't mind bursting bubbles. I will always tell it like it is. In plain sight Marquez was hiding his usage on HBO 24/7. That jive falling Angel Heredia got the "Memo." And he gave Marquez the demo. In of those in da know, he can only fool a zero, and maybe a bimbo. And couldn't do that to a hanging-boxing ho! Holla!

SouthPaul says:

Thanks for explaining that in only the way Radam can....lmao.

I too saw the UFC bozo on JIm Rome. Funny cat but someone needs to whisper in his ear...just because you may be a gimmick ...doesn't mean every one else is.

Radam G says:

I am glad to have been of service. But let me holla at ya' fo' a sec. Our hurt bitnezz is da sweet science -- actually a combo of sciences, physically, mentally, nutritionally, financially and culturally. And what a pugilist uses in his/her body is very important. The head of the list is looks. That is the way that the powers that be get people to open those purses and pocket books. It is all about money, ain't a d@mn thang funny!

Back in the day, and way, way back in da day. Big muscle were not in. And the powers that be, the fans, fanfaronades, and groupies treated one with Hulk-@$$ muscles like a man/woman/gay of tin. Now every jokers, five hos and a couple of gays going, "Oh SH*T! WOO! WOO!"

"Look at da on DAT!"

And this jive is affecting the science, art and poetry of the game, because most bodies and dey fat-@ss pops wanna see eye candy freaked-up arse big abs, shoulders and arms on the fighters. Danggit! And the judges favor those giant-muscled-up weaklings over the righteous, luv-ya-long-time old-school ectomorph body types.

So nowadays to compete, about 85 percent of all the fighters are on dat syet. Even if you lift weights, eat right and use your supplement of whey protein, you are not going to bulk up with boxing-style training. That type of training burns the v-fat that one needs to keep. Proper-training boxers store s-fat, and that is why they lose so much weight so quickly.

Don't tell me that you haven't notice how these muscled-up jokes gain about four or five pounds after weighting in for the bout the next whole-day plus? Money May has gotten so smart with it that he won't weight in the night of the bout. My friend, the sure to know about uses of dat syet is lack quick weight gain -- water weight gain!

These users are proned to get excessively injuried, and this why they take so long to fight between bouts. Having that v-fat that usage gives, the users constantly tear skin and muscles inside the lining of the body, feet and arse. Users lose a lot of the s-fat and collagen that the body needs. YUP! There is a prize to pay for using that jive. And the game is seedy prizefighting.

The legal jive that is taken is L-Arginine, L-Citrulline and maca. This combo of supplements gives you nice-looking muscles and mad energy and stamina. And not that destruction that you have and get when your boxing career ends. And is if you are lucky enough not to go the way of Lyle A and FloJo. I won't name any boxers yet. I am going to let the scribes do what they do. One already scribbled out about Money May's usage and the powers that be turning their big-@$$ craniums. Hehe! Holla!

SouthPaul says:

Talk about willlldin' west You're seriously half crazy but it's totally like tha' of a slick, sly, wicked crazy mentally ill fox. I approve! Lol. My only fear with some of these poetic rants may lose some folks half way thru which is too bad for them becuz they will have missed a history lesson class... 5 period biology ... All in one post. You inspired me to pour out my EAS whey powder but the wind was blowing and it got all over me (think Big Lebowski when John Goodman was spreading Donnie's ashes).

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