Vet Darchinyan Still Has Game, Gets UD10 Win Over Del Valle

BY Michael Woods ON September 29, 2012

189Vic Darchinyan knew he needed a win, knew that if he wanted to stave off the end of the line, he needed to get the W over Orlandito De Valle on HBO's Boxing After Dark, which unfolded at Foxwoods in Connecticut. Now boxing at super bantam, the 36 year-old Darchinyan was seen as the scalp, the steppingstone, the potential dazzling add to the Puerto Rican's resume. He spit on that notion, and showed the kid that he needs to add to his arsenal to get to Vic's level. After ten rounds, Darchinyan had his hand raised, and showed the boxing world that he's not old news, by scores of 99-91, 99-91, 96-94.

Evil Vic (born in Armenia, living in Australia; 37-5-1 with 27 KOs entering) came in off two losses, to Anselmo Moreno and then Sin Yamanaka, in bantamweight clashes. Would he be able to right the ship?

In the first, Del Valle (16-0 with 11 Kos entering; living in NJ, from Puerto Rico) looked peppy, not long in the tooth. He looked to be the attacker, took the action to the 25 year-old early on. Vic had good luck through three and the fight was his sort of scrap, a rumble. A cut opened on the kid's nose in the third, and you know Vic liked the sight of that. He looked to counter more in the fourth, tried to make Del Valle pay for his mistakes. That he did...And sneaky headbutts also left a mark on the Puerto Rican.

"Give me the angles and move to the sides," trainer Ray Rivera told Del Valle after the sixth. Vic's corner said to start everything with the jab, and the stoppage would come. Harold Lederman had it 6-0 to that point. A right in the seventh buzzed Vic, but he shook it off, and came back to bang. He loved the uppercut with the left hand and it scored again and again. Vic got hurt in the ninth, and he looked to hold. But he kept on raging, and both men gave a fine account of themselves in round ten.

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deepwater says:

Damn good fight. Both guys got balls. Vic really enjoys hurting people

deepwater says:

Escalera is a stiff

deepwater says:

Lou dibella knew Escalera was over matched. Not cool for a main event. Other 2 Fights great fights.

ali says:

Vic uses his head as part of the combinations he throws. Jab, cross, head SMH..Didn't like any of the fights last night but I was impressed by Rodriguez.

deepwater says:

That's pro boxing for you. As long as the ref doesn't call it it's legal. Plus it's nothing new Vic fights the same rough tough type a fight all the time so the kid new what type of fight to expect.Vic hasnt lost to any slouches and has got a few fights left in him.the kid hung tough and took a bad beating but was in it until the end. I don't know why guys bring their mom to their fights its kinda hard on them I would think.

SouthPaul says:

Great effort by Del Valle last night. I wouldn't mind seeing him again based on that.

Radam G says:

Naku! diri kasabot 'ya, SouthPaul. Dude got da hebejeebeez whupped outta him. And you would not mind seeing him again taking an "unforgivable" beatdown. Dat cat had a bad corner. It shoulda threaten to stop the bout just to make the kid listen and move to his left. Evil Vic cannot handle any righty who moves in that direction. Holla!

SouthPaul says:


The effort, not the beating. The kid put forth a very good effort. The will to win was there.. The will to win usually makes for entertaining based on that.. Yea... He'd be worth a watch again. Forgivable inexperience.

Radam G says:

OOPS! I musta' fo'got! Now I agree with that. The kid was a warrior, and went out on his shield fighting and tryng to the end. Holla!

ali says:

I thinl Rodriguez vs Anthony Dirrell would be a hellva fight

Radam G says:

That may not be a good bout. Anthony Dirrell is still fugded up from a motorcycle spill. These young fighters nowadays haven't learned what is dangerous -- hos and motorcycles. Those hos take your legs, money and strength away. And those motorcycles take your game and sometimes include your life away. Holla!

the Roast says:

Good fight, should have been the main event. I agree with deepwater, Escalera was not ready for prime time. Vic keeps his career alive and Del Valle goes to school for ten hard rounds.

ali says:

Radam LMAO!!! Them ho*s take your legs money & strength away

deepwater says:

The ho s do take your money and strength away. Lol. Best thing I tell them is, my money stays in my pocket. They know I know .lol

Radam G says:

I didn't mean to come out as a comic. Seriously, though! I know about 10 male fighters and two female ones who could made some noise. But they couldn't stay away from the hos -- female ones, male ones and she-he ones. Matter of fact, back in da day, a fighter outta Philly was killed by his girl when she caught him gettin' on da nasty with a she-he ho.

Those numbers of fighters, that I mentioned above, had to leave the game because they tested positive for HIV, AIDS and some other banded jive passed by hollering at "em [nasty] hos."

Hos are what brought down Iron Mike Tyson in Tokyo and against Lennox Lewis. Like I said, hos take your money, legs and your strength -- mentally and physically -- fudge up your career. Ho banging is what got "Brownbomber" Joe Louis back in da day against German Max. Ho banging got GOAT Ali weak legs, no strength and an arse thrashing and broken jaw against Kenny Norton. Don't hos when you are boxing. Banging the bags and opponent, not the hos.

I'm not going to even holla at the motorcycle mishap that I know about. I lost too many friend to death and cripple-for life with that jive. Holla!

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