ESPN's Stephen A. Says Floyd Is "Ducking" Pacquiao

BY Michael Woods ON September 21, 2012

MayweatherCotto Hogan 85Stephen A. said he now thinks Mayweather is ducking Manny, after Manny said Floyd in their January phone call expressed fear of losing to the Congressman. (Hogan)

There are those that say that nobody cares about the fourth tussle between Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez. They've been there, done that, I've seen that, I will do something else the night of Dec. 8. Alright, you go ahead and watch what indignity the Kardashians are into, or whatever. I will watch, and guess what, if you are a true boxing fan, I am guessing after all the grumbling, so will you. Because if the memo got caught in your spam folder, I got news for you: this is the boxing "business," and this feasible match is the one that puts the most money on the table for the principals. I like it when every now and again money gets left on the table, and a less renumerative matchup gets made, because the fans and/or the fighters demand it? Of course I do. I'm a "47%" sort of guy, one who knows at the end of the day, money is nice to have, and I like to have enough to meet basic needs, but if all you are doing is chasing it, and idolizing it, you are missing the point in life, and part of me pities you.

End rant...

Yesterday, Pacquiao, age 33, and Marquez, age 39, hit ESPN in Bristol, CT., and sat down at the "First Take" table. They chatted with host Stephen A. Smith, who asked why we're seeing a fourth scrap, when, it can be argued, we've already seen them fight on even terms in three other fights. Marquez, whose English has improved considerably over the years, said we're seeing it because it will be different, because something has to change. "I need to change, I don't know what, but I need to change," the Mexican said. Smith apologized to Manny, who grinned that Manny grin, and said he thought Marquez won their last tussle, last November. "Why change something that works?" Smith asked. Marquez maybe needs to be even more aggressive, he answered, because he got no love from the judges with his previous tactics.

"I need to get back the aggressiveness I had," Pacquiao said, of his strategy for fight four. Basically, both men said that they are gunning for a KO, as they have not before when facing each other.

Co-host Skip Bayless, with those Manson lamps boring in, asked Marquez who'd win a Pacquiao-Mayweather fight. "I think Mayweather," Marquez answered. He said he thinks Floyd is the best defender in the game, and that he would exploit Manny's aggressiveness. Manny hits harder than Floyd, though, Marquez said. Smith said he thinks Manny is "too small" for Mayweather and his aggression would be, as Marquez said, be used against him. He'd lose by decision or maybe even get caught late. Manny cited Hatton and De La Hoya's success against Floyd, which he said came when they attacked him, pressed him. Floyd likes to maintain distance to his liking, Marquez interjected.

Is Mayweather afraid of you, Manny, Bayless asked?

Manny chuckled, hesitated, and said, "I think it's kind of that." Bayless concurred.

"What is stopping (a Mayweather-Pacquiao fight)? No guts, no glory, for your man Floyd. Isn't that right, Floyd?" said Bayless, staring at the camera, on the Friday morning episode. Smith shared on Friday that Pacman told him that when Manny and Floyd talked on the phone back in January, Manny said, "Money" asked him what if he lost, and insinuated that would be horrid, because boxing is all he has, while Manny has a political career to fall back on. Smith then said he wouldn't counter anyone who said that Mayweather is scared to fight Pacquiao, a change in stance for him, because Pacman had nudged him closer to being convinced that Floyd fears a loss to Pacquiao. Smith was moved by the fact that Pacquiao laughed "hysterically" at the thought of Mayweather beating him, during an apperance on his radio show. "I have never seen anybody call out Mayweather this way," Smith said. "I have to believe Floyd is ducking him," Smith decided.

Smith said he liked Marquez to beat Manny by decision on December 8.

Manny also agreed on Thursday to take a lesser split, 45 to Floyd's Mayweather 55, whereas a few months ago, his stance was that an extra 10 percent should go to the winner. "As far as the drug testing, no problem, whatever he's requesting," Pacquiao said of Mayweather. "Even the night of the fight, no problem."

ESPN made good use of both men, having them do a Face to Face question segment, and had Manny take questions on a SportsCenter segment, as well.

Good to see the Worldwide Leader giving boxing some love.

Note: Floyd has been laying low, while news piles up, but I did reach out, to see if he wanted to touch on the Smith stance. I will keep you all apprised...

Comment on this article

deepwater says:

smith has the same head as devon alexander. his damn hairline starts at the back of his dome. I wouldnt waste 5 minutes listening to smiths nonsense. I rather listen to the barber at the barber shop, he knows more about boxing.My barber has been saying floyd is ducking for years so lets put an article on here about my barber big al. big al dont watch the kardashians unless it was that lame sex tape that came out. juan a lil too old for this 4th fight.

amayseng says:

stephen A smith is a joke, always has been always will be....

either way, floyd choose to make the fight non negotiable. an even split was fair or 10% to the winner as well.

floyd is the best boxer and pac is the best fighter, but floyd wont bend to an even negotiation... just like cotto said this week of floyd, if he wanted to make a fight he would have sat down and negotiated terms to make the fight....

ultimoshogun says:

Stephen A. Smith needs to stick to NBA and STFU about boxing. I love how Caliendo shows Stephen A. just how ridiculous he sounds whenever he opens his mouth.

vinnieq says:

"Skip Bayless" as we know him is an idiot... So anyone who is willing to put his intelligence/wit on the line against him on a weekly basis professionally or unprofessionally is even more stupid...
You don't try fight stupidity... Just ignore it.. I was hoping you would knock Smith's integrity a bit more in this article... For the guy who's supposed to have the "intelligent" argument on the show, he's an awful arrogant hypocrite..

vinnieq says:

Mark Cuban attacking Skip Bayless.. (Check it up on youtube)
Hadn't much respect for him before i saw that.. That's how great a job he did for bringing Skip Bayless down to earth... ...for 5mins.. Or at least give him a picture of how things actually work in sports..

deepwater says:

the editor and smith both work for espn. smith makes 2 million a year by sounding like a joker. if the editor did not work for espn this article would never have been written or seen the light of day. seems like a washington dc dirty deal.

Radam G says:

Life is a bytch! And then you die. For me, Argentina and nobody else don't cry. Jive Fam May and every single lie. Glove up! And Da Manny will swat your arse as if you were a big, ole, nasy, buzzin' Sin City house fly! Holla!

vincent love says:

The only thing that will make this fight happen is " WINNER TAKE ALL "...

ali says:

Who cares what Skip or Steve A thinks when it comes to boxing. Now Pac is saying he would take less and the test all of a sudden why didn't he do this at the beginning? Another thing is he's not the one doing the negotiating its Bob Arum and what he says goes. If Pac would put his foot down and tells Arum he will only fight Mayweather then maybe the fight will happen.

Radam G says:

He has always been in that state of mind, SCLA Ali. Don't start your con-wording fake shyt. Everybody with an iota of honest knows the deal and what time it is. Halt the ghetto fabulous shyt!

Money May pi$$es in his pants at the thought of fighting Da Manny. Da Manny will kayo him EARLY! Holla!

reyoc says:


reyoc says:

Checkin is an always a checkin nothing changes

ali says:

Radam how can u say that has always been his state of min? Pac said he didn't want to take the test 14 days before the fight cuz it would make him weak. He also said he was scared of needles come and that he would only take a 50/50split. Come on triple O.G that's what ya boi said go on YouTube au can't make this **** up.

Radam G says:

Da Manny NEVER said that. YOU need to be sure of your facts and quit the propaganda. And YOU will not find it on YouTube, meTube or my mommaTube. Call a spade a spade and quick making a vicious monster outta a trap door and shade. Da Manny also never said that he would only take a 50/50 split. He simply said that 50/50 would be fair.

The cat, who has been BYTCHIN' outta the fight, has always been Money May. And the truth and the whole truth is coming to light. And you can handle da TRUTH or see da LIGHT! Blinded Fudger! Hehehehe!

Your boxing lord is a Tin man, straw man, cowardly lion and a scare crow. And Dorothy and Toto don't like dat ___ __ ____! SIC him, Toto! Bite him in his scary @ss! Hahaha! Deal with it and MAN up and G UP, SCLA Ali! Holla!

SouthPaul says:

I think every fighter fears and worries about that first loss or any at all but as far as actual fear like scary cat frightened type fear... I doubt Floyd is that of Manny Pacquaio. Floyd's been holding it down for a long while now ..tons of confidence and courage because it.. So I doubt he's shivering and shaking over Manny.

We are witnessing a power struggle. We are witnessing revenge. Gotta make Arum pay for all the times he didn't meet the needs of a spoiled brat. The sport ain't paying Manny's tab... Money MAyweather Inc,. That's who writes the checks. Got it!? I ain't mad at Floyd for trying to pull the wool over some folks but we here at TSS know better than all that propaganda. Team MAyweather on a huge ego trip. Ellerbe was just quoted a few days ago reconfirming all I said in a sentence. La Times.

The laugh of the week is Floyd having to write Manny a check for over a hundred grand. Yea, I'm sure he's had storms in clubs making it rain that amounted to more than that amount but it's still funny to this poster when I think about all the PED talk coming from him but went silent for the deposition. Where's the evidence Floyd? You should've at least walked in with before and after photos of Manny's hands and head. Lmao.

Shoulder Roll Defense says:

Bob Arum controls Manny. At the end of the day Manny can say whatever he wants, but Arum decides who and when Manny fights. Could Mayweather make the fight happen? Yes, but he doesn't need Manny from a economical standpoint, the Cotto fight is a perfect illustration of that (highest purse in boxing history)! Mayweather will probably fight Canelo during the second quarter of next year and Manny will probably retire after losing to Marquez, holla!

Radam G says:

Cut the crab, SRD! Da Manny is a grown-@ss man who controls Da Manny and Da Manny's whole fight biz. Halt already the Jewish hatred. YUP! Just blame an elderly Jew because your boy Money May is chicken shyt, luv to fight women and is a habitual liar.

Dude may be going to jail against for jiving with his other baby's momma. ___ ___ ___ Money May. Holla!

TotoyBato says:

Floyd is not duck, he is chicken.

ali says:

Radam Arum has the final say when it comes to who Pac is going to fighting next period u can't dispute that if u keeping it 100. If Pac had full control over his career him and Mayweather would have probably fought twice already.

Radam G says:

Triple bullshyt, SCLA Ali! You are making up ghetto fabulous propaganda. Da Manny has the final say on all who he fights. He is a grown-@ss man in the 21st Century. So he is not in need of a Moses telling him to double fudge Pharoah and cross the hot-@ss desert to get to the Promised Land.

Da Bobfather doesn't make any Red Seas split or see any burning burshes. He just give the best service for Da Manny, as he did for GOAT Ali. Don't tell me shyt about da Bobfather, unless he redo his hair bush into some Don King look-a-like jive. Holla!

ali says:

Radam your in denial

Radam G says:

C'mon, SCLA Ali! Everyone knows that is you. I'm based into 100 percent reality. False jive does not an iota of good for anybody in the end. The truth always kick dat bytch. And if you had what you say about Da Manny, you would have posted it ASAP! Holla!

ali says:

Your not bias LMAO!! Your more bias then Len/ how long long r u going to preten/ Arum tells Pac who and when/ he's going to fight in the end/ LOL true story

Radam G says:

Quit thinking like a child, SCLA Ali. A time comes that your sunflower-seed-size cojones must grow into at least a raisin size. I repeat! Da Manny is a grown-arse mutli-millionaire who makes his own decisions.

You are well over a 100 years behind time, my "Boys in da Hood" amigo. Holla at Mark Twain. Filipino adults are not part child-minded or part devil. We run shyt in over 60 countries. You bettah (sic) ask somebody.

Da Bobfather is a faithful promoter to Da Manny. He works for Da Manny, not the other way around. And da Bobfather's stepson ain't anything like Don King's stepson. Thus! Bobfather and son aren't slaving Da Manny's moves. DK and son are the ones who are da fudging slavers. Look what that __ __ did to the career of K-9. Holla!

Matthew says:

It's nice to see boxing getting some recognition on the four-letter network, but they really only know two names: Mayweather and Pacquiao. No one should take the opinions Stephen A. Smith or Skip Bayless seriously, as they really don't know the sport the way that Dan Rafael or Joe Tessitore do. As for Pacquiao being willing to take less money and saying that he wants Mayweather "badly", why didn't he say these things 2 1/2 years ago? He had a much better chance to win then; now, I think he loses a lopsided decision. And he better focus his attention on Marquez; a win this time around is anything but a foregone conclusion.

Radam G says:

Wow! And da games dat Money May plays. Compares not to his slickness on his fanfaronades and jingoistic groupies. Da __ __ has been so afraid of Da Manny that he, his pops and uncles made up jive__ __ about Pinoy steroids that could help you walk through bullets.

People who talk like that are to be believed. But only in America. Yanks will believe any type of shyt about any out-group people. Holla!

brownsugar says:

[QUOTE=Matthew;20312]It's nice to see boxing getting some recognition on the four-letter network, but they really only know two names: Mayweather and Pacquiao. No one should take the opinions Stephen A. Smith or Skip Bayless seriously, as they really don't know the sport the way that Dan Rafael or Joe Tessitore do. As for Pacquiao being willing to take less money and saying that he wants Mayweather "badly", why didn't he say these things 2 1/2 years ago? He had a much better chance to win then; now, I think he loses a lopsided decision. And he better focus his attention on Marquez; a win this time around is anything but a foregone conclusion.[/QUOTE]

A good piece for comic relief. I like what Matthew said,.. leave boxing to the big boys.

Mr. Lex Luthor says:

You would think that everyone on a boxing website thread, would know a few basic facts but certain "contributors" to this discussion continue prove that isn't the case. 1. Bob Arum/Top Rank controls the negotiations for all of their fighters. Manny can say anything he wants on ESPN but it means nothing because Arum puts up the front money so he is in control. Reality check, Arum gives Manny seven figure advances. Employees don't make more money than their employers and pay their employers. 2. Skip "Bobble-Head" and Stephen A know nothing about boxing so their opinions mean nothing. 3. It is ridiculous to accept anything Manny says because has contradicted himself a number of times and right now he is obviously trying to create hype for his upcoming fight. 4. Manny does not possess the skill set to defeat Floyd. If Manny struggles against the defense of Bradley and the counter-punching of Marquez, his chances against Floyd are slim to none.

Radam G says:

And somebody doesn't process the skill set to think that he is fooling the whole TSS Universe with one pseudonym after another. If you want to do that, change your syntax.

What will be the next pseudonym you appear under? Perhap the Joker, Mr. Freeze or Crazy Old Bytch -- I mean Crazy Horse-@ss. Holla!

Mr. Lex Luthor says:

That might be the most pathetic response I have ever read. It was not only factually incorrect but it had nothing to do with the topic(s) of boxing, Manny and/or Floyd. To add insult to stupidity, it was an attempt at comedy but that failed too. Pick yourself up, take the 8 count and try again.

Radam G says:

Nothing stings a phony more than to be caught. He never gets up, because he has no cojones to get down. And his weak krytonite couldn't put a dent in Superman's drawers nor could his weak game get a peak at cat woman's pink panties. Holla!

Mr. Lex Luthor says:

Thank you for proving my point by submitting more jibberish. The Sweet Science should do a poll on how many people see your name attached to a response and immediately skip past it because it is unreadable.

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