Threats, Vandalism Force Cancellation of Martinez Workout

BY The Sweet Science ON August 27, 2012


VENTURA, CALIF. (August 27, 2012) -- Threats and an incident of vandalism over the weekend at the Oxnard-based training camp of two-division world champion SERGIO MARTINEZ (49-2-2, 28 KOs), of Argentina,has forced the cancellation of Martinez's Media Day Workout, scheduled for Tuesday, August 28 in Ventura, Calif. Martínez is deep in training for his upcoming challenge of undefeated World Boxing Council (WBC) middleweight champion and Son of the Legend, JULIO CÉSAR CHÁVEZ, JR. (46-0-1, 32 KOs),of México.

"This past weekend Sergio received threats from an unknown source and the car in front of his home was vandalized," said Lou DiBella, Martinez's promoter. "Unfortunately, until we have a security team in place, we are going to have to suspend any and all public and media appearances for Sergio, including the upcoming media day scheduled for tomorrow in Oxnard. We apologize for the inconvenience to the media and fans that have planned on attending tomorrow's event."

Julio César Chávez's Las Vegas Media Workout, scheduled for Thursday, August 30, beginning at 2:00 p.m., at the Top Rank Gym (3041 Business Lane, Las Vegas, NV. 89103), will go on as scheduled.

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deepwater says:

LOL. Sergios car got keyed so the open workout is cancelled!?! LOL LOL. first chael sonnen announces a jon jones pizza special with ,alot of chicken and a 6 pack of beer(delivered so you dont get a dwi) Today is joke day. Chavez looked like a maniac on the faceoff and he won that battle for sure. sergio the anti bully sounding like a bully, he is gonna retire chavez, he is gonna cut up and punish chavez,he doesnt like chavez sr ect ect ect. HEY DIBELLA MAN UP AND HAVE THE OPEN WORKOUT YOU DAMN CHICKENS. holmes vs clooney had real threats and the fight happened. IF YOU ARE SCARED OF A PRANK CALL THEN YOU WILL BE SCARED OF ANYTHING

riverside says:

Martinez sure talks a lot crap, He tried to intimidate and bully chavez during the face off, "they will need DNA to identify JR"...LOL, Now, he is scared of a stalker, he should confront him Just LL cool J, busted the ribs and face of an intruder last week..LOL

Radam G says:

Ditto Deepwater and Riverside. Martinez now has on his skirt after talking all that dirt. Now he's acting like a bytch, because despite all of his smack talk, his arse the son of a legend is gonna beat da hebejeebeez outta of and ditch. Down goes the superhype who got to fame by beat kayoing a marshmallow and beating a drunk.

Give me a BREAK! OMFG! The SOAL beats HYPED-UP Martinez every day of the week and six time on Sunday. Somebody keyed my benz. Hehehe! Dang stalkers. Haha! Holla!

Radam G says:

Maybe Sergio Martinez can borrow a couple of Money May's big uglies. Dude got the ugliest and probably the meanest security team in Sin City.

They probably wouldn't mind hanging out by the City of F_ _ K ups -- I mean City of Angels. They all have baseball bats, basketballs and problems, not wings. Hehehehe! Holla!

deepwater says:

Cool jay is da man for beating that burglar up. And you know may weather isn't gonna share his security. He invested to much steroids and raw meat into those guys. Sergio insults Mexicans when he talks junk about sr. He will get pranked, threats, egged ,bottles thrown cursed and spit on between now and the walk to ring.i doubt anyone would shoot or stab Sergio at an open workout. Sergio should of shut up and be a good example to the bully victim dibella trots out at the fight. It's sad dibella can't put together a decent security team.

ali says:

Some ppl take sports too serious so it was the right thing for Martinez to do

riverside says:

your right Deep! Sergio lives and trains in a heavy Mexican populated area. Chavez sr brought up the issue how Argentines have always fallen to Mexicans in the ring. Sergio should of blown it off! instead of making it a Mexico vs Argentina war. Sergio said he has waited so long to avenge his loss to a Mexican, and said a Mexican will have to pay! Bad mouthing Chavez Sr will not make him very popular in Oxnard either! I predict Sergio finishes his camp in sin city, The momentum has shifted toward Jr, he is going to have 15K borrachos taunting and booing Sergio on fight night. I still think Jr is going to run him off the ring, too big too strong. Sergio gets too much credit for beating an untrained unmotivated hungover Pavlik.

SouthPaul says:

Sergio wasn't bullying him... It's called being straight forward and putting someone on blast on whats about to go down. IMO, JR looked a bit scared and uneasy. I think he knows he's in for a real fight ... Win lose or draw.. Sergio about to test his manhood. War Martinez! Hope he puts that cat to sleep. Night night...zzzzzzzzz. Lmao.

Radam G says:

SM is a wuzzy. This hyped-up dude is gonna be mano y mano in that squared jungle. OOPS! I musta' fo'got! It will be put@-y-cojones! And we know that the SOAL JCCJ is not da put@! Hehehe! Holla!

SouthPaul says:

Juniors the fighter coming in over hyped. Jcc JR; unforgivable hype! Lmao

Radam G says:

It is so ever close to that rumble, and the SOAL JCCJ is gonna make that hyped-up beater of a long-tall marshmallow and a ghostly Ohio drunk PAY. Da muthajoke is as dense as smoke. Ain't Jack solid about SM. Jill would knock his arse off da hill. And make him pay for a pail of water and some wine. Hahaha! Holla!

SouthPaul says:

What I really believe will happen is.. After Martinez powders his diaper.. It'll bring out the obnoxious machismo in Senior and we'll likely see a melee afterwards.

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