IBF Clears Lamont Peterson; Peterson Wants Judah Fight

BY The Sweet Science ON August 13, 2012

TSS LOGOLamont Peterson Retains IBF Title and Cleared for Title Defense Against Judah

(August 10, 2012) “I’m thankful, and I’m thrilled with the IBF’s decision,” said Lamont Peterson when informed that the International Boxing Federation decided to allow Peterson to retain his Junior Welterweight title. Over the past few months, the Peterson camp has worked diligently to defend Lamont in the face of accusations and innuendo following the cancellation of a May fight with Amir Khan.

Throughout the process, Lamont and his team have consistently maintained that Lamont never took any actions intended to provide him with a competitive advantage. In vindicating Lamont, the independent review conducted by the IBF confirmed the Peterson camp’s position. The IBF’s independent physician determined that “the testosterone levels noted in the VADA report are consistent with the therapeutic use of the hormone and not for the purpose of performance enhancement.”

Lamont added, “I want to thank my manager, Barry Hunter, for all of his support throughout this ordeal. There were a lot of naysayers out there, but Barry and the rest of my team never doubted me. My team fought non-stop to ensure that I was cleared.”

Barry Hunter added, “I’ve known Lamont his whole life and always had faith in him. We were
certain that when all of the details were reviewed, Lamont would be cleared and allowed to move on with a title defense and his career.”

The Peterson camp will now work toward a title defense against Zab Judah, the number one
contender in the IBF Junior Welterweight rankings.

Hunter offered, “We never stopped training. Lamont looks great and we’re looking forward to a great fight once we work out the details with Judah and his team.”

Lamont concluded, “I wanted to thank my fans for all of their support during the past few
months. I’m excited to get back in the ring. I feel great and I’m ready to fight.”

About Lamont Peterson: Lamont Peterson is the current International Boxing Federation
Junior Welterweight Champion and the World Boxing Association Super Lightweight Champion in Recess. Peterson sports a 30-1-1 professional record with 15 KO’s and is a former USA and National Golden Gloves Champion. Peterson is managed by Barry Hunter of Headbangers Boxing in Washington, DC.

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deepwater says:

yeah ok. I guess old peterson was laying on the couch to much and not smashing his girl so he just needed theraputic steroids implanted in him. yeah its just the testosterone that gets you off the couch . this guy should be in a geraldo rivera commercial where he sells testosterone to lose weight,get pep in your step and satify your wife more. what a joke. hunter probably bribed the commision and said " look here Im outta money and I gotta get some money out of this kid before he gets knocked out.pleae reinstate him, he wont win anyway and then you dont have to sanction his fights anymore since he doesnt sell 1 damn ticket"

ultimoshogun says:

Sounds like Peterson played the the TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy) card just like a handful of UFC fighters did once they got popped for steroids. As far as these elite level athletes needing TRT, I call bulls**t. Oh well, if the commissions let this go and the opposing fighter isn't crying about it then I guess its all good. Zab vs Peterson should be a good one.

Radam G says:

IBF will not NEVER, NEVER learn anything. I'm GLAD to be one of the pugilists, who sued those crooks, and help sent the founder and head crook Robert Lee to jail back in da day.

The late, great Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall, who is related to me by marriage [He was married to my Cebuana-Hawaiian distant cousin] was so RIGHT!

"There is no different between a black snake and a white one," he said. '[The slimy creatures] will both bite ya!"

The IBF is American African run and as crookie as can be. Yanks talk syet about the corrupted Lebanese-Mexican run WBC alphabet-sanctioning organization, but won't say syet about the cheating and corruption and crookery of the African-American run IBF.

Lamont Peterson is GUILTY of using steroids and trying to hide the usage straight up his @sshole up inside syet cavities. The jack@ss wasn't low on the steroids count. He was on the cheat, plain and simple and got CAUGHT! And if he were any other ethnicity, he'd be suspended and humiliated by now.

Huh! Let me get on my research. I will be back tomorrow with some hardcore jive about why LP was not in danger of a low steroid count. One reason is that nobody develop those type of muscles that he had if that person is on the steroid low. Da muthasucka did not even have a popbelly that being on the low count will give you. Dude had an Atlas's one that would have either shamed or made the muscleman proud. Holla!

brownsugar says:

a young man that needs pharmacutical testosterone on a personal theraputical level.... and being a man that recovered his life by endeavoring to make a career through a vocation like boxing raises red, scarlet, and shatrues flags in every urban boxing gym, jounalist and fight fan in america...

you can see every fiber of musculature in Petersons body like whipcords of steel on a medical anatomy doll.

I'm not indicting him but I honestly don't understand.

that being said, he still has his work cut out with Judah. Go Judah.

Radam G says:

"Steroid pellets require a surgical procedure to insert them under the skin." One does not need to shoot 'em up your butthole smack into feces for benefits for one who is really suffering from "Low T."

Team Peterson and that hoodquack doctor and the IBF are full of bullsh*t. Lamont Peterson is being protected because that is the way that IBF has always rolled with African American fighters. "Protect 'em by all causes and mean necessary -- hook, crook or book, because it is payback for any corruption and cheating that has ever happened to black pugilists." The IBF ought to have some cojones to STAND UP and call a space a space. Cheating is cheating, no matter what ethnicity and/or nationalistic sanctioning commission orgnization are doing it.

It is all right. We all know what time it is. And the hate and mean that hate and mean create.

"Brothas gonna work it out." Hahaha!

Mothasuckas cannot stop being snakes. They all bites. Just don't act like the IBF is better than the WBC, WBA and WBO. Actually the WBC, WBA and WBO will back down when their arses are caught fudging up in PLAIN SIGHT. But, OH, NO! Not the IBF.

See it was made in America to bring in "fairness, law-biting services and justice in professional boxing." Hehehehehe! What some funny jive_ ____ ___ __ _ _. Now diz IBF bytch is acting straight "Ugly American" in PLAIN SIGHT and feeling entitled.

Because silence is GOLDEN for YANK crooks. If they don't make noise about syet, it didn't really happen. See! Da Manny was not really cheated, and Lamont Peterson hasn't steriod cheated, because their is no white noise. Hahaha! "Only in America," bitin' off the words of promoter BIG E, Don King. Holla!

Radam G says:

Nothing on LP was soft looking or flabby to me, and he didn't appear to have a problem with midriff weight and body fat, all signs of low T. The crooks that be want you to believe da muthasucka had symptomatic androgen deficiency -- better known as AD. Its affects are "low libido, erectile dysfunction, osteoporosis, depressed mood, lethargy, and diminished physical performance. Danggit! LP coulda and shoulda fix all that jive by eatin' some Pinoy balut, betamax and lumpiang shanghi. Hehehe!

Dude was just steroid cheating, because he doesn't know properly eating for pulling out maximum performance. "Let food be your enhancer," are the word of the ancient great athletes and warriors. [None dat's some real old, old, school syet!] There is nothing that will give you the edge like proper dieting.

Team Peterson needs to hire a sharp-eyed nutritionist and come off the cheating and IBF bullsh*t witness protection program. Holla!

the Roast says:

I also say go Zab.

ali says:

Radam you are should making a big deal about Lamont Peterson dirty test and I feel you (but not the part about the IBF protecting folks). You should also make a big deal about guys refusing to take a real drugs not one where they just take urine cuz we now they can easily be beat right.

Radam G says:

SCLA Ali, don't loosey said syet. Years ago the "White Buffalo" Fran Botsa came up dirty and alleged that he was using steriods because of Low T. The IBF stripped him without due process. Explain that one. I give you tons of examples of IBF's double standards. Holla!

Radam G says:

BTW, SCLA Ali, professional boxing is not corrupted-@ss Olympic-style boxing. Olympic-style drug testing is simply bullsh*t that another black guy on steroids -- Money May -- brought on the scene to bullshyt his way outta fighting a certain cat, who already agreed to take any test.

SCLA Ali, you are naive, because you let your bigotry blind you from actuality, reality and plain old commonsense. Professional boxing has been around over six scores and doesn't need to be babysit by Olympic [amateur] crooks. BTW, what happen to the superiority of the U.S. boxers -- the Ebonican ones? See that dumb syet about African Americans being bred to be superior athletes didn't scare the world in the 2012 London Olympic Games.

Even in the male Track and Field events of the 100, 200, 400, 400 relay and 4X400 relay, the myths of superior speed because of being bred that way because of slavery didn't amount to a hill of beans. Matter of fact, SCLA Ali, losing the 4X400 relay was the first time in 60 years for the U.S.A. WOW! Call a spade a spade, SCLA Ali! And quit trying sneak attack me with your coverted, subliminal myths of ___ ___ __ ___! Holla!

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