Steve Cunningham Signs With Main Events, Moves To Heavyweight

BY The Sweet Science ON July 25, 2012

Main-EventsTOTOWA, NJ - Main Events announced today they have officially signed an exclusive promotional contract with Steve "USS" Cunningham. Cunningham who has campaigned most of his professional career as a cruiserweight has decided to move up to the heavyweight division.

Cunningham, 24-4, 12 KO's, believes Main Events is the perfect counterpart to successfully guide his career, "I am very excited about this new chapter and signing with Main Events. I'm looking forward to working closely with them as we plan my entry into the heavyweight division." The Philadelphia native added, "It is going to be a welcome change to be fighting close to home again."


Photo credits: Phill Knott

Cunningham, a former Cruiserweight World Champion, explained his decision to step up to the heavyweight division, "Moving to heavyweight has always been a move I knew I would make at some point. After my last fight we sat down and looked at our options: It was either continue at Cruiserweight and go for another world title, but I felt like 'what's the point?' I have been there and done that twice; or I could finally make the move to heavyweight. This felt like the right thing to do."

Main Events has a successful history of transforming cruiserweights into heavyweight powerhouses, including former Undisputed Heavyweight World Champion Evander Holyfield and top rated Tomasz Adamek.

"Steve Cunningham's decision to move up to boxing's top division will make the US heavyweight scene that much more lively and interesting," said promoter Kathy Duva of Main Events. "At 6'3" Steve certainly has the frame to carry more weight and gain strength. We look forward to watching Steve test his skills against the best the division has to offer and expect fireworks!"

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Radam G says:

This is going to be interesting. I think that USS C has little sumptin' (sic) sumptin!' Besides the H-Division ain't __ ___ _ __! Holla!


the Roast says:

Hmmm, Cunningham has a weak chin and gets knocked down often by cruiserweights. I wonder what will happen when he gets hit on the chin by guys who are 30-40 pounds bigger? Hmmmmm....

brownsugar says:

This move can extent his career a little while. But like the ROAST said, for how long?

Radam G says:

The Roast, the extra weight will toughen up his chin. The muthasucka has been get knock down from dropping 25 and 30 pounds of weight. He will be fine with the fatty/tally marshmallows and bums. Holla!

Radam G says:

BTW, the Roast. Cruiserweight is a weakling weight. It show not have ever come into boxing. This pseudoweight brought the giant bums dominating the heavyweight division. A good heavyweight should about 188lbs to 215lbs and 5-foot-8 to 6-foot-3. Holla!

ali says:

Hmmm, Cunningham has a weak chin and gets knocked down often by cruiserweights. I wonder what will happen when he gets hit on the chin by guys who are 30-40 pounds bigger? Hmmmmm....

I was thinking the exact same thing and I bet he gets KTFO by a bum.

Radam G says:

We will SEE! And, in the end, like 90 percent of the time, I expect to be RIGHT! Those in da game and in da know KNOW when a fighter has a chin problem or a problem from getting knocked down so much from weaken legs and feet because it is now TIME to get the double fudge outta of Dodge -- I mean that weight division.

How many times did Tommy Hearn get knocked down as a light-heavyweight and cruiserweight versus as a welterweight/light middleweight/middeweight/super middleweight? That is WHAT I THOUGHT! NEVER! Fighters grow outta weight divisions just like people grow outta of their drawers and clothes and jive.

Eddie Mustafa Muhammad use to get knocked on his arse in fights and sparring sessions when his big a$$ was trying to fight at welterweight and middleweight. Finally, the great trainers in da know convinced his arse to journey to light-heavyweight. And the gettin' knocked down STOP! And he tore UP MUCH a$$ in the division for years.

Now which one of you muthasucka can wear the same syet that you wore when you were 12 years old. That IS WHAT I THOUGHT! Not a single ONE! DAT stuff will be bursting apart like a falling fighter gettin' KTFD because he is absolutely too BIG to be still fighting in that division. [Money May would be gettin' knocked on his arse, if he were dumb enough to keep trying to squeeze into the frame and body of a super featherweight.]

BOTTOMLINE, I will TAKE your bet, SCLA Ali, because you will probably be WRONG like a ___ ____ ___ __ __! And the Roast, TOO! Stay with getting blindsided by the BOOTY Damsels. Hehehehehe! Holla!

ali says:

Radam your right about a fighter losing too much weight it can have an affect on his chin. But I believe Cunningham has a weak chin period hopefully he has a fight at heavyweight soon so we can find out.

the Roast says:

Radam, Hearns fought far fewer fights at Light Heavy and Cruiser that he did at 147/154/160 so the odds favor the fewer fights. Hearns was dropped by the Blade in rnd 3 of the rematch. When you find the next heavyweight contender standing 5 ft 8 and weighing 188 give me a call, I will not hold my breath. If Cunningham gets a shot at Wlad they better have an ambulance close by ringside. Richie Cunningham would have a better chance to win the fight with his corner men Potsie and Ralph Malph.

dino da vinci says:

Some interesting points being presented here.

Move up in weight to be greeted by bigger punchers. Doesn't quite seem fair, now does it.

Radam G says:

Wow! It is quite fair, ddv! Especially if you didn't know that you could also not just gain steadiness of feet, but a BIG punch, because you are no longer trying to fit in an extra small-size body that you have no business in.

Let me remind you of a former heavyweight champion of the 1960s-70s. And that will be the late, greatest boxing guru of all times Angie Dundee's fighter known as Jimmy Ellis.

This dude couldn't punch as hard as my ten-year-old daughter until GBGOAT Angie D put dat arse into where it belonged -- heavyweight. I syet you not! There has been many of a puncher that didn't know how hard that he could hit and take a punch until he made that NORTHWARD move! See! Follow that Northern STAR, and you might go HIGH, HIGH, HIGH! "Greeted by bigger punchers" is more myth than reality. You, too, if you can hit anyway, will become a bigger puncher against those bigger punchers.

I can name tons of fighters who move up and KEPT that punching power. Maybe the superhypes, who couldn't punch anyway, lose syet, because they were fighting marshmallows in the lower weight divisions. Holla!

Radam G says:

@the Roast, the Neanderthal-size superority is a BIG myth in boxing that is going to serve your reality distortion just fine forever and a lifetime. There will never be a NEED for the small fighters to kick the hebejeebeez outta of the sorry-arse Neanderthal-size nowadays heavies, because every elite fighter in every weight class is making money -- much more than the heavyweight division, which use to be the goldmines of moola making in da game, and drew the little men upper to do the beatdown on big targets for dat big moola.

Nobody will ever see the likes of 5-foot-7, 168lbs Tommy Burns slaughtering sorry-arse biggies and tallies. [If it were no BIG money southward of the heavyweight division, Andre "SOG" Ward would have probably already retired both K-bros/docs.] And the listed taller, but barely over 5-foot-8 and 180-somthing-poundage Bob Fitzsimmons, Marvin Hart, Jack Dempsey, Rocky Marciano and Floyd Patterson have forever faded to dark as heavyweights because of these nowadays modern supplemented, pseudoweight divisions and da BIG MOOLA being made in all divisions.

I keep saying it, and I won't stop: The pros' cruiserweight division and the amateurs' superheavyweight one have been a blessing for the nowadays Neanderthal-size heavies. They use to get their arses kick every day of the week and 10,000 times on Sunday until now that they are protected by being given their divisions to save their sorry arses from the ATTACK OF THE LITTLE MEN.

Even in the amateurs in the O-Games, not a single gaint heavyweight won a gold medal forever STRAIGHT until the start of the GAINT MEN winning gold starting in 1984 with not-to-much-of-a-gaint-in-weight Tyrell Biggs winning the first ever super heavyweight division gold medal. If not for that new division of super heavyweight, no gold for a 6-foot-6 1/2 Tyrell Biggs.

Anyway, the Roast, you are about inattentional blindless to the booty damsels. Just the thought of one send your eyeballs on DUTY watching dat BOOTY! Hehehehe! Holla!

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