Arum Asks Nevada Attorney General To Look At Decision

BY The Sweet Science ON June 11, 2012

toprankLAS VEGAS, NEV. (June 11, 2012) – Bob Arum, Chairman and CEO of Top Rank, said today that he has submitted a formal request to the Nevada Attorney General’s office for a full and complete inquiry into the circumstances surrounding the scoring of Saturday’s WBO welterweight championship fight between defending champion Manny Pacquiao and challenger Timothy Bradley. The Pacquiao-Bradley welterweight title fight took place at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

"The public has a right to know. The fighters have a right to know," said Arum. "The only way to restore fans' confidence in boxing is by letting an independent body investigate every detail of the fight no matter how big or small. Sunshine never hurt anyone."

Bradley, the undefeated WBO junior welterweight champion, won a controversial split decision, dethroning Pacquiao on scores or 115-113, 115-113 and 113-115, in a fight most ringside media and fans thought Pacquiao won by a wide margin.

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brownsugar says:

I think the FBI should be brought in as well, confiscate Arum, the judges, and the casinos financial records. Following the money will expose the culprit.

brownsugar says:

A slap on the judges wrist won't root out the problem. ... anymore than merely giving back the belt. The source of the corruption needs to be rooted out. Obviously the mere suspension of judges is not a big enough deterrent.

SALT_LOVER25 says:

Oh yes, yes, sure. Of course he will.

That is so cute! And then Bradley-Pacquiao II is done along the road where he's going to [once more] earn Million$$$$$ like he's doing right now.

amayseng says:

i agree brownsugar.... the damn gov has taken mlb and clemens to court, this week in fact for using peds that help a pitcher throw a few more innings in a season, why are they not involved in robbery, corruption and theft in boxing especially this fight?????

look how much money vegas made off people who bet on pacman to win, even though he did win, people lost all that money and vegas STOLE it all because 2 people out of 676754548797977976765424246777557757662637373 who watched it gave it to bradley...!

deepwater says:

only a guilty man would scream for an investigation. arum=guilty. pacman still looks like a champ.

Radam G says:

Da Sin City stanks ain't gonna do syet! The judges were messed up in the head, PERIOD! And they also had a big TUDE with Da Manny for delaying the start of the bout for an hour, while he got his treadmill warm-up on, after watching what the Pinoy-coached Heat did on the B course.

It was like Filipino NIGHT, and da Sin City stanks were mad, and showed that they had the ultimate power with a CHEAT! Da muthasuckas were even upset that Pinays -- American born -- sang the national anthem of both the Philippines and the United States.

All da Sin City stanks should take responsibility. And everyone and his cousin ought quit trying to blame jive-turkey syet on 80-year-old innocent Jew. Will the Jew hate ever stop?

I guess if the Jewish Jesus come back, riding on a white pony up on a cloud, you muthasuckas are going to become a bunch of da*n Judases and point Jesus out to those darn Romans again. WTF! OMG! Hehehe!

Jesus, if he comes back, better come in stealth bomber fully loaded with nukes. Da fudging world ain't like it was when he was hanging out a couple of thousands ago with his boys and his ho. Hahaha! Holla!

riverside says:

remember 2004, the fbi raided arum's las vegas offfice for evidence of fight fixing, Know He is asking the attorney general to investigate? reminds me of a culprit not caught who return to the crime scene he was just involved to eves dropped on any information that can help him down the line, Savy old man has better of a chance in cleaning his hands asking for an investigation than to stand idle and do nothing.

ali says:

Bob Arum needs to knock it off ain't nobody stupid anyone with a little bit of sense knows he is behind the corruption.

brownsugar says:

Bob Arum admitted to money laundering in 2000 and he also admitted to bribing an IBF Official. At some point Before the fight all the judges, officials and HBO staff had dinner together. All those "old, blind judges" would be hard pressed to turn down extra retirement benefits they could use to feather their nests when they retire. I think promoters wining and dining the officials is very inappropriate to say the least.

SouthPaul says:


Word on hating the old Jewish man. Its too much at this point. Every time something goes wrong in this sport we are hating on Bob Arum for it and there's plenty to criticize but JC ol' mighty its become a dog pile on the ol' SOB. So many ways in which this sport can be fixed, rigged, choreographed, altered and he's only a drop in that bucket. I feel odd even comin' to his defense but 'da boxing community needs to lay off this man and look around at some other sources to the problem. Holla' at a boxing nugga!

brownsugar says:

F@#k Arum.

Radam G says:

Wow! Yup! People just cannot get out of reality distortion and make-believe actuality. They are just fronting any darn way. These muthasuckas did not have LUV for da Manny and are GLAD that he wuz ROBBED. And now they're hanging Da BobFather because it's been in fashion for thousands of years to blame the Jew for everything under the heavens.

I feel ya,' SouthPaul, I feel ya!' Thanks for the honesty. Holla!

SouthPaul says:

Yea, truthfully, he's always been the easiest scapegoat. That ain't denfending the man-- just real talk.

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