Sturm Stops Zbik After Nine Rounds

BY Michael Woods ON April 13, 2012

TSS LOGO!Felix Sturm got the better of former stablemate Sebastian Zbik on Friday night in Cologne, Germany, and retained his WBA middleweight crown.

Sturm had his hand raised after the Zbik corner stopped the clash after nine rounds completed. Sturm, age 33, rises to 37-2-2. He has held a version of a WBA strap since 2006. Maybe now he'll seek out the best of breed at 160, and call out Sergio Martinez, Dmitriy Pirog, Gennady Golovkin, and Julio Cesar Chavez. Universum boxer Zbik, age 30, dropped to 30-2.

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brownsugar says:

Zbik is slick, but has no power,.. and his stamina is average... I like the fact that the TSS recognizes the names that matter at 160, makes me feel like I'm reading one of the more progressive boxing web sites in the business.

Grimm says:

Agree, on both the website and Zbik. He faded quickly, and had his stamina and punching power been on par with his technique he would've been a major force. The stoppage was good, as Zbik had nothing left but only more punishment awaiting.

Sturm may be robotic and pretty one-dimensional, but he's solid, always in shape, and works behind a stiff, effective jab which he often doubles and triples up - and which, in this case, was what sucked the spirit out of Zbik. After round three, it was always a matter of time before Zbik would succumb.

Sturm convinced without impressing, as often has been the case with him, and wouldn't be such an easy push-over against the best eastern europeans as some may think. I'd go with Golovkin in a match-up, but think both once and twice before predicting the outcome vs Pirog.

ali says:

Good win for Sturm but nobody beat Pirog at 160

the Roast says:

Pirog is an overated robot fighter who is rotting on the vine. How many times has he fought since Danny Jacobs?

ali says:

Roast name your top 3 middleweights right now?

the Roast says:

Ali, top three middleweights right now. Sergio Martinez........ok.... Sergio Martinez.................did I say Sergio Martinez already? I got nothing.

brownsugar says:

after Jacobs it's like Pirog got black-balled from boxing... fighting in high school gymnasiums in Russia,.. while guys like Chavez Jr get top priority... well nobody ever said boxing was fair...

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