Island Assault 3: Brian Viloria TKOs Giovani Segura...AVILA

BY David A. Avila ON December 11, 2011


viloria-segura-ppv-206x275WBO flyweight titleholder Brian “Hawaiian Punch” Viloria retained his title with a technical knockout win over former junior flyweight titleholder Giovani “Aztec Warrior” Segura on Saturday on the fight card called Island Assault 3.

Viloria (30-3, 17 KOs) proved the stronger fighter but was never tested in the later rounds when the referee stepped in to stop the fight in Manila. A one-eyed Segura (28-2-1, 24 KOs) just couldn’t see out of his right eye and the referee made a quick decision to stop the title fight. Segura never hit the canvas.

Segura came out bombing lefts and rights to the body and head. Viloria landed a few lefts but took more than he gave in the first round. The ref warned Segura about low blows and it was clear that was the plan for the Mexican fighter to attack Viloria’s body.

Viloria connected with some right hands that forced Segura to slow down in round two. Both traded bombs but it was Viloria who ended up better as Segura returned bloodied  and swollen in the second round. It was unclear if it was caused by a clash of heads or a punch.

A huge welt over Segura’s right eye developed and Viloria’s right hands didn’t help any. The Mexican fighter’s attacks were defused by Viloria’s counter right hands that were landing flush in round three.

Viloria’s left eye was bloodied as both exchanged liberally in round four. Segura landed some good uppercuts but Viloria continued to land the counter right hands. Matching power for power, Viloria seemed to be the stronger and quicker boxer.

The fifth round saw Viloria slow down and allow the Mexican fighter to work his body and head. A right slammed into Segura’s side but he was the busier fighter overall in the round and seemed to win the round despite the crowds favoring Viloria’s every punch.

Both fighters worked the body in round six with Viloria’s seemingly having more impact. A one-two by the former Olympian connected well. Round seven saw Viloria use his boxing skills even more to keep Segura off balance while landing shots as the Mexican fighter tried to get inside.

A check left hook by Viloria connected and the referee Samuel Viruet instantly stopped the fight at 29 seconds of round eight. It did seem kind of quick but the referee was inside the ring and Segura did stagger from the punch he could not see because of the overly swollen right eye. It was closed shut.

“I was patient and I had to pick my shots. I tried to use my speed a little bit. I wasn’t in the ropes at all,” said Viloria who added that he dedicated the win to his former boxing coach as an amateur. “Every punch that he landed hurt, he has heavy punches. I had to just go in there.”

The two-time former junior flyweight champion said the win vindicated him.

“It just motivates you. It’s like good old times,” he said. “I’ve had ups and downs. I want to stay world champion for as long as I can…If you never give up you can still be world champion.”

Post fight note: both Viloria and Segura train in gyms a mere three miles from each other in Southern California. Viloria trains at Maywood Boxing Club and Segura at Aztec Boxing Club in Bell.

Other bouts

Mexico’s Martin Honorio (32-6-1, 16 KOs) captured a split decision over Thailand’s Fahsai Sakkreerin (36-3, 20 KOs) after 12 rounds of a IBF junior lightweight elimination bout. Honorio attacked the body and used combination punches and Sakkreerin’s own aggression to score points especially in the latter half of the fight. Though the Thai boxer was never hurt, he was unable to muster a consistent attack especially when Honorio began tying him up after landing blows. One judge scored it 115-113 for Sakkrerrin, the other two 116-112 for Honorio.

IBF Pan Pacific titleholder Al Sahaupan (18-0-1, 13 KOs) stopped Jonal Gadapan (7-2, 5 KOs) at the end of round four. Several body shots seemed to take the life out of Gadapan in round four including some follow up lefts to the head. Gadapan’s corner waved the fight off.

Philippine flyweight champion Arden Diale (17-6-3) handed Lolito Sonsona (17-1-2, 12 KOs) his first loss while adding the IBF Asia Pan Pacific title. Behind some early work to the body, Diale was able to use overhand rights to keep Sonsona out of rhythm and unable to catch up. Sonsona could not land the left hook and suffered for it by allowing Diale to take the rounds with quick combinations over 10 rounds. All three judges scored it 98-92 for Diale.

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Radam G says:

Yall kno' da TYME! Pinoy TIME, BABBBBEEEEEE! All night and day! Holla!

FighterforJC says:

Viloria deserves this. His career has been through so many ups and downs. This was the biggest win of his life I thought Segura was going to kill him. Glad to be wrong.

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