Seth Mitchell Stops Timur Ibragimov In Round Two...WOODS

BY Michael Woods ON December 10, 2011


163236 1577812817456 1599695799 31753174 3023953 nSeth Mitchell continued his audition to be the next semi-credible American heavyweight challenger--notice I don't even write "champion,"  let's not get ahead of ourselves as a result of our intense longing for someone, anyone from the States to challenge the Klitschkos "--and moved up a notch with a stoppage win over Timur Ibragimov in the top support bout underneath the Amir Khan-Lamont Peterson bout in DC on Saturday night.

Ibragimov (30-3-1 coming in; from Uzbekistan, living in Florida; age 36) weighed 221 pounds on Friday, while the ex Michigan State footballer Mitchell (23-0 with 17 KOs; from Brandywine, Maryland) was 240 1/2. His football ambitions, by the way, went out the window when his knee wouldn't stay unbroken. He had seven operations to fix it. So far, it has stayed functional enough for the ring, if not the gridiron.

Mitchell got tagged on the chin fairly cleanly at 1:40 which made him blink twice. Trainer Andre Hunter told him to use the right hand and not tail off at the end of the round. Mitchell landed a left hook with a minute left in the second, and it scored well. Right hands piled up and the ref had to step in right before the close of the round. The time of the finish: 2:48.

"My Christmas present to Seth Mitchell is, Seth I want to see you again. And maybe again, and again after that," analyst Larry Merchant said.

Stat-wise, Mitchell went 44-138, while the loser went 23-59.

Mitchell told Merchant after that he wanted to blast Timur with the right hand.

What makes him different than other footballers, Marchant asked. Mitchell said he has the athleticism and also isn't cocky, that he works hard.

TSS Universe, what do you think of Mitchell?

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the Roast says:

I enjoyed Seth Mitchell tonight. Good KO. Lets see more of Seth. Uzbekistan, isnt that where Borat is from?

brownsugar says:

Finally get to see Mitchell on HBO instead of youtube. So far every one of Mitchells fights looks the same (action packed). A late starter to the game,..with only 9 amateur fights and pushing 30,.. Seth has to make the best of the most precious element .....time.... He has no choice but work hard and keep pushing the envelope. Having been to college differentiates Mitchell from most of the rest of the young up and comers. You can hear it in his interviews,.. he has a vision and a plan.... and knows who to cater to the general Public while not getting ahead of himself (Amir Khan). He's also very respectful of the current champs and knows he's got a steep uphill climb before he's ready to make a move for the title. I'm impressed, I hope he stays on track and continues to improve and develop. I was looking for Timur to put up far more resistance.

mortcola says:

Not bad. Reminded me a little of a young Tim Witherspoon the way he throws his punches, good instincts and patience. And power's at least good, maybe better. On the other hand, Ibragimov nicely outboxed him for about a minute and a half. Can't wait to see what happens when Seth steps it up to the next level. And, no, he is not ready for Fast Eddie.

brownsugar says:

agreed,... Timur couldn't miss with the right or the jab,.. Mitchell was genuinely surprised when he got hit... not good, he shouldn't be shoulder rolling and blocking with only one hand up against the ropes,.. It looks good but that's reserved for master boxers only.

He also throws punches wildly with his head down sometimes without knowing where his punches are going(when he's caught off guard or is in an awkward postition). Works Fine against 20 something tomato cans,... but he can't go back to fighting bums now that he's been presented to the world as the next American hope.

For some reason Timur wouldn't commit to the right, ....content only to just peck at Mitchell here and there. ... maybe he'd rather let sleeping dogs lie but I felt Timur lacked the confidence to make a real fight out of it for some reason.

Mitchell has promise, but he needs a world class trainer to work out those bad habits. He seems intelligent and eager to learn so I'm guessing he's more aware of his flaws than we are.

I hope he gives it a least 2 years before trying to fight one of the KBrothers..GBP is known for throwing guys out into deep water before they can swim 50 laps around the pool.

His best asset is his athleticism and size... at 240 he's about the same lean muscle mass as Wlad,.. so you won't here me bitchin about the Dr picking on little guys if they ever fight further down the road.

Seth Mitchell if your listening... be patient and take it real slow,.. you'll be doing yourself a favor,.. and thanks for the excitement that you've brought to the boxing world up to this point. and PS... don't fight Kevin Johnson,.. hire him as a sparring partner instead.

brownsugar says:

did anybody notice the black Tyson gear,... low cut boxing shoes with no socks... nice tribute to Tyson. at least I hope that what it was.

FighterforJC says:

Mitchell is as ready as he'll ever be against the Klitschkos. Sadly, he'll probably never face any of them and I won't blame his handlers. What's most likely to happen is that the Klitschkos will retire within the next 3 years as Mitchell becomes more seasoned. Mitchell might become the new face of the heavyweights while so called "experts" claim how Mitchell would've beaten either Klitschko and declare whatever era Mitchell blossoms in, to be another golden era of the heavyweights.

mortcola says:

I enjoyed Seth Mitchell tonight. Good KO. Lets see more of Seth. Uzbekistan, isnt that where Borat is from?

No, you eastern-bloc-challenged fool - that's KAZAKHSTAN!

brownsugar says:

Don't be so negative F4JC,.. The Kbrothers have beaten the big men of their era(for what it's worth),.. McKline, Thompson, Peters, K Johnson etc... it is what it is...I can't predict what Mitchell will or won't do... but I believe whoever rules the post Klitschko era will have to be a more experienced and polished fighter... I'm really hoping Mitchell can prove me wrong. But he's talking like he feels it will takes is 3 or 4 fights.. I think 3 or 4 years...There are already bigger threats on the horizon than Mitchell.

the Roast says:

F4JC, not negative? Perish the thought.

the Roast says:

No, you eastern-bloc-challenged fool - that's KAZAKHSTAN!

Oh yeah, thanks Mort, ya plummy bastard. Borat doesnt like boxing anyway. He's a wrestling fan.

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