LARA LAUGHS LAST: The Jersey Three Are Suspended

BY Michael Woods ON July 13, 2011

Good for Joisey.

Their Athletic commissioner, Aaron Davis, did the right thing and placed the three blind, the three people who told the world that Paul Williams beat Erislandy Lara in Atlantic City on Saturday night on suspension.

That news was first reported by Yahoo's Kevin Iole.

The three mice, er men, are  Al Bennett, Hilton Whitaker and Don Givens. Davis said they are suspended indefinitely and told Iole that they will undergo schooling before being allowed to judge bouts in Jersey again.

Givens had it, 116-114 while Whitaker had the fight 115-114 and Bennett saw a draw, at 114-114.

One moral to this story for me--it is always smarter to throw more punches than the other guy. Judges have always and will continue to reward the person who throws more. Sure, some judges pick up on nuances, and reward counterpunchers. But many give the nod to the guy who tosses more. So Williams let loose 1,047 times, according to CompuBox, while Lara threw just 530. CompuBox tells us Lara landed more, 224-220, and basically everyone who watched saw Lara's punches as being the more crisp, more damaging blows. Should Lara change his style to play to this certainty? No, but all things being equal, if I'm a trainer, I tell my guy to be busier than the opponent, if I want to give my man the best chance at winning.

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