Cocaine and Booze Brought Oscar To Rehab, TMZ says

BY Michael Woods ON May 23, 2011

It should surprise no one that incidences of substance abuse among fighters are not rare. It takes a special person to rise up the ranks of fighters, someone not afraid to be extreme in training, in the intensity department, and often in their need for an inordinate amount of attention and adulation.

Kelly Pavlik spent time in rehab this year to get a handle on his boozing. Ricky Hatton and Joe Calzaghe after hanging up the gloves both had a hard time replacing the roars of appreciative fans, and attempted to fill up the vacuum with white powder. TMZ reports that Oscar De la Hoya's pick of poison is the same.

"Oscar De La Hoya began drinking and using cocaine," the gossip site reported, "which then caused him to have infidelity problems in his marriage ... sources connected with the former boxing champ tell TMZ."

Stories such as this one can be instructive, especially in eras such as this, when it seems everyone hungers for the deliverance riches and fame will bring. Money and celebrity aren't always what they are cracked up to be...The blues can strike anyone, at any time, and a beefy bank account cannot insulate you.

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