PREDICTION PAGE: Who Do Ya Like, Pacquiao or Mosley?

BY Michael Woods ON May 05, 2011
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The temptation might be there for some of you to go out on a thin limb, and pick Shane Mosley over Manny Pacquiao in their welterweight tussle which unfurls at the MGM Grand on Saturday evening.

Because anyone picking the 39-year-old Mosley to get the better of the top pound for pounder in the game today, Manny Pacquiao, if "Sugar" pulls it off, will be seen as a modern day Nostradamus.

Thing is, here's a dirty little secret. Nostradamus was wrong a hundred times for every guess he made which turned out to be correct.

Along those lines, many of us here at TSS think Pacman and Mosley, this version of Mosley, who seems to have vastly diminished reflexes working against him, could fight a hundred times, and Manny would win the overwhelming majority.

Maybe it's not fair, but some Pacmaniacs might pick Manny to win every time. In the ring, ageism is alive and well. For every Bernard Hopkins who mimics fine wine, there are a thousand other guys who take on a vinegar flavor. Lately, Mosley's aroma has been a bit off, it must be said.

TSS Universe, how do you see this playing out? Could Mosley (46-6-1, with 39 KOs), who turns 40 on September 7, pull off the upset of the year, and take down the Congressman? He's looked less than scintillating in his last two outings, a loss to Floyd Mayweather and a draw with Sergio Mora, but could he make us all look like jokers, and laugh all the way to the bank with a throwback performance? Or do you think Pacquaio (52-3-2 with 38 KOs) will go all Navy Seal on
Mosley, storm him and take him out with that stellar blend of power and precision? Editor Mike thinks Pacman, who last lost in March 2005, to Erik Morales, will be the first man to stop Mosley, though he thinks the showman in Manny will "let" the Californian have some time in the sun for a short spell in a few rounds. Manny likes for the fans to get their money's worth.

Head to our Forum, and drop your prediction in there. Make it like a Manny straight left: powerful, and to the point. And thanks for reading, y'all.

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the Roast says:

A better question would be, does ANYONE think that Mosley will win? I have enjoyed Shane Mosley's career from the beginning. Great fighter. I cant see him beating Manny this Saturday. I think he will have his moments. I think he may be able to hurt the Pacman downstairs. I see Shane winning 3 or 4 rounds. Manny by UD.

brownsugar says:

Truthfully I like Manny,.. the guy can say 2 words and smile and express more truth.... emotion and personality than most can do with and encyclopedia of comments... gotta love the guy... But I'd love to see an upset just to see the grief in some of his avid,.. and sometimes irritating fans...(Radam,.. I'm looking at you)... not that I have any true animosity towards anyone,.. but the worship can be a bit much at times... I have a sinking feeling in my gut that Pac is going to inflict such a onesided beating on Shane,.. that it will evoke memories of Ali vs an old but game Archie Moore... on the otherhand.. Shane does have a lightning strike chance to win if he lands THE lucky punch... but it's hard for me to be very hopeful because in some nights,.. things JUST don't go as expected... remember Shane hit Cotto with some good heavy rights?,.. and the usually average chinned Cotto didn't even wince,. Cotto just got better as the round wore on.. Anyway,.. give me Pac by humiliating win that will be so dominate ....Shane will announce his retirement... he may recant later after denial kicks in.. but he'll acknowlege the truth immediately after the fight... (I actully picked against the odds for Shane to whip Margarito,.. but Pac will be prepared for EVERYTHING!) may God have mercy on my soul.

brownsugar says:

hey Roast whats' up buddy,.. at least you give Shane more than a chance than I do... well enjoy the fight... can't wait to hear your take on the preceedings.

the Roast says:

'Sup Sug, I just hope its a decent fight. Not a letdown, clash of heads or some BS. Mosley has a good chin. If he can get that respect early, Manny won't blow him out like Hatton. If he does, I will bow before his greatness. From 108 to welter, one of a kind.

Radam G says:

Yup, the Roast! Da Sugarman "has a good chin," but a soft torso. And as the torso goes, so does the chin. Sugar Shane's belly is aged jelly. So don't be surprised when and if his good chin turns into shattering glass by the early to middle rounds.

The PacFans-loaded jets are streaming in. Vegas is now Pinoymetro again. We are taking over da city. And spending dat moola without any pity. Everybodee and dey mommas are now feelin' da aura of the "Pearl of the Orient Seas." Be mellow and wear our Pinoy theme of YELLOW! Oras ay PacTIME! Holla!

ultimoshogun says:

I have to admit i've been sipping some of the Sugar Shane kool-aid after the valiant performance Morales displayed a few weeks back...And after reading Real Talk's comments regarding this fight i'm inclined to believe Mosley still has a few bullets left in the old gun he's been saving for his last stand... At the end of the day Manny will know he was in a fight. So i'm gonna rescind my initial prediction of a 9 rd TKO for Pacman and go with a UD win for Manny instead...Although it would be great to see Mosley pull off a shocking upset.

Radam G says:

B-Sug, I think that Pinoy and Asian PacFans are "irritating" to AmerKanos, because of the way that we are and have been apparently stereotyped. [We super, noisily, cheer for our own like any other group of people.] I'll yet to see any American get upset about the praises or dispraises that any one has dished out to Money May, Sugar Shane, GOAT Ali, Larry Holmes, Jack Johnson, Rocy Marciano, Lady Gaga, Art Kelly, Clark Cable, Elisabeth Taylor, Denzel Washington, Barry Bonds, "Old Blue Eyes," John Wayne, his nephew Tony Morrison, etc., etc.

For Americans, it is a whole new world. They are not use to voicy Asians, in-charge Mexicans and other leading Hispanics and Aispanics. I guess a lot of people will never get use to my type. But it is all good. GOAT Ali told me that it would be days like this. He said that between him and Jack Johnson, it took white and black Americans a hundred years to realize that the days of soft-talking, scary blacks are over. Well, there have always been Asians like me -- confident, cheery and voicy. [With cyberspace zooming and booming, my type is just being discovered.] It is all good, B-Sug! Cyberspace is bringing the world closer and knocking down stereotypes -- not that you have stereotyped me, intentionally, anyway. I'm sure that as a member of the U.S. Armed Forces, you saw my type all day and night. Holla!

ultimoshogun says:

I should add that I also believe Shane's got the power to hurt Manny at any point in the I guess for me it wouldn't be quite as big a shock as it would be to others if Shane pulls off the upset in stunning fashion.

brownsugar says:

@Radam,.. what's poppin?... my irritation has nothing to do with Pac's ethnic backgroud or asian persuation... and my irritation doesn't mean that you're necessarily doing anything particularly wrong... I got tired of Sugar Ray Leonard too,..and I was glad when Douglas got Tyson... talked my best friend into betting $150 on Hearns,.. Sometimes I just get tired of the super popular peoples choices and fan worship and want to see some change........ it's a personal thing,.. nothing to read into too deeply... but I think your guy is ready,.. in the best shape of his life... and Shane's just looking old... it's not about if Pac wins... it's about how badly Shane loses... I don't thing my irritation will be going away anytime soon,.. cause who else is available in his weight class that can beat him?

FighterforJC says:

No predictions. I won't rule out an out of the blue KO punch from Mosley, but to me the bigger upset would be if Shane was able to contain Pacquiao consistently and win rounds consistently en route to a UD. I've been a Mosley fan for too long and I can't envision him getting stopped, but I think whatever our expectations are, we will be in for a huge shock, no matter who wins.

Robert Curtis says:

I love Pacman and, if anyone remembers, I picked him over Oscar when no one thought Manny had a chance. A few days ago, I thought Sugar Shane Mosley had a poor chance or no chance at all of winning tomorrow's fight. In the past, I've made some ageist and derogatory comments that I regret. But I just happened to catch the weigh-in while I was at the gym today and it gave me a spooky feeling. Shane just looked good, a bit skinny, but not fried or frazzled, and he had such a calm, collected attitude. The way Shane shook Manny's hand and smiled was total, immaculate class. Nazim looked a little nervous, but so did Freddie. I'm going to be the weirdo here and make a gentleman's bet with the TSS crowd: Shane scores an upset. It's going to be a KO in the 1st half of the fight. A lot of middle-aged dudes are going to be smiling Sunday morning.

ultimoshogun says:

Nice! Bobby C's rolling the dice and picking Mosley via could happen.

the Roast says:

@Bobby C, somebody had to step out and pick Sugar Shane. (harp music plays) I still remember like it was yesterday Mosley stunning the boxing world by dominating the invincible Antonio Margarito. Everybody and dey momma counted Shane out that night too. An historic night. Also the first appearance of the Roast on the pages of TSS.

the Roast says:

Lakers down 3-0! Suck it Kobe!

the Roast says:

Pryor Jr-Andrade about to go first bell fight fans.

Big Daddy says:

Manny by lopsided victory. But no KO.

Condor says:

Certainly not an exact parallel, but in 1996, Evander Holyfield, fresh off a knockout loss to Bowe and an abysmal outing against a bloated Bobby Czyz, was thought by many to be being led to the slaughterhouse against Tyson. Like Mosley, Evander looked to be in great shape and completely at peace. In the press at the time (a pre-internet ubiquitous world), many feared not only for Holyfield's safety, but for his life.

Unlike Czyz, Tyson was a guy that Holyfield could get up for, and it became his defining fight (to the mainstream, casual fan). So who knows? Pacquiao is definitely a guy that Mosley can get up for, and if he scores an upset, his place in history rises exponentially.

I like the great Pacquiao by late round stoppage, but stranger things have happened. The bottom line is that two of the classiest guys in boxing should put on a good show.

Radam G says:

I don't know if Bobby C is not drinking enough of the coconut wine, or if he is drinking too much jive, cheap, five-dollar whisky. Then again, maybe it is a bad smell in that gym that he is working out in. He said that he had some kind of "spooky feeling." Danggit! The water in Cali is toxic and full of evil spirits, nowadays. That's what it is. Bobby C has been waterboarded right there in the gym. Excess water, on the brain and in the gut, will make you get a taste for sugar. The only thing that Sugar Shane will be knocking out, is those eye-burning chemicals on his head bush. We got eyes on the cheat-for-a-beat Team Oldsey -- I mean Mosley. Holla!

ultimoshogun says:

Everyone must be out enjoying the weather....what's everyone drinkin tonight while watching the rumble? My buddies and I keep it pretty basic, Miller Lite and some Jack...looking forward to a helluva fight..hopefully.

the Roast says:

Well said Condor. The Holy man shocked the world that night. Maybe Mosley will too.

the Roast says:

@Ultimo, I'm keepin it basic as well. I'm drinkin what yer drinkin. Pretty close to bottoms up time!

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