This Man Has Great Abs...But Does He Stand A Chance Against Manny Pacquiao?

BY The Sweet Science ON April 12, 2011

Mosley_media_day_110412_003aApril 12, 2011, Big Bear,Calif. ---  Three-division world champion "Sugar" Shane Mosley, Pomona, Ca. works out during a jam-packed media day at his high-altitude training compound in Big Bear, Ca. Tuesday. Mosley is in intense preparation for his upcoming World Welterweight mega fight against Superstar Manny Pacquiao on Saturday, May 7 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.  Pacquiao vs Mosley is promoted by Top Rank in association with MP Promotions, Sugar Shane Mosley Promotions, Tecate and MGM Grand.  The Pacquiao vs Mosley telecast will be available live on SHOWTIME Pay Per View.  --- Photo Credit : Chris Farina - Top Rank

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Radam G says:

Sugar Shane should renamed himself Shake-and-Jittering Shane. Dude is going to be doing this all over dat squared jungle. In the gym, the Sugarman is a smooth operator. But everybody, who has ever box, knows that there is a mystical magic there. Most pugilistic-like illnesses, including Parkinson's Syndrome go AWOL in the gym. Both Grand Arch-master Trainer Freddie Roach and GOAT Ali have reported losing signs of PS when working out in the gym. Just go to any site and get your peep on at Freddie working the pads/mitts and GOAT Ali working either or the speed bag and heavy one.

Every type of Chance has run to get lts bet on against the Sugarman. So NO! Sugar Shane has absolute no "Chance" against da Manny. Even Dance is betting against the jittering, shaking [like it hot], slow, turtle-legged Sugarman. Shot is with the Sugarman, but it is betting for Da Manny by KNOCKOUT!

GerardMcL says:

No, is the quick and easy answer. Shane has been finished for over 2 years and whilst Morales performance will be used by Top Rank and Golden Boy to try and legitimize this farce, Maidana is no Pacman and whilst Morales spent the last 2 years resting, Shane has spent it getting beat. This fight will not go beyond 6, or at least I hope it doesnt. This is Manny feeding on another fighter who hasn't any hope (Clottey, Margarito, Oscar, Mosley) due more to their own flaws than Pacmans superb abilities. This fight hurts Manny is every aspect except the wallet.

admin says:

Gerard, who do you think Manny should have been fighting while he fought those other guys? NOT saying I think you are wrong, just want to know what you think should've been done differently...EM

FighterforJC says:

Nobody has anwered me. What is good, reliable online betting service? I really want to bet against Manny Pacquiao. To me, that's the price I have to pay for him to win (i'm planning on betting $100). If for whatever reason Pacquiao loses, I wanna buy me an Ipad or something.

Real Talk says:

I'm gettng a lil sick of all of this disrespect to a great champion of our era and legend Sugar Shane Mosley who fought evrybody. I'm looking @ ery'body ( D.C. speak) writing the Sugar off again an I'm looking forward to seeing them eat crow in here. You know what one of the main reasons B-Hop is successful at this level in spite of him being an Old School fighter??? Boxing skills, that's's no substitute for those. Shane has to slow the fight down and disrupt Manny with good straight punches. Jab or better yet lead right n left hook....all love. Hit'em first and rough him up. Do you really beieve the ref is gonna stop this fight by DQ??? Yeah picture that LOL!!! Shane has the power to make Pac respect him bt he shouldn't get to winging unless it's to the body. All he has to do is touch him. I just hope the Sugar doesn't carry Manny like Clottey did. That would be disgusting. To be continued......

FighterforJC says:

I think everybody in the boxing community who truly knows the sport are in agreement that Floyd is this century's biggest paper champ. There's no contesting that.

Radam G says:

Naku! The son of Pops Sugar Jack is talkin' a lot of smack. Da Manny is gonna bust Sugar Shane in dat gut, and knock dat sucka on his butt. Da Sugarman is working that optical illusion and trying to cause mass confusion. Those abs will not protect him from a single Pac-torso-shot. A couple of Pac-missiles are going to crack dat sugar body as if it were an old pot. Da Sugarman is gonna be in severe pain from Pac-missile-punches to the body and upside da head. Sugar Shane's height and reach will give him absolutely no edge. In the amateurs and in the pros May has always been a bad month for Sugar Shane. Da sucka is just constantly stuck in da loser's lane. Holla!

the Roast says:

Shane Mosley has been a great Champion. I think he deserves the chance to prove that he's not a shot fighter (I dont think he is, just an ageing fighter) I love to say he has a chance to beat Pacman. I just dont see it. I think he will make a fight out of it and will lose by UD 116-112. Shane had a hard time catching up to the Latin Snake. How will he deal with the speed of Manny?

GerardMcL says:

Gerard, who do you think Manny should have been fighting while he fought those other guys? NOT saying I think you are wrong, just want to know what you think should've been done differently...EM

Thats the problem with at the moment is that he probably didn't have any other options. The one big fight doesn't look like happening and so Manny has been treading water a bit.. and these fights did nothing too dispel that notion.
I would have liked another Marquez fight as I felt the decision in the last fight warranted one. From a personal point of view, I would like to see Manny trying out a few of the young guns as opposed to those nearing the end of their career. Guys like Berto, Bradley, Williams or a big young puncher like Cintron. These men don't have the name or notoriety of the a DeLa Hoya or Margarito but when Manny fights the opponent is not bringing too many new viewers to the table.

I know Manny is stuck in limbo a bit until Floyd mans up but I do believe the guys he is fighting are on the side if their prime and Freddie and his catchweights are really starting to annoy me too.

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