WHO DO YA LIKE? Chavez Jr vs. Zbik

BY Michael Woods ON April 06, 2011

Zbik_Chavez_Jr_PC_110406_001a-2April 6, 2011, Los Angeles,Ca. ---  (L-R)  Unbeaten WBC Middleweight Champion Sebastian Zbik (R) of Germany and #1 contender Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. , Culiacan, Mexico pose during a press conference Wednesday at Staples Center in Los Angeles for their upcoming WBC World Middleweight title fight.  Zbik vs Chavez Jr. is promoted by Top Rank in association with Zanfer Promotions and Universum Media Network and will take place on Saturday, June 4 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles and be televised on HBO.

So, who do ya like? I like Chavez, no ifs, ands or buts. This one is a matchmaker's special, in that both these men are testaments to the skills and smarts of the matchmakers employed by the men who promote them. Zbik (30-0; age 29; from Germany) is nothing special: good enough boxer, moves OK, has the basics of defense down pat. He has neglible power in both hands as his 10 knockouts can attest. Chavez (42-0 with 30 KOs; age 25; from Mexico) does everything just a hair better, and his hands are a bit more leaded. I see Junior taking the UD, because the Top Rank matchmakers haven't signed off on this fight because they are dummies, or are feeling iffy about Junior's prospects. There is a big one out there for Junior, a big blowoff bout, (how bout Chavez Jr. vs Pacquiao?)  and this ain't it.

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brownsugar says:

wow the articles are coming so fast and furiously these days... it doesn't take long to find one I want to comment on.

I was watching some Chavez last week to see if my harsh critism about was really warranted. I have say that Chavez has learned something about boxing.. when Roach is coaching him he's at his limited best. But I thought his fights with unheralded Billy lyle and John Duddy were way closer than the scores suggest.. both a hair-line victory at best.

Zbik is probably the lowest ranked middleweight in the championship ranks.. but after watching some of his fights.. It's he brings far more athleticism and far more pure boxing technique, and professional poise than Chavez Jr will ever learn. Contrary to popular belief,. Zbiz is far from being anyones bum. He mount a pretty graceful bicycle for an entire 12 round bout without gassing.. and he knows how to fight... even the no-name European contenders he's beaten have more skill than Chavez.

My only knock is that he's been less active than Chavez.. But I still have to pick him to win a UD within wide margins. too much amateur pedigree.. the competition he's fought is far better.. and he fights at a level that Chavez Jr has yet to encountered. Easy Pick.

The middleweight division is blossoming at a mercurial rate...it will soon cast a huge shadow over the highly competitive junior welterweights and super middleweights..... even the contenders are more fierce than anybody AA and Pavlik ever fought... Khurtzhide, Gennady Martrosin, Gennady Golovkin, Mat Korobov, Hassan N'Dam,Felix Sturm and Dmitry Pirog spear head the best class of European middleweights the world has ever seen.. They newcomers are the spearhead of the European invasion that'll inevitably hijack all the titles over the next 2 years. Chavez can't hope to compete with any of those guys... and if Martinez struggled with Williams and Pavlik... he's be fighting for his very life against anyone of those guys.. who said boxing is dead?///

the Roast says:

We need a fight. I dont care about this fight. I really dont care cuz it's not till June 4th. Chavez jr undeserving blah blah, no one has heard of Zbik and how the hell is he middleweight champ. Blah. I've got the Chicago Golden Gloves finals this Friday night. One of my buddies has arranged for some party bus to drive us to and from. That's different. That means I can get shit-hammered. I hope I'm not too geezed to catch Showbox. I may have some new in ring pics for the Roast fans out there. I have lost alot of weight since last year so don't be alarmed. Screw Chavez jr for having a lucky last name. I hate when the son of a rich guy gets the breaks. He'll get knocked out. Sooner or later. That's all for my random thoughts. Now time for a story from Radam about the time he changed Jr's diaper while sitting on Joe Louis' knee.

brownsugar says:

@The Roast,... sounds like one helluva outing... how are you losing the weight??... Hey I started my spring training 4 weeks ago... ain't spring awesome???.. I understand your disdain about Chavez getting the silver spoon treatment... it's not so grating when you see it happening in the entertainment business..... but in sports is damn near an abomination.

the Roast says:

Well Sug, I have dropped 28 lbs since last years GG final and 47 lbs from my highest point two years ago. That pic with the kid is from three years back I think. I just changed my eating habits a bit. I heard somewhere that soda was the worst thing as far as calories and sugar. Drink water. I have cut down on beer and Jack Daniels. Allthough you would never know looking at some of my late night posts. I have said goodbye to Mary Jane. MJ leads to ice cream. I cut out the chips. I snack on raw almonds. Dark chocolate in small doses is good for you. The almonds have made a big diff. Tennis. Cant get to the damn ball lugging around all that gut. I am hot for three different local girls who are 25ish. (dont tell Mrs Roast) At 43 my chances are slim so I gotta get slim. My drinking was getting out of control. I tried to buy that belt from that kid in the picture for 200$-500$. He had just won it so he declined. I would have looked good at the strip club with that belt!

MisterLee says:

doesn't chavez look like a 70's pornstar?

MisterLee says:

always trying to elevate the conversation... never seen zbik fight. can't say. fo' sho. anyway see the hernan marquez fight? wow what a fight!

Big Daddy says:

What's Up Fella's!?!? Chavez is a Sad FreakShow. His dad was The Incredible Hulk and he's The Abomination. But if my Dad and the rest of the Paisa's love him.. more power to them. Me? I'm rooting for the Gravy Train to derail.. Zbik by over due KO.

Big Daddy says:

BTW Roast.. U Funny!

brownsugar says:

@the Roast... pretty impressive... especially slacking off the booze.. alchohol turns to sugar especially beer... We have learned that you can eat as much as you want when you learn how to eat correctly. My Dad starting juicing 30 years ago.. now we all do it.. no store bought orange juice, no wheat bread(or gluten), white flower or white sugar(or hi frucrose corn syrup) just pure cane sugar or honey(or that diabet syrup)... no vegetable oil.. just olive oil and peanut oil for frying..salads with spinach etc... and we only eat "living food" no processed food...and no dead artifical food...no read meat.. anyway I won't preach to you... sounds like you're on your way to an amazing transformation.. I'm much older than you and have worked my way back up to 3 miles on the jogging track several times a week.. 15 years from now you'll be happy you made the switch.. I call it the Bhop Diet... LOL and it may not save you from cancer(since most of that is genetic)... but it'll keep you slim and decrease heart disease by 75%..hey I heard crack will keep you slim lol... enjoy your GG trip!!!

brownsugar says:

@Mister Lee,.. that's the 3rd porn star you've spotted this year LOL... I'll look up Hernan Marquez on you tube... if you notice the photo... Zbik is barely able to conceal his glee.. If he loses I'll swear the fight was fixed.

Joe says:

The Bobfather wouldn't match his guy against anyone he didn't know he could be - I'll go with Junebug.

miguel1 says:

I like the way they mention Chavez-Pacquiao? Really....

How about against Canelo, and we expose one of these frauds....

Boxing Geek says:

Let's be completely honest. Zbik is coming to Los Angeles to fight an Hispanic fighter with a lot of American exposure and to American judges Zbik is a name and a record and nothing else.

Though I've seen some people lob some criticism, mostly Zbik's US anonymity, he's fought guys who are a lot better than John Duddy and Chavez hasn't. Chavez has a lot of potential there but he fights like his father instead of learning to use his own athletic talents, which are frankly a lot better than his dad's. Zbik has less potential but he has more fully realized what he does have. Most importantly, he's better schooled and more experienced.

Yeah. I know. Chavez has more fights on his record. Zbik has been in more serious fights. Chavez has done a lot of record padding.

I expect Chavez will continue to ignore his own athletic talents and he will charge in swinging against Zbik. I expect Zbik will punish him on the way in and do reasonably well on the inside because Chavez smothers his own power punches. I am skeptical of Chavez's ability to legitimately "beat" a man who is a better boxer and a solid, if not outstanding, right hand puncher.

The central issue is whether or not Zbik can catch Chavez with something impressive on the way in and either knock Chavez out or look so good beating him up that the judges HAVE to give him the decision. Someone once told me that when you fight someone else on ground a lot friendlier to them than to you, you have essentially spotted them three to four points before the bell rings. Those four points are in Chavez's pocket right now.

I expect an entertaining-ish fight in which Chavez walks into Zbik's one two in order to force the fight and Zbik tries to work his way back out to stay precisely at his best jabbing range. I think the most likely result is a fight that Zbik appears to win by one to three points but Chavez wins by precisely the same margin. I think it is possible that Chavez could walk into something and Zbik could win by knockout or score a big knockdown and follow it up impressively to cinch a decision but I am not expecting it. I don't expect Chavez to knock Zbik out and I think people will be criticizing him even more after he wins this decision than they were before he fought John Duddy.

Boxing Geek says:

He matched Pavlik against Martinez. To be fair, the conventional wisdom prior to the actual fight was that Pavlik would win by KO... but conventional wisdom isn't always right and Zbik has fought guys better than John Duddy.

brownsugar says:

beautifully written Boxing Geek,.. I'm with you all the way

brownsugar says:

except for the part of Zbik losing... but it's the different opinions that keep it fresh.

the Roast says:

Thanks Big Daddy and B-Sug, and Yes Caveman, Jr does have the porn star hairdo. I need more Caveman posts! I too have been recieving offers from other boxing sites to bring my talents over to these sites that I will not name. The answer is still no. TSS is home and this is where I stay.

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