Gamboa Steps Up Into A Higher Star Category With Exciting Win Over Solis...WOODS

BY Michael Woods ON March 26, 2011

Gamboa SolisPlease weigh in and share with TSS Universe about what you'd  like to see Gamboa do next. (Chris Farina) Jorge Solis was in way over his head when he stepped in the ring with Yuriorkis Gamboa, the Cuban born hitter who possesses possibly the fastest hands in the business today. That head was aching from power shots which sent Solis to the mat twice in the second of the main event from Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City on Saturday evening, which was televised on HBO.

In the third, he got crumpled again at the end of the round, from a short and nasty left hook, which come to think of it, might be a good nickname for Gamboa, "Short and Nasty." The end, which really came the minute Solis (age 31; from Mexico) signed for the bout, came in round four. Solis went down from a right with two minutes to go, and the Cuban blasted him on the ropes, forcing ref David Fields to stop the scrap when Solis dropped to his knees, face in the floor. The time was 1:31 of the fourth, and with that the 29-year-old Gamboa, who it looks like has finally understood that fierce flurrying, and flashy KOs, get the people juiced waaay more than UD12 Ws, climbed to 20-0. Time for a superfight showdown for him, please.

Gamboa went 78-194, to 29-107 on the night.

Max Kellerman talked to Gamboa after. He was asked if he'll ever fight JuanMa. He said Top Rank will put that very far away because "he doesn't have what is neccesary to beat me." Chris John, or someone at 130, he said, might be next. JuanMa hopped into the ring, and got his two cents in. He said he'd be happy to fight Gamboa after he fights Orlando Salido on April 16. 

Solis said after that compared to Pacquiao, Gamboa hits harder.

FOLLOW WOODS ON TWITTER HERE!/Woodsy1069---Site unseen, I will pick the kid from California over the kid from Connecticut just about every time. The schooling in Cali is superior to the East Coast, especially for lighter weight hitters like Mikey Garcia. He showed he was the more skilled guy, but not necesarily the man with more heart, as Matt Remillard from Connecticut hung on as long as humanely possible against a fighter with too much in his arsenal. The Remillard corner told the ref that their guy was done after the tenth round, a rough ride in which he went down three times.

---Nick Charles, doing his best to kick cancer's tail, called the first fight, and was as classy as ever as he thanked HBO for the gig. 

---Tommy Z won a UD4 over Caleb Grummet.

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the Roast says:

Great to see Nick Charles. Some things are more important than boxing. Cancer is a bitch. I've lost my father and sister to the big C over the years. I wouldnt wish that on my worst enemy. Keep fighting Nick!

the Roast says:

What up Fe'Roz? Good to see you. I agree that Garcia, allthough clearly unspectacular, might have a chance against Gamboa. Gamboa is very fast but Garcia is the straighter puncher. It could be a good fight. Gamboa is a phenom like Hamed or RJJ or Sergio. When the speed slowes down a bit with age these types get caught. They shouldn't wait too much longer to make Gamboa vs Juanma.

Radam G says:

Gamboa did a bit better for himself this time out. He has obviously been working on a pro style. He is no doubt coming around. Holla!

donputo69 says:

Make it happen...JUANMA VS GAMBOA....PUERTO RICO VS CUBA....Got my PESOS on Juanma...Holla back!!!

miguel1 says:

i saw the last 2 rounds, and thre is no way tommy z won that fight, he is trash.

brownsugar says:

It was really something seeing Juanma standing next to Gamboa after the fight, it almost brought tears to my eyes to see 2 top competitors in their prime not afraid to face one another... Juanma stood there as if to say " yeah you looked good tonight, but you haven't fought JuanMa yet". If only more fighters would embrace the kind of competitiveness that Gamboa and Lopez eargerly display. Although JuanMa is a family favorite,.. we love his "I-come-to-Rumble".... I've alway thought Gamboa was far better technically,.. and more naturally gifted... I just hope neither one has a bad night before they finally meet... me thinks Arum is waiting for Lopez's fighting ability to catch up to Gamboa's more that he's trying to simply "incubate" the fight for maximum demand. I think the greedy but astute promoter doesn't want one of his prime stars to take a defeat until he's collected another payday or two.

the Roast says:

Heck yeah Fe'Roz. I can't make a pick. They both have big punching power and both have been rocked a time or two. I could see either man winning by stunning KO. No way that fight goes the distance. It will be can't miss fireworks. I wouldn't miss it!

Radam G says:

@Fe'Roz, along with patience and restraint from all that recklessness, I saw improvement in balance and now the slideness of feinting the opponent and making him move into the area where the punch is coming. [Better known as place punching. Speed becomes deadly when you make full contact at the spot where the target moves and is, not where it is and won't be. Hopefully, that makes sense.] Solis didn't realize that he was moving his head and body exactly to where Gamboa punches were going to come. In other words, Gamboa made the target go to the spot where the drone missile was going to KaBOOM! Holla!

brownsugar says:

Fe'Roz,.. I'm on the same page.. I just hope TopRank doesn't delay the fight too long. as often as these guys fight anything can happen from a head butt to fluke loss. As dangerous as boxing is,.. I'd rather watch the fight sooner than later. Football teams plan a certain amount of games a season... but they have the 1st 2nd and 3rd string..boxers only have themselves...but yeah,.. I've been leaning toward Gamboa but JuanMa brings a strong argument to the table.

DaveB says:

Boxing has been very exciting these last few weeks. It seems that we have top pound for pound fighters on HBO or Showtime lately and this is real good. Gosh a fight between Gamboa and JML is one fight I don't want to miss. I couldn't pick a winner. Nothing would surprise me with that one. It won't be boring that's for sure. Like Max Kellerman says, it would be one where you would call all your non-boxing friends. Boxing has some other good potential match ups on the horizon. Not to mention the 168 pound fighters are still coming up. Boxing is rocking.

the Roast says:

DaveB!!!! Where have you been? Glad you made it home!

DaveB says:

To the Roast, I've been reading these columns pretty much daily. I just haven't been commenting. I see that you have stepped up and have been putting in some very funny comments. Thanks for the welcome, I appreciate it.

brownsugar says:

Wow... DaveB in the house,.. pleasant surprise. and a very good post.

DaveB says:

Brownsugar you guys are the professionals, you, Roast and Radam with over 300 or 400 posts. Thank you too for the welcome.

the Roast says:

Thanks DaveB! The Roast has been carrying the new TSS on his back since washing up on the beach. With the help of Radam"in da know"G and the 2010 ROTY Brownsugar we will bring TSS back to it's full glory. We the people will bring it back or sprain our digets trying!

brownsugar says:

Dave B... thanks .... I just have had too way much time on my hands lately... The TSS has enough fire power to reclaim it's full glory with or without me... and it will... There's way too many savvy fans on this site... the TSS stands on its excellence as a whole... I'm just one cell in a miraculously organic cybernetic body ... consisting of the greatest fans and bloggers on EARTH!!!

FighterforJC says:

Indeed, Sugar. Indeed. This is one that has to happen while they are both prime and undefeated. I can understand that Arum and Co. need to get Gamboa some greater name recognition (given that the Cubans lack a native buying audience) ... but two guys this good with both so dynamic and unbeaten must be in the ring sooner than later. Assuming, and i do, that good business suggests greater name recognition to sell PPVs, my hope is that instead of aiting forever, Top Rank matches them, not once for all the marbles ... but three times for history. We hear so much about fighters unwilling to meet until the money is right...and I get it....but fight once and make it great and all of us here will pay to see you together over and over..and over.

What's Arum waiting for? He's like 80 years old. The boxing fan in him ought to make this fight happen as soon as possible. Does the extra million dollars Arum gets to take home for letting this fight simmer for another year mean THAT much to him? In the meantime anything can happen. Should Gamboa and Lopez lose to anyone but each other before facing each other, it would be a major reason for GBP to celebrate.

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