Klitschko-Haye Could Easily Be A Dud...LOTIERZO

BY Frank Lotierzo ON March 15, 2011

Klitschko-HayeNow that it looks as though IBF/WBO heavyweight title holder Wladimir Klitschko 55-3 (49) and WBA title holder David Haye 25-1 (23) are finally going to fight, some writers and pundits are proclaiming that the fight is what boxing needs to shine. And that it's about time there's some interest in the heavyweight division. Some even view a potential Klitschko-Haye showdown as being perhaps the most significant heavyweight fight since former champ Lennox Lewis stopped Vitali Klitschko almost eight years ago. I guess that's a fair point. However, both Lennox and Vitali had been training for different opponents when they were suddenly matched up. So it's not like there was a whole lot of drama and build up leading to the bout before hand.  

I certainly do agree it's a welcome change that there's finally a fight in the heavyweight division that even the casual observers are aware of and care about. But as far as this being a fight that will reflect well on the current state of professional boxing or the heavyweight division, I'm not so sure. Do those who are lauding the merits of a Klitschko-Haye bout even fathom that the fight has the potential to be a 12-round snooze fest? Because it certainly does.

Think about it, in Klitschko and Haye you have two powerful heavyweights who posses big right hands who have both been knocked out in high profile bouts. There's a better than 50 percent chance that Wladimir will look to impose his jab and size advantage against Haye, and only open up if he's pressured by him. On the other hand, once Haye is in the ring with Klitschko and realizes his size and feels his strength, he just may revert back to the fight plan he employed against Nikolay Valuev. In other words move and feint like he's going to cut loose with something with bad intentions, but basically only extend his jab as he waits for the perfect opening or counter.

And as far as the heavyweight division being better for realizing Klitschko-Haye, I doubt it. There's three possible scenarios that'll likely unfold in this fight, and not one of them is one where it'll be a memorable one. One, Klitschko ices Haye with one or two shots within the first five rounds of the bout. To which everyone will say afterward that Haye was an over-fed cruiserweight with no chin. Two, Haye ices Klitschko with a big right hand somewhere in the midst of a dreadful fight, and then it'll be dismissed because Wladimir had already been stopped by Ross Purity, Corrie Sanders and Lamon Brewster. And three, the most plausible scenario is, the fight goes the distance because neither Wladimir or David had the gumption to take a chance as both fought measured and with great trepidation looking exclusively to avoid being tagged with something big and getting knocked out.

If one of the three scenarios above plays out, the heavyweight division will be excoriated by the media. It will be said that Klitschko-Haye was more the case of one fighter who can't fight, that being Haye, and the other one who won't fight, Klitschko. But then again that's the perception of the heavyweight division today. In fact the only way Klitschko-Haye gets big props afterward is if the fight goes 7-10 rounds and it's a give and take knockdown drag-out war, with both fighters showing toughness and fortitude until one of them emerges superior.

Here's what we can hope for: If Haye decides he's gun shy after seeing who he's really in with, Wladimir will, for the first time in his career, go in to take him out. Haye could get away with all kinds of stalling and not fighting against Valuev (and, even so, barely won). He won't have those luxuries with Klitschko, who I think genuinely doesn't like him. On the other hand, if Haye gets lucky early, he'll throw caution to the wind. If this is how the fight unfolds, I guess that's the best we could hope for. 

Now that I've denigrated the hopefully upcoming Klitschko-Haye bout, let me conclude that when all is said and done, the fight has to be embraced. There's no question that Wladimir and David are two of the top three or four heavyweight fighters/boxers in the world. And anytime boxing can get the best heavyweights in the world together with the title on the line, it's a good thing. It's just that getting your hopes up into thinking the fight will be Foreman-Lyle or Moorer-Cooper could lead to you ending up very disappointed when it's over.

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Radam G says:

I'm not gonna holla, I'm gonna SCREAM! I'm reminded of a lemon. Not the fruit, but the car. As long as it's on that lot with the other ones, it looks as if it can drive fast and far. All the BIG part of the optical illusion to cause a buyer mass confusion. The confused buyer needs to be protected. This is why the powers that be came up with the "Lemon law." But the car lots of lemons pull every gimmick not to be detected. With every lie, trick and alibi, they're fast on the draw. The K-bros/docs' era of boxing is like lemons on that specific car lot. In all eras, what it took to be great -- adriotous opponents and skills -- they just ain't got. The K-bros/docs are the all-time greatest B-minus fighters -- BUMS! I cannot and will not stomach 'em, so let me holla at some Tums. Doc Wlad and Hayemaker have suspected glass jaws. A scene come true for me would be to see a double knockout. This would be the tastest of the sweet science karmic laws. And my arse off, I'll SHOUT! Holla!

FighterforJC says:

I don't think people will be quick to dismiss an upset KO win for Haye. Everybody knows that the Klitschko who got stopped by Brewster and Sanders and Purity is not the same one that we've seen in the last 6 years. Wlad has the same cloak of invincibility as Tyson did in the late 80's. Wlad in fact, is probably more unbeatable than Tyson was. The general consensus back in the day was that if you took Tyson to the mid rounds, your chances of beating him increases. Tyson was also viewed to have technical shortcomings that could be exploited. With the exception of the perception that Wladimir's chin, is a liability he has virtually no weaknesses. It would be a bigger upset for Haye to win by a decision than if he were to spectacularly knock Wlad out.

Radam G says:

Hehehehehehe! Comic relief in TSSU -- MARVELOUS! Not Hagler, but that Doc Wlad is more invincible than Mike Tyson. Doc Wlad is a glass-chin BUM, who GBG Manny S has been able to save because of a weak-arse division. [Just imagine if Doc Wlad had heavies around like there were when the late, glass-jawed Floyd Patterson rule.] Mindset is everything. If the true-size heavies in the cruiserweight division were there, the Klits and/or Valuev would not have ever been CHAMPION. Adamek and Cunningham, to name TWO,, would have beat 'em down. James Toney would beat 'em, if they would have fought him after he won the pseudo-cruiserweight title. Even Big-mouth Tarver and Roy Jones Jr would have beat 'em, if there were no ripping out of the effective weights of 185lba to 200lbs of the oldschool heavyweight division.

If Hayemaker shows the slightest heart, he is going kayo Doc Wlad in the way that Jack Dempsey did Jesse Willard. In the way that Max Baer did Primo Carnera. In the way that Muhammad Ali did Cleveland "Big Cat" Williams and dogged Ernie Terrell. In the way that Smokin' Joe Frazier did "Big" Buster Mathis. Etc., etc. It may just be JUDGEMENT DAY coming for Doc Wlad. If Solis was not so darn fatty, sorry and lazy, he would be the JUDGEMENT DAY for Big bro Doc Vitali. Holla!

mortcola says:

Radam - I know you're big on the intangibles. That's what your poetry is about. But you completely disregard not only Wlad's pretty extraordinary skill set, but also his ability to have come back with an airtight improved game AFTER those humiliating losses. To lock down the division like NO ONE IN HISTORY. That, my friend, amounts to two arguments against your overused "BUM" label. Just what would any of your pumped-full-of-nostalgia fighters of the past have done...boxing wise, technique wise...that would have gotten them any closer to Wlad's sensitive chin? Specifics, Radam, specifics. What would have to HAPPEN? Did any of them see a better jab or accuracy of power punching than Wlad's? Do you actually equate Wlad's abilities with JESS FRIGGIN' WILLARD, who might have been more like Tye Fields, or maybe, Valuev, but plucked out the cornfields to make an ill-trained-for comeback? C'mon, Rad, you're no boxing dummy. Step back from the hyperbolic raspberries and tell us all HOW the fighters of the past would have achieved what you say. Not to say that any one of then COULDN'T have. But your rants rely on assertion and joyful poetry. Gimme analysis, Jack, or step on back if you can't handle the flak.

FighterforJC says:

Absolutely Wlad is more invincible than Tyson ever was. Your Alzheimer's has gotten the best of you yet again. It is Tyson who folds at the slightest sign that his opponent wasn't afraid of him, not Wlad. In fact, Tyson lost to every single fighter who stood up to him. And don't forget, Tyson made a career out of ducking Evander Holyfield. Regardless of how Tyson would've fared against the likes of Riddick Bowe, Lennox Lewis and George Foreman, the fact remains that Tyson ducked all those guys, too, even going so far as to pay off Lennox Lewis a couple of million dollars to not have to fight him when Lewis won a court decision that required Tyson to face him. Again you bring up your favorite stories of the smaller men beating the bigger men, and you'd have to file back several decades, while on the other hand, I need only go back a few months to a couple of years to give you a list about triple the size of yours, of the smaller guys that fell at the hands of the Klitschko bros. In the meantime let me sit back and relax as I wait for your "in the know" speech.

Radam G says:

Absolutely 95 percent of boxing bodies and talking heads agree with Sugar Bert. "The jury is not only still out on the Klitschkos, it have run away -- LAUGHING!" [In the land of opportunities -- the USA -- you can only see those bums on da WEB: FREE! You couldn't pay me to watch.] Maybe the TSSU powers that be will give the "'in the know' speech." Check out how and where a superior boxing scribe with a family history of over 100 years of top-notch level of boxing and reporting rated the K-bums -- I mean K-bros/docs. Absolutely nowhere in the top 10. But at least he gave Bro/Doc Wlad an honorable mention. But it won't last for long. Karmic storms blowing the way of David "Hayemaker" Haye to kayo a fragile-chin giant. Holla!

mortcola says:

fragile chin giant with proven adaptibility takes out fragile chin midget with no top tier heavyweight experience. And stop riding piggy-back on that old cigar chompin' exaggerooni, Bert Sugar, honorary guardian of the past. You're smart enough on your own.

Condor says:

Remember Haye against Valuev? He fought in a skittish, frightened manner and at best deserved a draw (the lumbering, light-hitting Valuev at least tried to press the action, while Haye ran and avoided engagement the entire fight). Against the murderous punching Wladimir, he'll be completely petrified and will quickly enter survival mode. He'll lose every round and will be content to go the distance (this strategy will manifest itself during his ring entrance). I hope I'm wrong, I really do, but that's how I see it. And remember, this fight isn't even inked yet. I'll be astonished if it ever happens.

the Roast says:

Yeah boys! Get him! Haye was running from Valuev for 12 rounds. I know you love the past Radam, so here's a blast for ya. If Haye dont want to fight, then he should keep himself home that night!!

Radam G says:

Wow! I know that I don't detect hostility and major frustration up this News TSS Universe. WTF! May Day! May Day! SOS! Da darn KlitsNuthuggers from Planet KAN'T Rumble are WILDING and CHILDING. But it's all good! It's okay! It's understood! Luv is blinding! Mortcola and FighterforJulietCesar -- I mean JC -- are just claiming their razor-thin territory for the greatest bums of heavyweight history. No other heavyweights in the history of the game were ever thrown off of half of the nations of the world's radios and televisions, but the K-bros/docs. Maybe mortcola and FighterforJokes/Comedy -- I mean JC -- are long-lost bros of the Klits bums, I mean bros/docs. Or maybe they are just cousins or on the K-payroll.

I'm reminded of first cousins Chris Byrd and Limon Brewster putting da beating on da Klits so harshly that Big Bro/Doc Vitali torn up his weak-boned shoulder, and Lil Bro/Doc Wlad's dumb-arse greased his body up with some toxic vaseline and wuzzy passed da fudge out and couldn't breathe. What a couple of bums! The Baer bros, the Patterson bros, the Spinks bros and, as GOAT Ali called himself and Bob Foster -- "The soul brothers" -- on the night that they beat the Quarry bros, woulda double fudged up the tally-bumed-up bros/docs. Even the Quarry bros would conduct a clinical beatdown on the K-side Meth taking bros/docs. Hehehehehehe! Whaddup? Uncle Roger May! He said that if the K-bros/doc were in Mr. Robinson's Neighborhood, Mr. Robinson would sic on his pittdogs on those suckas to take a pi$$ and then throw the klits out of his neighborhood. The pittbutts would even take a bite outta those weak arses.

The Klitschkos are dominant of the worst crop of heavies of all times. I would love to have [selected] "Alzhiemer's in order not to recall the Klitschkos in over 60 years from now when I reach a century in age, and you suckas will be taking those dirt naps, and mummified like a mutha to da max. I hope that nobody come and peepee on your graves. Hehehehehe! I won't! I promise! I can hold my pi$$ pretty well nowadays in my dirty-thirty something years. Besides, my 108-year-old, ex-boxing uncle says we [I ain't naming] get strong as we start gettin' on our fadin' to the hereafter, afterlife, no-more life, whatever! Which ever one is your preference, or dead-as-a-door-nail poison. Hehehehehe! Holla!

Wow! I musta' fo'got! Redcoat Lennox Lewis put a cut-up on Big Bro/Doc Vitali, before LL retired. Now I see a severe, karmic conclusion. Fellow Redcoat pugilist David "Hayemaker" Haye is going to send the China Wall -- I mean china chin of Lil' Bro/Doc Wlad shattering! KaCRACK!!! There's broken glass -- I mean Doc Wlad's frail, tally a$$ all over the ring....And so ends da Doc Wlad Kltschko's era of dominance over the weakest division ever in the history of pugilism. GOAT Ali would say that the Redcoat brothers beat the Klitschko brothers. Hehehehehe! Holla TWICE!

mortcola says:

Radam - you used to analyze the boxing and mix it up with the poetry. Now you're just making it all up and not talking about how Jerry and Mike Quarry would actually get the job done. You left out the boxing part.

FighterforJC says:

The Jerry Quarry fight is easy to analyze, that one's beneath Radam G, so I'll do the dirty work. Quarry gets cut during the staredown, and strategically eats a couple of left jabs from Wlad for good measure, turning the cut into a nasty fountain of blood. Looking for the perfect opening, Quarry then masterfully squirts the blood from his gash onto Wlad's eyeballs, blinding him for several seconds during which Quarry unleashes a 20-punch barrage that prompts the ref to stop the fight.

Radam G says:

You are entitled to feel entitled and that way -- your way, or the highway. No, thanks! I luv flying to and from Manila Bay. To each his own. You believe that the Klitschkos are greats, I believe that they are flakes. And the power and speed from a legit, in-shape, right-size heavyweight, they cannot take. Perceptions to some, are realities to others. No major networks on the planet want to televise a Klitschko's bout. Close to 100 percent of the powerful global media apparently believe what I -- as many -- shout. Locally, in Germany, da Klit bros/docs are da BIG deal. Globally, they have NO APPEAL! Radam G ain't their hater. To those German MOOLA-making suckas, I say more power ta ya, and LATER! Ain't tryin' to be be the anti-klits DEBATER!

Luv them as much as you will, but please don't throw them up in my grill. Life goes on. And surprises come because of powerful optical illusions. The absence of top in-shape heavyweights of 185lbs to upward of 215lbs is the greatest benefit to the rulers of the weakest eras of any division of boxing. That is my humble opinion, and I'm sticking with it. Life is simply 40-percent cake and 60-percent rattlesnake. The moral is don't get greedy enjoying the cake, and miss the warning rattling sound of the deadly rattlesnake. Holla!

the Roast says:

If this fight is a dud than it will be Haye's fault. Wlad will jab and stalk. That is what he does. If Haye runs he may make the distance and lose a dull UD. If Haye tries to get inside and do damage or even just dart in with hard shots from time to time, he will get caught and knocked out. Or he may catch Wlad with a thunder bolt and shock the world. This fight is on Haye. He talked it now he's gotta walk it.

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