Sergio Martinez Takes Apart Dzinziruk, Scores TKO8 Victory

BY Michael Woods ON March 13, 2011

Sergio Martinez knocked down Sergiy Dzinziruk three times in the eighth round, forcing referee Arthur Mercante to stop the feature bout which unfolded at Foxwoods in Connecticut, and ran on HBO.

The 36-year-old Martinez, the Argentine who scored the KO of the year over Paul Williams last year, showed his oomph again with a straight left, the third of the fight, with 1:50 left. He got up, ate another left, and again arose. On weak legs, he asked for more, showing oodles of guts. He got it, about six more clean shots, and Mercante waved off the battle of southpaws as the 35-year-old Dzinzi hit the deck again. The time of the halt was 1:43.

Now living in Oxnard, CA., Martinez (47-2 with 26 KOs) edged the 37-1 Ukrainian, 226-593 to 161-413 in punch stats.

After, Martinez said when asked by Max Kellerman if he thinks about being the top pound for pounder that he will attain that status. "I want the best rivals, I want Mayweather, I want Pacquiao, I want them in front of me," he stated.

Roy Jones said we're not likely to see those bouts. Geez, if Floyd Mayweather thinks of himself as an all-time great, you don't think it makes sense for him to test Martinez?

Kellerman said he thinks we'll be more likely to see James Kirkland fight Martinez.

Jim Lampley sounded like he'd like to see Martinez meet up with Andre Ward. Not sure Team Martinez would put their 5-10 guy in with the 6-1 Ward, asking him to add eight pounds and meet maybe the best 168 pounder out there. We shall see..

Check back for George Kimball's ringside report.

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the Roast says:

Another sensational win for Sergio Martinez. I said after Sergio blasted out Paul Williams that I was done underestimating this man. I can't explain how at the age of 36 he gets away with that hands down crazy style. It's like he's walking a tight rope. One false move and it's over. Sergio dominated the previously undefeated, never knocked down Dzinziruk. There is no way in hell that Manny or Floyd will move up and fight this guy. A fight with Kirkland would be something to see. That hands down style is inviting disaster against a powerhouse like Kirkland. Maybe Sergio would be too fast for the young man. I dont know. If they fight I would not miss it!

brownsugar says:

Kirkland is a heavy handed beast,.. he could potentially rock Martinez if he gets back to his old form and can make the weight... but his defense makes him a sitting duck against the quickness of Martinez who seems to get KO velocity of his speed and leverage moreso than raw power... Kirkland don't want none until the amazingly youthful Martinez shows signs of slowing down... excellent night of boxing. as Floyd or Pac will stay far away from this guy...Martinez needs to fight Pirog... although Martinez says he only wants the big Marquee fights... hopefully Pirog can get his name up in lights with a couple of defenses and get nominated as a viable challenger... Martinez is better than I thought... wow.

mortcola says:

I've been a Martinez fan for years. But the guy's an enigma. HBO's orgasmic commentary, comparing him to Roy Jones, is correct in some ways but very, very off in others. First, Jones' movement always put him at the advantage - mastery of space, upper body movement; Martinez crosses his feet, leaps around like a soccer player on meth, puts himself right in punching range (and gets hit easily), and only makes up for it with his freakish reaction time to land those big shots. Jones didn't get hit, not for many years; Dzinziruk was visibly analyzing and dissecting that lousy defense and all those bad habits and was bouncing jabs and counter right hooks off Sergio, who was improvising his way through it all. Had it been a fighter better on the attack than Dzin, Martinez would have had his hands more than full. Pavlik, with one eye and half the speed, was able, for several rounds, to keep Sergio missing those shots while landing hard shots on him simply by taking half steps back and to the side; Sergio never adapted, but won on volume and speed. Sergio has won his signature fights against two predictable, slower, and defensively deficient fighters (Williams and Pavlik), had trouble with Cintron before that crushing left to the forehead which should have decided the fight, and now was being potshotted by a no-power marksman (Dzin) who he crushed with power and speed. Mark this day - my boy Sergio will be in for a rude awakening if he fights Ward, who will be MUCH harder to hit than Dzin, taller and a match in speed.

brownsugar says:

Martinez will be in for a rude awakening if he fights Pirog.... Martinez was able to walk thru the hailstorm of Dzinz's punches... He wouldn't enjoy the luxury of wading thru Pirogs blows... Pirog being a bigger stronger,.. more dangerous version of Dzinz...

mortcola says:

Oh yeah. Pirog. Look, Martinez is fascinating. He does everything wrong. But he does it so quickly that he has had some truly dominant showings - mixed in with moments of amateurish floundering. But, you take someone with better defense and counterpunching than Williams, more power than Dzin, and the ability to stay busy and cool in the ring...someone with both the sizzle and the steak....and you see a "shocking" loss for Martinez. A who woulda thought it loss. Oh, yeah, remember this day. I will love seeing the guy fight, because it is a great show. It is like seeing a great, slightly drunk acrobat always on the edge of falling while doing something amazing. But the odds are he one day, sooner rather than later.

the Roast says:

That is a crazy style that Martinez has. I didnt want to blink cuz I kept expecting him to get caught. Dzinziruk won the 6th and 7th. I thought he might have turned the tide. Then he got drilled again. Sergio will be fun for as long as it lasts. Someone has to catch him sooner or later.

brownsugar says:

interestingly.... Martinez's post fight proclamation is that he wants only the best fighters... That really translates into "the Richest Fighters" Pac , Floyd or Cotto... three guys much too small for Martinez as he is a natural 178lbs between fights. I have yet to hear Martinez mention Pirogs name outside of saying that he doesn't want to fight "non- established fighters". I hope HBO is taking notice of the current middleweight landscape... As much as I appreciate Martinez... he needs to start targeting welterweights and blown up junior middleweights... He needs to challenge the top guys of the middleweight division like Pirog...

Radam G says:

A sneaky long-1n-the-tooth, very, very good, starting-his-career-late pugilist, with fast hands and a lot of pop, fought a green alphabet-named prospect, who had a pro sweet science know-nothing corner. I guess that I was dead wrong, but I thought that Dzinziruk was under the apprenticeship of Buddy McGirt. Dzinziruk's corner would not know water from dirt. The suckas were too busy looking at a ringside chick in skimpy skirt. In this hurt bitnezz, you can mix water with water, but you cannot mix know-nothing Jacks with Macks, or dirt with a skirt. Uncle Roger told me that. Then he said, "Most peoples [sic] don't kno' s*** 'bout boxin!" Hehehehehehe! What did Gomer Powell say -- or was that Forrest Gump? "OOPS!" Holla!

amayseng says:

sergio is fighting with his unorthodox hands down leaping around style because he can against certain fighters, hence last night. the man is a pure athlete, and pure athletes beat any dedicated experienced fighters who are far behind such a skilled and athletic sportsman like sergio, ala a prime roy, a prime pacman, a prime ali....

many of you are saying if he fought pirog he would lose, i am a huge fan of pirog, his style is very similar to mine, yes im not a pro but i continue to box to stay fit and for the competition of it in the gym....however, my point is, that sergio would not fight as careless against pirog as he wasnt as careless against pwill.

sergio is a beast, the man is so fast that his punching power just starches opponents straight out when he really puts it on...

no way pac could move up to face sergio.. unfortunately, and yes, ive said it for a year, sergio beats floyd mayweather at way floyd can match up to sergio at 154. and yes floyd can fight in that class, he fought dlh at 154.

no way floyd takes this fight, sergio starches floyd, probably the only fighter to be able to knock floyd out....
im telling you , sergio beats floyd mayweather into submission, he is far superior to floyd.

36, wow, what an athlete

Radam G says:

I dig your spit, amayseng. And I knew from the jump that you are a true gamer. Of course, Martinez would box Pirog differently from green-arse Dzinz, and will still probably kayo or cut up Pirog really badly. Either way, I'm with you about Pirog, but not with Da Manny or Money May. Hands down fighting do not hit pure-boxing Philly-crab/shell fighters easily. [I know that the fanfaronades and talking head call that style "Mayweather shoulder roll."> And don't forget that Money May is also an athlete. And so is da Manny. I am not going to spill my beans yet, and tell you why and how. But Money May beats Martinez in late rounds or a shutout decision. Da Manny kayos Martinez is the middle rounds. Now I know that I can spit with you, because you are legit and are in that gym everyday right up in da boxing sh*t.

You know how boxers can and have moved up and down in weight and whup dat arses. Height, weight and reach from fanfaronades are greatly exaggerated. But it is not their faults. They don't come outta of the gyms or the game. You know how many times that fighters were fighting in the wrong weight. Just tweeting them up or down, changed the whole climate. Just imagine being brainwashed by various hypes in the game. Could you imagine people keeping Montrell Griffin, Eddie Mustafa Muhammad, Dick Tiger, Dwight Muhammad Qawi, Tommy Burns, Rocky Marciano, Floyd Patterson, Roy Jones Jr, Mike Tyson, Joe Frazier, Vinny Paz, Pernell Whitaker, Buddy McGirt, Emile Griffin, Jose Naples, Roberto Duran, Hector Camacho, Terry Norris, Money May, Ricky Hatton or Da Manny fighting in two or three weight divisions from their greatness because some fanfaronades don't think that they should be there because of size. Weight divisions are primary the politics of boxing making more money, more money, more money. Prizefighting is in FULL EFFECT! It didn't matter that Da Manny can come in under the weight limit of the light middleweight division and won while still being a small welterweight. It didn't matter that Stanley Ketchel came in below the lightheavyweight and heavyweight divisions. It didn't matter that Sugar Ray Robinson fought for the light heavyweight crown under the limit. It didn't matter that Sugar Ray Leonard won't the super middleweight and lightheavydivision at 164lbs. And it didn't matter that Tommy Burns defended his heavyweight title while being lighter than a light heavyweight.

When the lighter weights were getting paid small, the small fighters would take their small arses straight up and fight and/or dominate. Nowadays, you can stay where you are and make moola. Andre Greene out of Oklahoma is an example of a big-arse trying to fight in a division too small for him. As Da Manny -- Manny Steward -- and Teddy Atlas took ex-champ Michael Moorer up in weight, so should the negligent team around Greene. Mind-set means a lot in this legal mayhem enterprize. On the flip of the coin, just imagine if the Team LaMotta did not have the vision to bring Jake LaMotto down from 190lbs. He woulda and coulda been another in-the-wrong-weight-division-bum Tony Galento spittin,' "I murda da bum!"

ThESE dang weight divisions have spinned outta control. This is why there are a lot of so-called catchweight fighting going on. Catchweight my arse --TRY catchMOOLA because of slick promoting. A few eyes -- or is that years ago -- basketball was trying to copy boxing and start some height division BULLsh*t. It didn't fly. Or you would have a league of exclusively sorry-arse tallies and fatties up in that B-game. [Every fat-arse-like 7-foot Shakhille (name misspelled) O'Neal will be stalling and thinkin' dat dey are ballin,' as these nowadays heavyweight boxing bros/docs who have no media callin.' Valuev's sorry fat-arse would be the Bo Jackson's two-star professional of our time. A flicking NIGHTMARE!] I remember those attempts at having basketball leagues for below six foot, from six foot to 6'4, from over 6'4 to 6'8 and 6'8 to da gaddangit MOON! I just hope that fanfaronades put the stop on those imaginations about all this size -- weight and height -- jive SOON! Holla!

Radam G says:

WHAT DA TRIPLE FUDGE? By today's'quasi-weight divisions, world heavyweight champion Tommy Burns would probably have had four divisions on lockdown -- 168lbs, 175lbs, 200lbs and over 200lbs. Boxing is 75 percent mental. And it is no dang way that an old-school boxer, who is not playing politics or being ducked or being PAID BIG to share or stay away, would not be CHAMP of ALL four those divisions. The game use to be: "If you pay, I will play." Now it is all about: "If you pay, I will stay away." The tricks of the trade and the optical illusions are working overtime. And gettin' paid double. Or the weak chin and bad-bone bums would be in deep touble. And the kick-arse pugilists of the jive-made-up super middleweight, light-heavyweight and phony made-up cruiserweight would be hangin' out and bangin' out fatties and tallies, as if they were cleanin' out the space hubble and givin' da division a serious cobble. In the meantime, Martinez is aight! But he cannot attract flies in flight to see him fight. Knocking out Long Tall flightless -- I mean fightless -- Paul has not put him in the spotlight! Holla!

FighterforJC says:

Andre Ward. Now that's an idea. Martinez has no problem challenging midgets like Pacquiao and Mayweather. Let's see him challenge a bigger opponent who's at least just as slick as he is.

amayseng says:

radam, im down with what you are saying...but

i think pac is just too small compared to sergio...pac weighed in at what, 146 against marg?

sergio came in on fight night sat at 168...

sergio carries that power and most importantly speed at that weight, that is what would

be detrimental to pac, who is by all means a stud..

now as far as floyd goes, at 34 and with his inactivity if he would fight segio at 154 he

would be undersized and about even as far as speed and far below in power and activity.

floyds defense is spectacular, but he wont be able to stop sergios 5,7,punch combos...

if floyd fights pac today i have him beating pac, next year pac beats floyd...

but today or next year sergio beats floyd, badly..

sergio has that southpaw style, the angles, starching power and blazing speed..

his speed is so vast that his jabs were like straight lefts to dz this one point

i just felt bad for dzin, i thought, my god, he is just so over matched..

the only vulnerability sergio showed was he gassed a bit in a middle round, but got a second wind

against floyd he wont have to be running and dodging and feinting like crazy expedning

energy because floyd is not got to walk him down or stalk him...

i'd bet the house on sergio vs floyd....

that is the best fight of 2011

amayseng says:

mayweather fought at 154 before so why cant he fight sergio at 154?
mayweather had no problem challenging jmm who was two division below him and floyd didnt make the contractural weight.....

the Roast says:

I wonder why HBO was so insistant on Dzinziruk? If only we had an insider to explian everything for us. Someone who sat on Lou Duva's lap as an toddler. Maybe someone who knows Max Kellerman's phone number. If only we had someone like dat.

ultimoshogun says:

I see what you did there.

the Roast says:

Dat wasnt exactly subtle. I was gonna name a bunch of trainers and fighters dat I has previously trashed. Did I ever spit at ya bout the time I sat on Joe Louis knee while watching da six year old Manny KO Bob Foster?

Radam G says:

Danggit! No kid could ever sit on da Lou Duva's lap. His darn jelly belly was always in the way and his navel appeared to be eyeballin' yo' arse. So you had to sit on his knee bone. I didn't play knee bones, and I was not trying to get my peepee on anybody's leg. That is kind of doggish! Just imagine baby toddler Radam peepeeing on a leg like a dog pi$$in' on a tree trunk. WTF! But da Lou's belly was hard as heck. He would let the kids punch him in it, and if you could hurt him, you could earn a whole dolla. I never collected. Hehehehehehe! Holla!

Radam G says:

OOPS! I musta fo'got! Max is from the text generation. No one has time to spit on a phone, and barely to send an E-mail. Hey! I never told anybody about the time I put a snail in the mail lady's bags. Dat was funny like a muthaspeeder. Holla!

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