Klitschko Ditches Chisora Again: Abs, Guts, or Good Business Sense ?

BY Phil Woolever ON March 05, 2011

Klitschko Ditches Chisora Again
RUNAWAY BRIDE 2 - For Dereck Chisora, it's now twice bitten, twice shy after Wladimir Klitschko has again withdrawn from a nearly sold out heavyweight title defense against the brash, undefeated prospect; who unlike other claimed claimants to the thumping throne signed immediately, at the first then second offers for Klitschko's laurels.

Both times the cause stated from K2 Promotions and their medical consultants was a bruised abdominal complications.

Both times there is speculation around the game that the real cancellation cause was various stages of megabuck negotiations with David Haye.

Now, with word that a July 2nd date with Haye is very near finalization, it's hard not to assume that extreme caution, at the very least, is the root of Klitschko's reluctance and withdrawal.

Either that or sparring spies told someone Chisora looked every bit as fierce as he claims to be.

If Klitschko's abdominal area is still as tender as the official medical release indicated, is it safe to assume that Klitschko can engage in the necessary, optimal stress level training he's likely to require for insurance against whatever Haye brings to the table in early July, approximately 115 days away?

You can bet that Haye is rocking extra hip level leather on the heavy bag.

Just a few months ago at this time, almost everyone in boxing seemed to agree that Klitschko- Haye was a monumental mismatch in Wladimir's favor. Haye is still considered a major underdog but his bandwagon is rolling again, no small credit to Golden Boy Inc yet mainly due to Haye's stubborn charisma.

Now, a few more people are wondering whether Klitschko will be ready for Haye.

Whatever small shot Chisora might have had or lacked, he was ready and appreciative of the chance.


If Klitschko and K2 want to gain considerable good will and the favor of the boxing gods, they should give Chisora the same payday on one of their next big shows. Chisora against still unproven K2 protege, the giant Alexander Ustinov; is an excellent European top contender contest on paper.

Better yet, Johnathon Banks is probably looking for a fight.

Klitschko has never seemed like the type of boxer to make false excuses.

He's never seemed like the promotional type to jack a fighter around, either.

But he's almost always acted like a detatched and disciplined, cooly calculating businessman.

We understand that all bets were off after Chisora insulted Klitschko's girlfriend during promotional events for the first scheduled fight. Two wrongs don't make a right.

C'mon K2, at least give Chisora an easy spot on Vitali's undercard March 19th in Cologne, maybe as a lead in for a serious prelim showdown supporting Klitschko-Haye.

It still looks like Chisora deserved, but hasn't received any sort of fair shake.

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the Roast says:

So Chisora gets screwed out of a payday. That sucks for him. I like EM's idea. Give Chisora a fight on the undercard of the Haye bout (if that happens, and thats a big IF) pay the guy what he would have made for the title shot. It's really unfair to screw the guy twice.

Phil W says:

I think the gist of the matter comes down to German media now reporting that Wladimir says Klitschko-Haye is signed for June or July. Chisora against one of the K2 prospects like Banks or Ustinov is about the best Chisora can hope for now.

FighterforJC says:

I think the gist of the matter comes down to German media now reporting that Wladimir says Klitschko-Haye is signed for June or July. Chisora against one of the K2 prospects like Banks or Ustinov is about the best Chisora can hope for now.

I hope this is true.

Radam G says:

There will no screwing Chisora outta a payday. He WILL get a BIG STEP ASIDE CHECK. WOW! And without Doc WK having to break dat neck. Doc WK woulda jab him silly. Dat sucka's face would have been bloody and quite hilly. Does anybody really believe that Chisora had a chance? NOT I! Spearing Chisora's noggin, Doc's ironfist jab would have been like a darn lance. Holla!

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